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  1. Check the myocarditis wards - I bet they are full to the the brim with the vaccinated.
  2. There seems to be a lot of anti Hitler, anti Nazi propaganda on this site.
  3. He was a lot older then, you dont expect him to be leading the charge into Warsaw on horseback?
  4. I still think the majority of people have not been vaccinated. the 5% figure is being pushed to engineer a sense of guilt in the so called minority.
  5. They took this guy out. My guy in Italy is telling me that - I am sure he was changing hearts and minds. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10352163/Italian-anti-vaxx-radio-personality-boasted-plague-spreader-dies-Covid.html A fervent Italian anti-vaxxer who gained a cult following after his regular phone-ins to a popular radio show has died from Covid. Maurizio Buratti, 61, known to his fans as Mauro from Mantua, had boasted of being a 'plague spreader' after deliberately going to a Carrefour supermarket without a mask while feeling ill and having a temperature of 38 degrees, just days before his hospitalisation. He said he was 'defending the constitution' by ignoring public health advice, and refused to get tested because he believed the swabs caused the virus. Buratti, who worked as a mechanic, had been in intensive care for 22 days before his death on Monday.
  6. Is it getting worse. They are definitely started with the pregnant! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10350549/Unvaccinated-mother-30-dies-Covid-intensive-care-two-months-giving-birth.html An unvaccinated mother has died of Covid in intensive care two months after giving birth to her beloved son by an emergency Caesarean. Natalie Forshaw, 30, first became ill at home before her son Caleb was delivered at Manchester Royal Infirmary on November 3. Following the birth, though, the new mother was placed into a drug induced coma and remained in the hospital's intensive care unit after testing positive for Covid.
  7. ANSWER THE QUESTION So is chicken pox a virus or a bacteria? And same with Rabies
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10348763/Most-pregnant-women-ventilators-Covid-havent-jab.html Dozens of pregnant women and new mothers are fighting for their lives against Covid in NHS intensive care units, official data reveals. Doctors say in nearly every case, women who are being kept alive on ventilators are unvaccinated and their life-threatening condition could have been 'almost completely preventable' if they had been jabbed. More than 500 expectant women or those who have just given birth have been treated in ICU over the past eight months in England. Why are they targeting the pregnant? Looks like the next phase is incoming!
  9. Anthrax is causes by a bacteria - an inert microparticle. I guess that isnt true either? Have you got something against microparticles - something of a size queen are we? :-)
  10. What is chicken pox? And glad you are saying Viruses do exist - that is exactly what @GeoffB is arguing too.
  11. We are discussing if viruses exist. Now have you ever had chicken pox? Maybe you think viruses do not exist because you have never gotten sick from someone else in you household, which suggest you life is sheltered to an extent. So have you ever had a virus? Lets say chicken pox? YES/NO
  12. Can you blame us with everything that is going on?
  13. So have you had chicken pox or not? It would be interesting to know if you have ever had an encounter with a so called virus. Maybe you have lived a very sheltered life?
  14. Pro Paedophile Pagan New World Order - you mean the Catholic church?
  15. LOL - you are right, that is a very dumb statement. Someone needs to get an education of history.
  16. And dont forget the high taxes on alcohol! And if you dont support them, dont complain when the pub goes bust and gets turned into a mosque!
  17. Well go to the pub without him! Pubs need us through their doors, boozing hard - or drinking orange juice. Eating and drinking! Spend to save the pub!
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