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  1. LOL you off then, Jews Bolshevism, the third Reich, Communists, Blacks, any new ones tomorrow?
  2. I did know that; I am enjoying the outing better than a trip to Margate.
  3. He can fuck off as well numnuts. His 5 minutes of fame is wearing thin.
  4. You call that information? repeating parrot fashion more like.
  5. LOL he is firing on all cylinders now, careful he will burst a blood vessel.
  6. So, Mr Icke you are still free to exercise your democratic right of peaceful protest and as long as democracy holds up, we will try and make sure that right can happen. Happy New Year to you and your family and actual followers.
  7. You could always try invading congress oh but wait.
  8. But then you might not have noticed, I couldn't give a flying one about what you think.
  9. So Mac I wouldn't go knocking democracy if I was you, or we will have to come down hard on you.
  10. Americans are full of shit, just the way it is. Polarised and fecked.
  11. The UK still isn't under the same stringent regulations as the EU though, is it? because like it or not they know it will be curtain time if they did. The line still holds.
  12. Well, look on the Brightside we both know they will repeat themselves ad nauseum and still be waiting for some kind of messiah to save them rather than realise you have to do something yourself about it. That is how it works, look at you lot being walked all over, never realising they are as well. After all they are higher level beings. LOL
  13. Well on the Brightside a young member of my family who suffers with asthma had to be taken to causality yesterday and on new year's evening it was nearly empty and he was seen straight away, so I can assume nobody was taking the covid test in case it said they have covid.
  14. For sure I can see you have managed to get a few hackles up, the Americans are dumb as rocks politically anyway. All they have to do is wheel somebody out shouting, USA,USA, USA which trump took great delight in pointing out.
  15. Maybe, but then some of us have used actions and voting power while others have just talked about it and let it happen.
  16. They all say the same things anyway, it doesn't matter what they tell you come voting time, they just word it differently, any real populists knows why they hate us, because we believe democracy will win in the end and freedom of choice will be reinstated. Through direct democracy.
  17. You forgot to notice until now, it has been decades of more and more things you cannot do and say, while voting for politicians who remove more and more of your freedom of choice until you have no choice. If covid were a political means to a globalised central power structure then it came at just the right time.
  18. It has been a standing joke for as long as anyone can remember, it just proves it is so.
  19. I bet you were there giving the Italian politicians hell over it Skitzo, organising food parcels and telling them what for. Or not as is the case.
  20. Radicalisation can also affect the indigenous white population. David Copeland is an example of a white person who became radicalised. Well, tell them to feck over to twitter then and do something useful, lol.
  21. There are a few of them here they always ride on others backs.
  22. Yeah like another Trump. Followed with another Biden, if he even knew what day it is.
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