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  1. hi, i quoted "it" whatever it is, ive had "it" , ive not had any tests, im fully aware of the false positives, but thats only relatable without any symptoms obviously. re 5g, why would it only affect me in jan/feb, and then again me and the mrs in sept / and again me in nov. and noone else in the household?
  2. im from old forum btw, i too have had "it".... first time was Jan / Feb 2020, before anyojne knew anything about it, knocked me for 6, was really unable to move for 5 days, took time off work, SSP, but most mental thing was no smell or taste, at nearly 50 ive had many a flu/cold, but never experienced anything like it, couldnt even smell albos oil when i put some up my nose! breathing was ok,bad headace, fatigue and loss of smell/taste... then i got it again, Mrs tested pos around sept 20, this time, i had same symptoms, but they were less, and didnt last as long, but Mrs suffered badly, bed for a week/ 10 days, trouble breathing,... then i got it again, but.... just a headache/fatigue ... i think im still suffering from fatigue..... each time, none of children experienced anything 11,22,20
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