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  1. Started watching and about halfway through. Wow this is very well put together. Feels like 'greatest story never told' but more in depth and grounded. Agree the footage paints a vivid picture. Hard to believe this was 100 years ago, something feels timeless about the German spirit. I downloaded it from https://archive.org/details/europa_the_last_battle_full That way can watch in my video player without having to worry where I left off.
  2. A good watch, cost me £8 odd after paying by debit card. There are many parallels drawn to current themes throughout the whole movie and the producers make it easy to draw that comparison.
  3. I'm not really familiar with the current German Government but I assume it's the same entity at the top as the rest of Europe and most of the world. Since they are devoid of any empathy for humans their actions and Judgement on this elderly lady does not surprise me. I believe in Judgement Day and part of me would like to see the horror on the faces of these fake rulers of today when they have to answer for their actions.
  4. Good point about mind control Novymir. Hitler's method of bringing back the German economy and being independent was truly impressive. Ghadaffi aimed for a similar goal for his people and surrounding countries and unfortunately was stopped before meeting his goal. Agree that neither Hitler was a saint nor was Ghadaffi, and knowing how Ghadadfi was painted on the world stage which now appear to be total BS I can see how Hitler has been painted too. No doubt they were not model rulers but actions speak louder than words and both these rulers seemed to have tried their utmost to take care of their people.
  5. That documentary certainly paints a clearer picture of history and in tandem with the current state of the world. I always got confused when people would say that Jews funded Hitler for the end goal of creating Israel, which would make Hitler seem like a scheming conniving tool like his supposed enemies and also the claim that Hitler was also a Jew himself, never really made sense to me. Just goes to show the extent of the lies and confusion that the elite go to, in order to blur the line between truth and falsehood I saw a documentary a few years ago called 'the greatest story never told' about Hitler and that was a heart wrenching watch but which I later dismissed as Nazi propaganda. This new documentary about the pseudo claim of Hitler being financed by Jews now makes me inclined to think the other documentary could be close to the truth. But then I get curious about Op Paperclip where the claim goes that the current tech and methods of mind control came from the minds of the nazi's..... So the nazis sold out to evil after Hitlers death or were already evil as they had all these methods of mind control while fighting for hitler? Or were the op paperlip people Jewish spies which the Allies wanted ro re-coup...
  6. Watched this recently, edge of your seat movie and Mel still nails his roles down:
  7. Theres a link to a pdf by Brice Taylor called Thanks for the Memories in the comments of the above link. I have read many pdf's on new world order, mind control, ritual abuse etc and although some parts were shocking I managed to finish them. However that pdf by Brice was beyond vomit inducing and I had to delete it not even a quarter of the way, when she goes into the repressed memories of her childhood. She also mentions JFK as one of the high level paedo abusers (along with Reagan and King of Paedos Bush) which I was a bit surprised by since so many paint JFK to be a hero. I guess even some of the heroes of America have a sick satanic side to them.
  8. Agree, some next level psy op going on with this thread. Noone knows 100℅ but knowing how much BS the US Govt have spewed historically, it is not inconceivable to think this is a hoax. Didn't Kubrick die shortly after Eyes Wide Shut...the man knew more than the average person so most likely had to be silenced.
  9. I think you may be onto something there. That matches with the accounts I have heard of the Anti Christ's description but it never occurred to me about AI, now it seems so obvious.
  10. Agree mate, they attack from multiple angles. Toni Bark was probably silenced so they could run their covid narrative with one less outspoken voice. Cutting down on Tech is definitely a way forward.
  11. I reckon tech is a big part along with the vaccines that kids take especially the MMR jab. A lot of people I know who have had kids in last 8 years have got severe learning issues, eg wearing nappies at age 6 despite parents trying everything but nothing works, not being able to pronounce their own name, extremely hyper active with low attention spans. Toni Bark (rip) was outspoken on this but sadly passed away just before covid lockdown started
  12. Agree, Klopp likened the unvaxxed to be as reckless as drunk drivers. Wonder if the players realise the truth and take action...
  13. I'm not a footy fan but most people I know support Liverpool. Everyone one of them bar two have been vaccinated. Football is now even less special to me. All the banter and fandom for Klopp means even less to me now, though it was almost zilch to begin with anyway. Grrr. the players seem like expensive tools ready to be used and abused and now ready for disposal.
