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  1. Frau Merkel and her cohorts are not commies guv honest, sure and I came down in the last rain shower.
  2. Not particularly Dale, it means anyone who dare question them.
  3. Oops just think of the millions of heads that went over.
  4. Sorry I can only apologise, I am in a state of complete denial, this happens all of the time. Completely normal.
  5. Drug that could tackle Omicron variant approved by UK regulators (msn.com) Eh? how the feck would they know they only dreamed it up a week ago.
  6. 69 athletes collapse in a month, several dead, what could be more normal than that, it has always happened.
  7. Anyway, where is boss crow his little ditties cheer me right up, the best laughs are always truth based.
  8. LOL I told you that is what they always say. Its fecking normal innit.
  9. Yeah, like any of that could happen and people just accept it, never going to happen, oh but wait.
  10. Do whatever makes you feel is making a difference, I like letting them know we are nipping at their heels through their own propaganda, because I know they read it hoping it is working. So we pop along with a good comment or two, giving them the finger, which on the whole gets top of the class. Read it and weep.
  11. I really don't care if they do, it amuses the hell out of me, if you cannot read a box tough luck, I laugh at the stupid fear in their eyes watch next time you see them. I had one on my head in the garage earlier just for the fun of it, some bloke said shouldn't that be worn on your face? I said what do you mean? he said that mask, I said what mask. he said the one on your head, I said I don't have a mask on my head, he walked off. Jog on then.
  12. My trouble is I have been around all of their bullshit far too long, how do you mean Javid you cant, if we want to save Christmas you need to roll up your sleeve and get jabbed? when I already told them what you were at. As you were feeling the water with your bullshit, I thought I would warm it up for you, don't go getting scalded very nasty burns.
  13. more than one way of creating an Arc from one's window box, or skin a cat.
  14. Well, I know who is winning the battle of the comments, on that one, it certainly isn't the mad jabbers. where did all those sensible comments come from? almost like they are having none of it.
  15. Don't be ridiculous, they wouldn't do that, after all it is all for the greater good, bollox.
  16. Pfizer starts work on omicron vaccine – and it will be ready early next year (msn.com) Eh?
  17. Covid: UK aims for 500,000 jabs a day in bid to outpace Omicron variant (msn.com) Eh?
  18. Well, you sure fecking will have a problem with Covid when Gordon turns up with his plane loads of jabs, no good saying the science says something different, by then the palms will have been greased.
  19. Slippery as eels for sure. While you are all busy talking up Omicron and looking for secrets, they sell millions of jabs every 90 days. Those share portfolios will be topped up and the brown envelopes will be full right up. I was laughing earlier, when I was asked what the hell are they talking about, we don't have a problem with Covid.
  20. 90 day vaccines are coming and now the big push with Christmas coming under the threat of lockdown will start in earnest.
  21. If you ain't smart enough to read a box and you ain't smart enough to notice the vaccine doesn't do what it says on the bottle, it is tough titty then. But then if you think the rest of us are going to put up with it because they have destroyed your mental health, you need a checkup from the neck up pretty quickly.
  22. I dunno but who voted for any of it? all sneaky bollox.
  23. You know what they say, if you want to destroy somebodies' argument, then make it badly for them.
  24. You know what they say, if you want to destroy somebodies' argument, then make it badly for them.
  25. Anyway, I am off to build an Ark in my window box, no room for shirkers and layabouts.
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