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    You saying I’m not genuine doesn’t make it so. You are basing it off me not agreeing with his actions and your paranoid delusions of me being a shill ultimately stem from that. Yeah that’s the point. The point is most people are asleep and aren’t going to go out of their way to pay for this. If the goal is the awaken the masses then it should be easy and free to disseminate the information. Otherwise, like I already said, he’s just repeating what those that follow him already know. instead of ranting that I must be a shill because I don’t agree with him doing this, explain why it’s a good idea to repeat the same information that his followers already know to his fan base. Because those are going to be the main ones who pay for the content. If his goal is to save humanity then it would be able as many people waking up as possible, which is what David always preaches. We could end all of this if enough people don’t comply. Charging doesn’t achieve that goal now does it. but it’s easier for you to call me a insult me then answer the obvious because that would involve criticizing someone you clearly see as above reproach.
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    right....cause anyone who doesn’t agree with him charging for an event he claims is to awaken the masses is a shill. you can support someone without agreeing with everything they do but believe what you want, cult member.
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    I know that I don’t have to pay extra because I’m a subscriber. That’s not my point though. It’s not about me being able to watch it for free or not. my point is if that it the goal is to get as many people to watch/awaken as many people as possible then he shouldn’t be charging. otherwise, really the only people who are watching are the same people, his fan base/followers.
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    If anyone is contradicting themselves it would be the person who says he has the solution to save humanity yet is charging for said solution. If this is the solution then why not freely disseminate it to the public? Has he not made enough money off of books, lectures, his website? by charging he’s just preaching to the choir. Just my two cents, if he really cared about getting the information out he would want it shared by as many people as possible like the London reel interview. i don’t see how me supporting him, which I’ve done, contradicts this. ive been a long time lurker of this forum, but I made an account because this left a bad taste in my mouth. if daring to criticize his actions makes you suspicious me then I don’t care. No one is above reproach.
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    I don’t see any contradictions but ok. User Seeker summed up my point. But I guess we should just be like cult members and not criticize David.
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    I’m a member of Ickonic & have bought many of David’s books so I’m not opposed to paying but the fact he’s charging for this rubs me the wrong way. If this information is so vital and needs to reach as many people as possible then why charge? If anything is more important than money would this not be it? This makes me question how genuine he actually is. Maybe he just is in it for the money like everyone else. I’ve been very disillusioned lately. and yes, I know people have to make a living. Which is why I’ve supported David by buying his books and being a member of his website but this comes off as motivated by greed. Especially when so many people are suffering now
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