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  1. It’s not a threat. It’s a promise that one day you’ll experience it for yourself. This proves that no matter how much irrefutable evidence you’re confronted with you’ll still dismiss it. these are children who are able to accurately identify details such as the layout of the house of a person who they have never met, have no connection to, and that is deceased. And it’s not just one freak case, it’s many of them. I already answered this. This proves you’re not listening and you’re just fishing for an argument. oh but that’s just the subjective experience of someone! People can say anything. It doesn’t mean it’s proof. that’s exactly what you’re doing. “mental in nature” shows how ignorant you are. These are astral experiences which are not mental. You’re being weasely and a hypocrite. you use experiences as proof yet when others do it you write it off. you don’t know about reptilians yet you’re on a forum of a man who’s major claim to fame is discussing interdimensional shapeshifting reptilians? Right. ”proof that we can leave this world is suicide” this further confirms that you have no idea what you’re talking about yet you have the nerve to speak on this subject as if you do. No you’re not actually curious. You’re asking these questions in bad faith and it’s obvious. if you were actually interested and not just trying to pick a fight then I would answer but you’re a dishonest person who has no real interest in hearing what I have to say. funny enough you didn’t answer, do you know who Robert Monroe is? Wes penre? Did you read their research? the fact that you didn’t answer means no. You don’t know anything about their research. You didn’t bother going to the sources I linked. Yet you’re still pushing for more information as if you’re actually interested. if you actually were interested you would have looked into this for yourself as I already provided a starting point on where to go. it would have been more respectable for you to come out and say “that sounds like bullshit and I don’t believe it” that would have been fair enough. instead you act like a weasel asking “source?” and then dismissing it automatically. youre a dishonest and ignorant person. You shouldn’t even be engaging in a discussion you obviously know nothing about. I have nothing more to say to you as you clearly have nothing more to contribute. You come back asking the same questions which I’ve already answered and then ask more questions as if you actually care. If you don’t like those answers then oh well. They’re legitimate answers and ways to come to conclusions. if you don’t understand then that’s not my problem. But everything you’ve said shows you’re not ready for this discussion.
  2. I wasn’t aware he was promoting Qanon. They definitely takes away some of his credibility
  3. clearly you don’t or you wouldn’t be asking these questions. why are you asking if you’re just going to dismiss it? You don’t actually care to know. What’s your proof you can leave? How do you know that? why do you believe in reptilians? Those are just the subjective experiences of people? why do you believe that the fake vaccine is harmful? Those that claim to have been injured are just saying their subjective experiences after all. see how that works.
  4. You can say that about any belief. You come to a conclusion by taking in evidence, accounts of those who have experienced it, research, and then you come to a conclusion. i don’t claim to know everything but this one particular subject I am certain of. You will find out eventually that everything I’m saying is true as well. I promise you that. You can say “you don’t know that” as much as you like but you will find out for yourself eventually. Unfortunately it will be too late for an apology from you but you will know. there’s a lot of undeniable proof for reincarnation. Children being able to recount their past lives and know things about that life that they couldn’t possibly know. now that reincarnation is established as a fact, the only question is if you believe the ludicrous story that we have to continuously reincarnate until “we get it right” and “learn lessons”. Even though our memory is continually wiped so the whole theory is nonsensical. the other theory is that we are being farmed just like cattle and there are no lessons. Because how can we learn lessons without remembering? You’re being disingenuous. You were being argumentative. You asked for proof, which I gave, and then immediately dismissed it which means you had no intention of hearing it in the first place. Wrong. I didn’t come to this conclusion because “many people said it” You are lying. You are purposely misrepresenting what I am saying. did you even watch any of the videos I linked? Do you know who Robert Monroe is? Wes penre? Did you even look into their research? when I cited multiple people who have under gone past life regression, that isn’t them saying this theory. That’s multiple different people encountering entities masquerading as ascended masters. Even the hypnotist doesn’t say this but it’s a conclusion deduced from their experiences.
  5. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. stop crowdfunding on GoFundMe. this always happens. If a cause that they don’t approve of gets big enough they’ll ban it.
  6. Again, what you think is irrelevant. You know next to nothing about this clearly so your opinion has no weight. people have an issue with the word prison but what else would you call a place you’ve been trapped in and you’re not allowed to leave.
  7. how can you be sure of anything then? They’re all just subjective experiences then right? Or does it have to be confirmed by “science” for it to be believed? because I’ve done a lot of research on this subject. More than you have. Remember that when you’re getting your life review. Who said there are tooth fairies? any entity that appears as Jesus is an astral parasite. Again, it’s very easy for these entities to disguise themselves as Jesus, dead relatives, ascended masters, spirit guides, etc
  8. again, believe what you want. It’s irrelevant what you think because the truth doesn’t change.
