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  1. 1 hour ago, Nathan Oakley said:


    You do know the PCR tests are completely unreliable. Even the person who invented the PCR test says it should not be used to diagnose Covid!  

    Do you know if they have activated 5G in your area? Wouldnt be surprised if there was a roll out in Jan/Feb 2020.

    hi, i quoted "it" whatever it is, ive had "it" , ive not had any tests, im fully aware of the false positives, but thats only relatable without any symptoms obviously.


    re 5g, why would it only affect me in jan/feb, and then again me and the mrs in sept / and again me in nov.  and noone else in the household?


  2. 32 minutes ago, Nathan Oakley said:

    Well if it was Covid  - I still think it sounds like food positioning.


    At least you now have life time immunity without having to take two jabs of the vaccine. Plus the booster etc.

    im from old forum btw,


    i too have had "it".... first time was Jan / Feb 2020, before anyojne knew anything about it, knocked me for 6, was really unable to move for 5 days, took time off work, SSP, but most mental thing was no smell or taste,  at nearly 50 ive had many a flu/cold, but never experienced anything like it, couldnt even smell albos oil when i put some up my nose! breathing was ok,bad headace, fatigue and loss of smell/taste... then i got it again, Mrs tested pos around sept 20, this time, i had same symptoms, but they were less, and didnt last as long, but Mrs suffered badly, bed for a week/ 10 days, trouble breathing,... then i got it again, but.... just a headache/fatigue ... i think im still suffering from fatigue..... each time, none of children experienced anything 11,22,20

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