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  1. Hi, i signed up here to see if anyone might be able to shed some light (Pardon the pun) on the connection, if there is one, between Kundalini, kundalini yoga, which i am thinking of taking up, and the Archons, the serpents of Light, the shining beings which he says are evil. I was looking up some stuff on Kundalini yoga as i was thinking of trying it, as i like the idea of awakening and having a transcendent experience, but i was immediately wary when i read the main mantra is Sa Ta Na Ma, which i instantly recongnised as SATAN AMA. So then i thought wow that doesnt sound good. Combined with the fact that this kundalini is supposed to a 'serpent' coiled at your spine, and rises up through your chakras, which David seems to speak about as a real, and positive thing, so im confused. He had his own Kundalini exerience in Peru, as most of you will know being familiar, so im pretty confused with this. Is Kundalini good or bad, should i learn the yoga and the mantras, or not? I dont want to if its satanic, or Archon-connected, of course, but maybe ive got it wrong? Any light shed here would be great. thanks in advance. K
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