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  1. Greetings, finally jumping into the waters of a community setting for the first time in quite sometime. Left the social media worlds completely back in February of this year. Far too toxic and without genuine worth to waste the energy, mental space and soul space on. First learned of and started studying David way back in '96. Wasn't sold on his ideas completely (still have some misunderstandings in regards to the reptilian aspect of things) but was quite aware of everything else regarding the big "THEY" that ran the show since as early as junior high back in the late 80's. I'm here now to observe and learn more about the perspectives and points of view of others who have found themselves wide eyed but not surprised in this "Brave New World" that actually landed in our lifetimes. I thank you all in advance for the welcome and may we all come out of this thing on the right side of eternity together.
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