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  1. Exactly. A couple of months ago I finally realised Trump was just a puppet and qanon was just a string-you along to get you to believe that SOMETHING was going to happen... in the meantime Trump rolled out 5g and warp-speeded the vac into our lives which I chose to ignore as I thought it was "part of the plan" lol. Anyhow I've woken up now and understand that Trump was just put there to calm a large faction of the population that was starting to call bs on the other side... in the end he did sweet fa and strung us along nicely. To get a true grip on understanding what's going on we need to expand our horizons a little to the many negative et groups and their genetically linked human puppets that are all vying for respective dominion of earth and her subjects. That's what's really going on and when more people awaken to the fact that we are multidimensional beings and that the progressive activation of all 12 strands of our dna is what will set us free then this shit show will be over.
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