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  1. Start martial arts, problem solved. It will improve your attitude to dealing with nutcases who reckon they're hard but just have a thin outer shell with soft jelly inside. If despite that you are still losing your mind then gtfo of dodge, no job is worth sacrificing your mental health for especially with all the shit already going on in the world. Worse case scenario, no shame in getting a job at b&q or a supermarket. Or deliveries. Or call centre. Lots of options to save your sanity.
  2. Bunch of guys I know didn't and said they never do and said they didn't get any fine. I still completed it last year to avoid the headache of risking the fine.
  3. A crypt apparently. A man is entitled to his own private life, but when its someone famous who dresses up as a vampire in a music video and builds a crypt in his backyard, can't help but suspect he plans to have a kiddie party with some of his elite mates. People need to get the fuck away from this pop shit culture that encourges dysfunctionality and go back to having a solid family unit.
  4. Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, love them all movie-wise. Snake in the Eagle's shadow is one I still watch to this day. Also, some fans may be surprised to find out Jackie Chan was in Enter the Dragon Respect to him and his art. A shame he was estranged from his kids. Noone's perfect but I feel bad for his kids as he was not a great parent.
  5. Was doing security at a music festival a few years ago, all the crowd were utterly flattered when Ed Sheeran was about to sing and a lass asked me if I was excited (probably cos of my tired and lifeless look on my face) I said I never heard of him, she said just wait till you hear him. Time passed, he sang and I couldn't tell any difference from the noise which came from this guy and the other 10 or so singers before him. Don't understand people's infatuation with some so called singers. Any whenever I see a clip with Gaga I feel sick in my stomach and think of her abominable mate that Marina Abromovic character. Anyone who associates with Marina has got to be a straight up demon.
  6. Agree, I reckon he was innocent and used as a scapegoat to be blamed for the things he knew/ wanted to expose on elites in paedowood. I once had a what felt like a one way convo with 8 colleagues trying to explain MJ's innocence and was met with silence by the others. The agenda against him was plain to see, although there were strange aspects to him, which I think the media utilised to their advantage to demonise the chap. May he RIP.
  7. I went to Tesco earlier today and shopped without a mask. I'd say approx 15% of customers were unmasked. No weird looks either. Voice on tannoy stated masks are mandatory unless exempt, if anyone talked shit to me I planned to say I'm exempt end of conversation. Hopefully more people will go maskless as time goes on.
  8. No sure what your posts are talking about and how you came up with the method you are using. Here is a tip:
  9. Weedo: "The biggest trap people fall into, is that they don't differentiate between some douche bag piece of shit mofos who might call themselves Muslim, and the religion of Islam. " Truest thing I've read today. So many shills or fakes who label themselves as Muslims. I always tell others do their own unbiased research whether it is Islam or Christianity or whatever other religion. The times that are ahead of us will be very testing. Belief in the Creator is minimal requirment to have the capacity to get through it, remain positive and not to let fear overwhelm you. It is almost miraculous what strength can be gained at the right time to overcome an obstacle which would otherwise seem impossible just by having a positive mindset, knowing the Creator (The Infinite) is watching over you.
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