  14. This, prayer and trying to keep in atleast weekly touch with loved ones who may have gotten distant due to the rat race. Also have a punching bag for rainy days where the bike would have gotten mucky. Sometimes it's hard to self motivate though and will go on a movie binge with junk food when can't be arsed with anything. Usually happens when I have a disagreement with the Mrs and we stop talking to each other. It all balances out in the end though.
  15. So did I until I watched a movie of his which made me realise how devilishly subtle hollywood is with their subconscious messaging. The Big Kahuna It had the dirty bastard Kevin Spacey in it (who I always felt was iffy in all his roles) along with a guy who tries to promote Christianity. I am not a Christian but can see where a movie subliminally makes the viewer look down on religion as the main message. De Vito seems to play what appears to be a fair minded likeable character when dealing with the Christian fellow, but the story is molded to make De Vitos patience wear thin on him and Spaceys as the right one, which ultimately shoots down religion and gives a thumbs up for capitalism which Spacey promotes thoughout with his butt cheeks wide open. I really cannot stand Spacey fucking sick paedo. But yeh De Vito was a subtle tool of Hollywood then, now he is an even bigger one.
  16. off topic : totaldisclosure, I'm checking your other clips and there are some very interesting ones. Although I am not a rock fan I'm currently watching the Chris Cornell/ Bennington clip with OOTG. Very sad case but some detailed input in there. Can see some common patterns with the death of Michael Jackson and others who seem like they wanted the world to know something, sadly, before they were silenced. Is there any info on Robin Williams 'alleged' suicide? Something seems very off about his last moments.
  17. I remember watching a clip of him some years back, grossly overweight and high on coke, living in a village looking broke and living in a bad way, think his mum was in it aswell, she was looking worried. Felt a bit bad for him tbh as his skills were out of this world when he was in his prime. And I'm not even a footy fan. Yes that's bad about the 16 or 17 year old girls, don't know his full story except drugs messed him up. Makes me feel sick with nausea thinking about those poor kids and what they do for small things, and to think this shit been going on for such a long time. Bastards are probably all part of the same global ring. Always the person trying to expose is made to look crazy or unstable before they are found dead, like Anne Heche.
  18. Thanks totaldisclosure. Looks like most famous people globally are in bed with sicko's or on their payroll. Like that host. Is that Diego Maradonna at the intro of both clips? He ain't one of the guilty ones is he? Damn if he is....wtf.
  19. That guy with black hair tried really hard to keep her quiet. And that blonde woman looks like a nasty paedo damage controlling bitch. Hope Natacha is resting in a better place now for her efforts. Is there a part 2?
  20. Start martial arts, problem solved. It will improve your attitude to dealing with nutcases who reckon they're hard but just have a thin outer shell with soft jelly inside. If despite that you are still losing your mind then gtfo of dodge, no job is worth sacrificing your mental health for especially with all the shit already going on in the world. Worse case scenario, no shame in getting a job at b&q or a supermarket. Or deliveries. Or call centre. Lots of options to save your sanity.
  21. Bunch of guys I know didn't and said they never do and said they didn't get any fine. I still completed it last year to avoid the headache of risking the fine.
  22. A crypt apparently. A man is entitled to his own private life, but when its someone famous who dresses up as a vampire in a music video and builds a crypt in his backyard, can't help but suspect he plans to have a kiddie party with some of his elite mates. People need to get the fuck away from this pop shit culture that encourges dysfunctionality and go back to having a solid family unit.
  23. Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, love them all movie-wise. Snake in the Eagle's shadow is one I still watch to this day. Also, some fans may be surprised to find out Jackie Chan was in Enter the Dragon Respect to him and his art. A shame he was estranged from his kids. Noone's perfect but I feel bad for his kids as he was not a great parent.
  24. Was doing security at a music festival a few years ago, all the crowd were utterly flattered when Ed Sheeran was about to sing and a lass asked me if I was excited (probably cos of my tired and lifeless look on my face) I said I never heard of him, she said just wait till you hear him. Time passed, he sang and I couldn't tell any difference from the noise which came from this guy and the other 10 or so singers before him. Don't understand people's infatuation with some so called singers. Any whenever I see a clip with Gaga I feel sick in my stomach and think of her abominable mate that Marina Abromovic character. Anyone who associates with Marina has got to be a straight up demon.
  25. Agree, I reckon he was innocent and used as a scapegoat to be blamed for the things he knew/ wanted to expose on elites in paedowood. I once had a what felt like a one way convo with 8 colleagues trying to explain MJ's innocence and was met with silence by the others. The agenda against him was plain to see, although there were strange aspects to him, which I think the media utilised to their advantage to demonise the chap. May he RIP.
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