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  1. I think science must have been wrong all this time. It is NOT Covid virus, but a DODO virus.
  2. Possibly. But most African countries also have since decades a yearly distribution of Ivermectin. Which also could be one of the reasons not much happened there? Anyway, Japanese (as many other Asians) are masters in saving face. It looks they just released a Black Swan for the Covid narrative (this story will save face for their own politicians) and send some nice torpedos with that into the already sinking Covid ship in the West. Lets see how this one develops.
  3. Put on your diapers, because this will make you piss your pants. https://www.rt.com/news/540895-japan-delta-covid-extinction/
  4. So, now the month of research has come to an end, I like to thank all that unknowingly but eagerly took the bait and exposed this forum as a miasma of mountebanks, sciolists and poltroons. Of course there are the few exceptions, who not need to feel addressed by this. Squeaking eagle the “snowflake moderator” who considers a video about Bonhoeffer’s argument that stupid people are more dangerous than evil ones as an insult to forum members and quickly deletes the posting and all the “upset” replies to it, will see this final posting as another case of “inappropriate language” and ban me forever! Hail to squeaking eagle for saving me the trouble to delete the membership of this forum. Not that all his deleting matters much. Each and every exchange, including those with squeaking eagle about all his penalties and warnings, and more (!), are nicely archived and screenshot. It forms the perfect support material needed for my dissertation on “Forums: Echo chambers and epidemic hysteria”. You can find it in the future on www.researchgate.net in case you are curious to see how little was needed to define your profile, manipulating you into exposing yourself, and make the logical diagnosis. It was almost too easy. The usual suspects, whether they are part of a troll farm or doing this just for fun, you’ve shown a plethora of mental disorders that is seriously worrying. Let alone having 3,000 to even 15,000 postings in the last few years is a strong indication you’ve got serious problems in your social life. Be it part of your job or not, in either case a good reason to seek professional counseling or it will not end well for you. Sorry, but this provisory diagnosis is not open for a democratic discussion and a successive voting round. It’s how real life works. Never mind the Direct Democracy topic, too. Although it certainly will function well, if worked out properly, you couldn’t function in it. Guess why! It was great fun, interesting in a scientific way, at times verbal violent (I never felt insulted myself), and always with a pinch (or more) of insanity in it. Thanks to the forum members and David Icke for creating this forum (although I’m not sure if he would like to see the dissertation with his forum name in it). I will consider sending him a copy in due time, that will be fun. Without you all, it would not be possible to write the dissertation. Special mentioning of the few who kept their heads cool and showed rationality and mental balance under distress. I wish them all the best for the future with the conviction that they will thrive in it. Tomorrow morning the real work starts for me. Organizing, selecting, final analysis, writing and re-writing. And after that, a celebration with champagne and caviar. And that on my age! Greetings Dr. Ween Dwijler
  5. This topic is closed due to lack of interest. Which is telling for the "community". Feel free to post whatever you want, knock yourself out. My energy will go to things worth while.
  6. An Austrian friend had this to say about it "Ja, alles verfluchte Schweinbeine.....". He clearly is not amused about it.
  7. You might be on to something there. The real "infiltrators" are easy to spot. The usual tactics of psychological warfare sanctimonially followed. Of course followed by an almost silly mutual ass kissing. I wouldn't be surprised if some serious IP tracking of them would lead to just a couple of well-known addresses. It reminds me a bit of a Dutch TV series called "Debtors & Creditors". Situated in an office full of bookkeepers, making dumbest jokes ever, talking all day about keeping their aspidistras flying and celebrating those who are most miserable of them all. Hilarious.
  8. Hitler's Euthanasia Program never stopped? In the autumn of 1939, Adolf Hitler signed a secret authorization in order to protect participating physicians, medical staff, and administrators from prosecution. In 2005 the house of representatives and the senate of the U.S. passed a bill to do exactly the same for vaccine manufacturers and all others participating in future mass vaccination efforts. In 2019 and 2020 many governments in the world signed “secret” agreements with the main Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) that they, and the participating physicians, medical staff and administrators can not be held responsible for the negative effects of their vaccine programs. Effectively preventing any criminal prosecution. Is it just coincidence or can we call this a pattern?
  9. Use google translate for details. In short it says that the Constitutional Court has declared a bunch of decrees unconstitutional (in relation to Covid measures taken by the Spanish government).
  10. Well said. He said himself that he was stupid, so realized it after all. Doubt if it will wake up some here.
  11. One man can do more than all those postings here, which no one outside the forum ever sees.
  12. FDA recalls 2.2 million covid home test kits, giving false positives. https://www.rt.com/usa/540002-covid-home-test-recall/
  13. Yeah, and if you divide 600/60/6 we get 1.66666666667 that's close to a Fibonacci number. Also the level where generally clean 3rd waves of an Elliot Wave structure abruptely stops, measured from the bottom of the 2nd wave.
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