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  1. That’s very disheartening. how are people surviving and getting around it?
  2. while I’m happy to see protests, I’m curious to know how things are going in day to day life. are businesses enforcing the vaxx pass? Are people practicing non compliance?
  3. How is France holding up? italy? All the countries who have implanted the mandatory passport system? did people fold and get beast’d or are people still fighting? Are people not complying? im in the US in the Deep South, in a state with one of the lowest fake vaccination rates so luckily I haven’t felt the impact too much as many here believe the fake vaccine is the mark of the beast. most of those who fell for the virus hoax are dumb boomers ( no offense to the older people here that are awake, most boomers here spend all their time doing whatever the tv box tells them) and hysterical women ( I’m a woman but unfortunately it’s just a theme I’ve noticed that most women buy this bs hook line and sinker) i have family in NY and the virus hoax is in full force. At least that was the case when I visited in may. In Manhattan you see the young trendies double masked. I heard from a friend who’s still in the NY dystopian hell-hole that Manhattan is hands down the worst. They are actively enforcing the vaxx pass. the boroughs with more minorities are much more lax with checking the pass. I get hopeful when I see protests but then I wonder the aftermath of them. Did the people hold the line? Did they continue to not comply? I know in places like Bulgaria where only 25% of the population is beast’d, it would be extremely easy for the people to say fuck you to the mandatory vaxx pass, ignore it, and not comply. The government wouldn’t be able to do anything bc the vast majority of people don’t go along with it.
  4. I don’t understand why people continue to use gofundme. Anything that doesn’t fit the globohomo agenda gets removed.
  5. This is a real ad on Instagram for an interior design game. the screenshot is about designing/decorating a nursery. notice the creepy Illuminati pizza
  6. How does one avoid dissolving upon death? I looked up the magus of java but they don’t specifically tell you the method of how to merge the ying and yang
  7. Take your condescending preaching elsewhere. if your panties were straight on you wouldn’t be offended that I dared to denigrate Jeff berwicks wife. Yeah spiritual people can be millionaires. Again, his wealth is not the issue. him actively flaunting and bragging about his wealth is. His constant embrace of materialism is. again spiritual people don’t rub their wealth in everyone’s face especially knowing that many people are on the brink of starvation right now or being forced to take literal poison to be able to survive. For someone who doesn’t look up to him, you sure do defend like you do. if you don’t understand the simple difference between having wealth and having wealth while actively gloating every chance you get then I don’t know what to to tell you.
  8. oh please, I see countless figures on this thread/forum “denigrated” but because it was the wife of someone you look up to, you get your panties in a twist. Get over it. I never said you in particular are suffering however there are countless people right now who are losing their livelihoods and everything they have because they don’t want to take the fake vaccine. The others are being coerced into taking it. So to deny that there are people suffering right now and the world isn’t in turmoil is pretty ridiculous. and if you aren’t, then good for you. to flaunt ones wealth and rub it in everyone’s face during these times is in bad taste and a testament to his character. also to put Jeff berwick on the same level spiritually as David Icke is laughable. One gloats about their wealth and embraces materialism every chance they. While David, although I don’t agree with everything he does, lives a modest lifestyle and isn’t building bunkers for himself. it’s easy for Jeff berwick to say “it’s just a ride, dude” in his armed bunker while millions of people around him are losing the jobs and don’t have a way to feed their families. With all of that said, I do think there is hope because those who have no choice but to stay and fight and that don’t have to luxury to scurry off to a bunker with their millionaire friend.
  9. I see both sides of it. On one hand it’s disappointing that he scurried off like a rat abandoning a sinking ship, leaving those who aren’t able to do so stay in the draconian hell-hole. Especially when David and others are staying put. but I also try to see it from his point of view. He’s old, he’s getting harassed by the pigs who are just itching to silence him or lock him up, he’s afraid. He saw a chance to escape and took it. im honestly more disgusted by Jeff berwick who gloats about the bunker he’s building. him constantly flaunting his wealth during these times is so off-putting. yeah yeah, you and your ugly mexican gold-digging wife are going to be living it up in your underground bunker while the brutal NWO crushes us lowly peasants. His smug laughing doesn’t help either. this is someone who claims to be spiritual and meditate 4 hours a day? fuck you i understand he can’t save everyone. And yeah it’s nice he’s helping max Igan I guess. the issue is him rubbing it in our faces that he’s going to be fine with his riches while the rest of us suffer.
  10. Yes! This is what we need! Even Southwest Airlines is backtracking and admitting the flight cancellations were due to the vax mandate protests. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.
  11. You articulated this very well. I never liked them or their culture, and you summed up why.
  12. The Chinese are evil I saw that video as well. It traumatized me. These people have no soul.
  13. Not sure if this has been shared already but this is the number one rap song on iTunes.
  14. Look at red door. This rodent is definitely a cult member.
  15. Sadly it’s breaking up families. My sister stopped talking to me because I recommended one of David’s books to her. When I sent her a pdf link to everything you need to know but have never been told she said “he’s an antisemite” I asked her for proof and how she would know that if she’s never read any of his books or watched his videos. She called me an idiot and blocked me. this was a year ago. Haven’t spoken to her since. She’s a lost cause. she’s one of those who will be in the middle of nowhere, with no one around dutifully wearing her cuckmuzzle. she refuses to even see our mother until she agrees to be fake vaccinated. unfortunately my mom will probably end up giving in as she wants to keep her six figure job.
  16. Maybe I’m wrong but it looks like they will be following the illegal mandate ( which at the moment is nothing more than a press release) Don’t give up hope guys. We will make it out of this. We will win. They want us to be afraid so we cower and they feed off the fear frequency. Like David says, stiffen the backbone and stand in love. People everywhere are waking up. Yeah it’s not as fast as we would like. It’s not as many as we would like, but it’s happening! The vaxxed will continue to die off, leaving those who are awake. Some of the vaxxed will realize this is a scam and will join us. It’s not going to be easy but hold the line and try to be positive. this is a hill I’m willing to die on.
  17. VICTORY!!! Glad to see some good news for a change.
  18. Just watched David on the Rogge Report and let’s just say it was ....interesting. did anyone else find the host was kinda weird and distracting? none of this is David’s fault of course and ngl I found myself cracking up at the hosts exaggerated gestures and facial expressions. definitely seemed as though she was trying to monopolize the attention. anyway, it was entertaining so I guess there’s that and David was on point as usual. I could tell he was getting uncomfortable at times though, and as was I. awkward interview.
  19. she looks ....healthy. can you imagine the stench of those pajama pants? I can smell the unwashed ass from here
  20. until

