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  1. 17 hours ago, jedidiah said:


    Thats nice for you; wonder how the poor people feel, not being able to access info that Icke was so generous with before his sons took over.


    Guess that’s just life huh?  The haves and the have nots - let ‘em eat cake...


    Hmmm, sounds a bit like another outfit I know of...

    oh fuck off. It’s not even on Ickonic. It’s on here. For free.

    like most of his work.


    he has a right to earn a living.

    your whining is pathetic.

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  2. 11 hours ago, metak88 said:


    Today, they've released part II a week after the first one. Seems like there will be two-three more till the end of the month? 20min all combined max?

    I suggest you watch Renegade movie/documentary about David's life if you're interested. These are just short clips.

    not digging the short clips. They should release something longer all at once.


    already saw renegade 

  3. On 4/2/2022 at 4:28 AM, metak88 said:


    Seems like they want to release these short clips throughout the April and it's not a 'proper' documentary to watch in one go? This is just me speculating.

    Maybe when they finish releasing all the parts they'll publish it also on ickonic as a whole documentary?

    ah I see. Makes sense. Although I haven’t seen another one of those clips since the first one was posted in the 1st

  4. I saw a clip of it on the main page and wanted to see more. Since it was advertising for Ickonic I thought it was on there but it wasn’t. And yes I’m already an Ickonic member.


    where is the rest of “David at 70”? 

  5. 2 hours ago, DaleP said:



    ^ NDE story

    She's the ONLY person I have come across who didn't go into the light but hit a glass-like dome.

    She should have found a hole to escape as per the article above.

    ah yes that must be the soul net/grid. I’ll definitely check it out.


    my plan is to force myself back down to earth and stay as a ghost for a while until i plan my next move.


    if you go into the tunnel of light you get trapped in the astral afterlife.

  6. 2 hours ago, Firebird said:


    Interesting how you're not interested in having a discussion. The very first time I asked you questions you threatened me with an afterlife of punishment and in your delusion you even think you will be vindicated there. That's similar to religious nutters who want nonbelievers to burn in hell. I bet you grew up with religion.


    Makes no difference if you got a pet cheerleader, bro.



    Haha you’re so bitter. Yeah some random guy who even disagrees with me on several issues is my “pet cheerleader”. It’s just obvious you’re a dishonest clown to everyone. 

    and btw I was actually raised an atheist. How does it feel like to be wrong about everything? 



  7. 4 hours ago, SimonTV said:

    I don't usually cover French protest because they always protesting but they have a convoy now and globalist Macron has deployed armoured vehicles to stop the convoy and blocking roads. 






    Dutch farmers and truckers convoy protesting





    hell yeah!!!! Power to the people 

  8. 8 hours ago, Firebird said:


    You see conflict where this is none. It's not my loss of anything. Gremmels is irritated at questions here, and perhaps you are too. I don't really mind either way. ''Your loss'' as you say.

    I'm just interested in Gremmels views. Why does he think life here is a prison? Why doesn't he say how he can improve life here on earth?


    The beliefs come across as pessimistic .

    you’re very transparent. The fact that others can see what you’re doing confirms what I’ve been saying all long.


    bye bye now :)

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  9. 4 hours ago, DaleP said:


    True, but you must give a conscent first. 😄 If you agree to it, you are done and you only get one chance to get away.

    Also true that as long as you live in the dualistic plane, there will always be consequences even if you think you've done a good deed so the trick is to process it that even if you've done something sorta wrong....it was for the good of humanity in alignment with the Creator etc.... it's a lesson right? Have no regret. I have come to a point, especially after this scamdemic, if I am supposed to help anybody...... whatever the suffering it could be their lesson to go through it and I'll be damned if I snatch away their lesson.


    consent is huge and I forgot to mention it. Every day affirm that you are sovereign.

    keep in mind they will do everything possible to deceive you into giving consent. 

    4 hours ago, DaleP said:


    It's your experience, your truth.

    Not everyone is built the same either.


    If you live by other people's authority, approval, you will always be a slave.

    I never said I lived by the authority of others. That was a comparison.


    What I’m saying is objective truth. Just like David says the truth doesn’t change just because you don’t agree with it.
    Once you hear the truth, if your heart is open, you will just know. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Firebird said:


    Discussions are better than just ''here, have some links. Read 10 books, then come back to me''.


    You do it like that because you borrow their beliefs! If they were your own you would have no issue with my questions.

    discussion? You asked for proof and I gave it to you. 

    haha I gave you 10 books to read? What 10 books are those? What a shameless liar you are.
    The links and information I gave were that proof and now you’re complaining that I gave you what you asked for. 

    Wrong. I’m not answering further questions from you because you are dishonest in your intentions. If you were interested in the subject you would go to the links I sent and research it on your own. You don’t because you’re disingenuous.


    if anyone else has any questions I would be happy to answer them but why would I answer someone who demands proof, dismisses what I show them without even bothering to read it. 
    Plus you’re a hypocrite who will accept some experiences as evidence but dismiss others. 

    I guess not all of us can just magically have beliefs put in our head like you. Myself and others do research then come to our own conclusions based on what we find.

    if I have no original ideas of my own then neither do people like David Icke and other researchers. After all, he’s basing his beliefs/conclusions/ideas on accounts and research of others as well. 


  11. 5 minutes ago, Firebird said:

    Why so bitter and all the namecalling? Why not be calm about it?


    I'm just interested in what you believe and why you think you are trapped here in this world and why you feel you have to escape it. 

    It's about your take on it, not Monroe, Icke, etc. The belief is a reflection of where you are. If I asked random people I'm likely to get a bunch of different answers.


    And of course I know about reptilians. At least, I heard of them and read it in a book of Icke. I just don't have a belief about them. They could be out there, or not. I don't know. Do I have to believe in them or something?


    So I'll ask again, why do you believe you are trapped and what can you/we do to make our lives great here on earth? Do you have your OWN thoughts on that?


    Your question is 'why does the soul choose to enter a human body?'

    This question alone is a big one already. You're filling it in with certain beliefs and what a couple of people say about it.

    But lets get back to the drawing board: what do you mean by soul? There are different takes on it. What do you mean by ''choose''? Who is it that chooses a body? The soul? Or something else? Some religions believe it's the ego for instance.


    Lets have a chat about the topic.



    Im calling you what you are. 
    Dishonest and weasely. If you don’t like it then don’t be it. 


    you pose a question in bad faith and then when you’re called out on it you play victim “I’m just asking a question!”

    it’s obvious and manipulative.


    If I believed you were acting in good faith I would answer you but frankly I’ve done more than enough. You’ve asked the same question on how I can know if something is proof and I’ve answered it. Yet you continue to ask as though the question wasn’t already answered. Which proves you’re not interested in my answers.


    if you care then you can do your own research. I gave you some links. Start there.


    if you don’t and continue to ask me that just confirms what I’ve been saying that you don’t actually care and you just try to bait others into an argument.



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