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  1. The video I am sharing here, an interview with Stephan Lanka by Tom Cowan explains very clearly that no virus has ever been isolated, photographed, sequenced... Ultimately that viruses do not even exist, at least not in common understanding. Stephan Lanka's German accent is a little hard to flow with, but it isn't so bad you don't know what he is explaining... This video blew my socks off, I hope it will blow yours off too. This video ought to be shared with anyone who has an open mind... Peace be with ya'll... David...
  2. My mortal mind wants to get angry at the way people are being treated, being killed, being murdered, but then I recall all the times I have heard it said: "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do". We must recall Stephen's dying words, who upon his own death(murder), composed himself, raised his spirit above that of the material world uttering the words: "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do". As immortal souls who have realised the eternal we call the 'I' of our being, are called to acknowledge that: Those ones who do not know what they are doing, Those ones who do not know they have an immortal soul, Those ones are forgiven. The cosmic law of the infinite and eternal kingdom of spirit, of divine energy, is not the cause of pain and suffering, that pain and suffering is only perpetuated in the material experience we call life, perpetuated by the individual naivety about the reality of the Self, because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. As a human, it is understandable to hold the wicked in a sense of anger, but leave that anger in the material world, raise yourself above the material world and remember that: "They do not know what they are doing". Believe with all your heart that the wickedness on earth is purely because those ones do not know their soul is eternal, those ones do not know what they do". Those that do know what they do, those who know their soul is eternal and divine, those ones will pray for their enemies so that they may catch a glimpse of the light that will lead to the change of mind, the repentant mind. For that which takes place on earth (the material plane) must first take place in heaven (the Divine consciousness in Man). Thy will be done in the material earth as it is done first in the eternal heaven. See the spirit of humanity first and then our actions on earth shall follow in accord. As above - So below... This is not to say that the perpetrators of evil doings be left to run rampage on the material world, but rather than taking a purely material retaliation against the evil, keep the material responses in line with an eternal forgiveness. I also hope that those reading this message will remember that every soul living on earth whether they know it or not are an eternal being living in either the light or the darkness, and unless the light of the realised soul shines brightly enough, those in darkness will remain lost in their darkness... Peace be with you always...
  3. I had wondered the very same thing. It seems the CLC website is not very active...
  4. I've been watching, listening, and sharing David Icke, Vernon Coleman, Tom Barnett, and others who clearly have hearts beyond their wallets. I reluctantly am begining to believe that what is transpiring globally, must be extraterrestrial in origin. I hold hope that we maybe seeing the true birth of man into the spiritual awareness of himself that we have not seen on this planet in millennia... What we see through our eyes and hear through our ears goes way beyond a simple human understanding, I see a light in David Icke that is rare to find. Where the spirit of truth is, there is liberty... Peace be with you always... David...
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