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  1. What Is Corporate Fascism? Is The Government Of The United States A Fascist Form Of Government? - HubPages
  2. I laughed because the corporate boardroom is about as fascist as it gets but I don't want to take the thread off topic so I just laughed. But then while we all point fingers the people who have gotten the wealthiest from it all are sitting in the very corporate boardrooms while maybe the like of Cameron was pointed out as being a gofer for them, I am sure plenty of others slipped the net.
  3. I enjoy Skitso posts all that was really said was don't bother trying to psychoanalyse me. Which amused me no end, I am not sure how that makes a poster violent. Probably just getting a reaction.
  4. Go on then how do they think, simple fact is they know most are controlled by either fear of them or fear that can be easily created for them.
  5. A bit naive, they don't much care unless you are likely to make a difference, otherwise you are just corporate dog meat. Anyway, I was reading today about how the terror level in Europe will soon be on our doorstep, well the funny thing is they have been picking them up and giving them a free escort. Go figure.
  6. Because the electorate are completely polarised but like the cult of Westminster, they make it look like they offer something different but say the same things in a different way. It wasn't until the populists made a big thing of this jab should be voluntary that the establishment swung into overdrive so to make it voluntary near impossible.
  7. US politics has been polarised for decades and has been getting all the worse for it, trying not to let the same happen in UK politics is a never-ending battle. Even the jab has us more polarised.
  8. Ah well there is a problem right there, that makes you definitely one to be watched. Not following instructions is a no, no in a fascist state.
  9. I don't want to choose from shit choices.
  10. Not unless they refuse to comply. Psychology has overwhelmed them.
  11. Well one thing for sure, he ain't run out of excuses yet, maybe he had better get down there with his pitchfork.
  12. I dunno why do people need to be a Zionist to support the right of Israel to exist, when it is pretty obvious Zionism is an ugly type of cult which constantly relies on stupid people doing their bidding, and woe betide anyone who says so or points it out, it is though if you are a Jew you are constantly herded under the guise it is all for the greater good of Israel, when in reality it makes Israel look very ugly around the globe.
  13. I ain't seen much of Boris fighting them on the beaches, tea sandwiches and Pizza ain't very Churchill like,lol But on the other hand he has planted the seed that the only way to save the NHS is to turn them into a bunch of fascists.
  14. Boris is full of it, playing in a pantomime cometh the hour cometh the man, yeah right.
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