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  1. Italy - Trieste: the police charged, beaten and dispersed with the hydrants peaceful workers who had been demonstrating against the green pass at the port of Trieste for days!!!
  2. Yes, obviously they infiltrate plainclothes agents, thugs, black blocks to start the violence and then all the mass media say that the protest was fascist!
  3. In Italy, the Covid-19 situation is very serious. The dictatorship is already in place! The Green Pass is REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE aged 12 and over to work, go to restaurants, gyms, schools, universities, public offices, stadiums, concerts etc. Thousands of doctors and nurses have been suspended from work because they are not vaccinated. University professors kicked out by the police while they were teaching. Mario Draghi has announced that from October 15th it will start in SUPER GREEN PASS for all workers, with checks in offices, factories, shops, schools, restaurants. Those who do not present the valid green pass will be sanctioned with fines from € 500 to € 1400! There are many protests, demonstrations against the health dictatorship, strikes that are ignored by the mass media. They say they want to vaccinate all children! I am a father and I am very worried! Michele
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