    nope. not here to derail anything. just stating my opinion that this seems like it’s motivated by profit instead of spreading an important message at a critical time. you didn’t answer my question which shows you have no answer on how charging money is conducive to awakening the masses. davids solution has been that the way out of this mess is easy: mass non-compliance. which means the masses would need to get this information to know the solution. creating hurdles to such information obviously isn’t conducive to the solution. since you have no answer and nothing else to add other than baseless accusations, then I have nothing else to say.
  21. until

    yeah sure that’s another way to look at it, especially if it’s new information. but honestly I don’t see how that would be conducive to awakening the masses by sending us out there like foot soldiers after watching his lecture. most of us here I’m sure have tried to wake up friends and family and all i get in return is the fluoride stare. I don’t see how watching another one of his lectures with the same information we know, would change that. I think what has had the most impact so far is the London reel interviews, like I said previously. Anytime someone has to pay for something, especially when that information is packaged as the solution to save humanity, the alarm bells go off. And rightfully so. Like David says, you should question everyone and everything including him. imo he would be better off requesting voluntary donations while allowing the option for free sharing. this is about saving humanity ffs. What could be more important than that? that’s the way I look at it. I get people don’t like their idols being criticized and while I have a lot of respect for David Icke and try to support him, I think what he’s doing here is wrong and comes off as greedy. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my opinion. some things should not have a price tag.
  22. until

    You saying I’m not genuine doesn’t make it so. You are basing it off me not agreeing with his actions and your paranoid delusions of me being a shill ultimately stem from that. Yeah that’s the point. The point is most people are asleep and aren’t going to go out of their way to pay for this. If the goal is the awaken the masses then it should be easy and free to disseminate the information. Otherwise, like I already said, he’s just repeating what those that follow him already know. instead of ranting that I must be a shill because I don’t agree with him doing this, explain why it’s a good idea to repeat the same information that his followers already know to his fan base. Because those are going to be the main ones who pay for the content. If his goal is to save humanity then it would be able as many people waking up as possible, which is what David always preaches. We could end all of this if enough people don’t comply. Charging doesn’t achieve that goal now does it. but it’s easier for you to call me a insult me then answer the obvious because that would involve criticizing someone you clearly see as above reproach.
  23. until

    right....cause anyone who doesn’t agree with him charging for an event he claims is to awaken the masses is a shill. you can support someone without agreeing with everything they do but believe what you want, cult member.
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