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  1. I experience sleep paralysis quite a lot but I'm still too afraid to let myself dive into it. Usually I don't see anything but I do hear strange noises in my room and I feel this pull if being dragged into unknown. I believe the reason why I am somewhat afraid to let myself into it is it happened twice when I could not wake up again into my reality/timeline. Now I don't know much info about realities and existing in different timelines at the same time. But I do know that walking up and realising that it's a different date (2 days in advance) from the time I took a nap and then trying to get back to sleep and again I wake up In a different timeline or even a different reality as if it's a second Life and this happens 3,4 times and when I do wake up in my timeline I do not even know if I'm still dreaming and I will wake up or not it's super weird. It makes me lose for a while touch with reality and where I am excatly. So I believe this is my biggest fear that I will not come back to my life or not from the first try at least.
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