  9. multiple different people that have experienced the same thing. it’s the same with the reptilians. You’re just going off of the experiences of other people yet I’m assuming you accept that since you’re on this forum. Same with anything else considered “paranormal”. this response reminds me of vaxx zealots asking for proof that the fake vaccine has killed and maimed people. When you give them proof they respond with the same “so it’s the subjective (anecdotal) experiences of other people?” Yeah, that’s how we come to a conclusion/theory. By taking in accounts of people. Or are you waiting for the government, msm, or some other authority figure to verify it for you so you can believe it but I really don’t care if you believe it or not. I’m presenting you with information and you don’t have to believe it. Eventually you’ll find out what I’m saying is true though. I guarantee that.
  10. For all those interested please read this. It may be the most important thing you ever read https://battleofearth.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/article-2-the-death-trap-and-how-to-avoid-it/
  11. there are those who have been to the astral afterlife through astral projection and confirmed all of this. the same scenario has also come out during deep past life regression hypnosis. a person remembers being deceived by figures masquerading as Jesus or other ascended masters. there are many examples of this. Robert Monroe and Simon Parkes also say this. plus you’re aware that the archons trapped us here to feed off our energy, so what makes you think they would just allow us to leave upon Bodily death? The goal is to farm us for eternity. They got us to come here by telling us earth is a school. But it’s not. It’s a prison. Only once we stop these endless reincarnations will we know true freedom.
  12. let me clarify, THEY ( the archons and their minions conducting the life review) will say there is karmic debt to convince you that you need to reincarnate. in reality there is no karmic debt. These are all lies.
  13. while mastering lucid dreaming, visualization, astral projecting etc is all extremely useful and must be mastered, none of this will save you from having your memory wiped if you go into the tunnel of light. Once you are in the tunnel there’s no way that I’m aware of to escape. you will be subjected to a life review and no matter how good of a person you are there will be some “karmic debt” that must be repaid. THERE IS NO KARMA/KARMIC DEBT. This is a lie from the archons to force us to endlessly reincarnate and is now being perpetuated by new age morons who are channeling archons disguising themselves as spirit guides/ascended masters.
  14. while David has good information he does not yet fully understand ( if he does he hasn’t spoken about it) that the archons trap us after death as well with the tunnel of light. Like a moth to flame, human souls that go into the light are “zapped”. the afterlife crew circle around a human that they know is about to die and then send their minions the greys to disguise themselves as the relatives of the person who will die or a religious figure. all of it is deception.
  15. don’t go into the tunnel of light. Don’t follow any entities that try to get you to go into the light. They are not what they appear to be. this is all a coordinated event to trick the recently deceased human into the astral afterlife where they will be subjected to life review, brainwashing and then a forced reincarnation.
  16. Because we are forced to endlessly reincarnate so dark forces can feed off of our energy
  17. For someone who follows his work he’s been saying some very wrong things about David. he said that David no longer says that the moon is a Death Star filled with reptilians. That’s not true. David still does but he’s just been focusing on the covid hoax lately. anyway he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. When the virus hoax first came out he was all about promoting masks cause Chinese do it. He has a boner over the Chinese probably due to his Asian fetish and thinks China can do no wrong. He hilariously says that China is more “free” than most countries even though China is the blueprint for these draconian measures. he also was confused to why world leaders were mishandling the virus hoax and only this past year has said they’re doing it on purpose to destroy the country. he thinks there’s no hope and everyone should just run from the cities and wait for the collapse. That movements like the truckers convoy was pointless.
  18. They’re not funny at all. The only reason she and other women “comedians” have a platform is because they’re forced on us
  19. thank you! I see he hasn’t posted on his twitter since November 5th. I hope he’s doing ok. does anyone have a Twitter who can reach out to him? If not I’ll try to make one. I was previously banned from it so I don’t have one anymore nevermind. I see he has an email
  20. no i believe he was posting about his experience on Twitter and it was reposted here. he was fired from his job and him and his whole family became complete pariahs. i want to see if he’s doing ok and possibly get a fundraiser going
  21. Does anyone remember the Latvian or Lithuanian man with a family who was banned from society because he refused the jab? This was posted back in September or October. does anyone remember what I’m talking about and what happened to him?
  22. he looks very handsome in that picture.
  23. Does anyone remember the Lithuanian man with a family who refused to be fake vaccinated and he was documenting his experience of losing his job and becoming a total social pariah? does anyone know how he’s doing now? Is there a link to his twitter? it was posted on here back in September or October
  24. that’s rough. I don’t know what I’d do if my spouse didn’t get it after two years. It’s so obvious at this point. anyway, 20% is better than what it used to be and it’s definitely better than 0%. It’s not where we want it to be but at least it’s something and growing.
  25. “May have not shot him” and you know that how? You’re making nothing but assumptions because you have no argument. Just strawmen. This is just regurgitating what the msm says with no basis in reality and I’m really surprised to see it on this forum. i thought people here were smarter and more aware to obvious media manipulation.
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