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  1. Humanity as a whole is doomed. Do what you can to not be reincarnated back to this hell-hole. The transhumanist agenda is upon us. Those who come back to this slave planet will be reincarnated as mindless cyborgs.
  2. They completed their goal of fake vaccinating most of the population so now they don't care if the effects are known by the braindead masses. In fact, these sadistic fucks get off on the mindless sheep knowing that suffering and death awaits them.
  3. Quote from BornFreeNowAgain : "However, there is no denying that his years of 'stand your ground' and 'fight back' have been shown to be empty rhetoric. Even after he 'fled' to Mexico, he was still telling others in Australia to stand their ground., at least in the beginning. I guess eventually he realised how hypocritical this was and he rarely says this now. The comparison to Icke is a good one, and one practices what they preach and the other fled the sinking ship." The very definition of hypocrisy. This quote comes from someone who still listens to him but is doesn't deny the reality of the situation. So no. This wasn't my opinion. This is objective fact.
  4. Irrelevant. The fact is he's a hypocrite. That's not an opinion. That's stating fact. The word "hypocrite" has a specific definition and Max Igan fits that definition perfectly. No amount of mental gymnastics or strawmen arguments will change that fact.
  5. Wrong. He was objectively being a hypocrite. That’s undeniable.
  6. That's literally what I just said. You said "EVERYTHING is relative". I clarified that no, not EVERYTHING is not relative. Only your perception/opinion is, but that doesn't change the truth, which is objective. Fair enough. EnigmaticWorld was actually the one that said this: "I don't know what Max's goals are, but my goal is to carry on the lineage of my people, or at least not be attacked by feral hordes of anti-white nutcases and commies, even if that means elsewhere. I was planning to leave Britain before Covid anyway. I want to live somewhere with more social cohesion. My country is nearly lost, but that doesn't mean my tribe can't regroup elsewhere. "It's too late for a political solution to the demographic & social crisis of the West. Organise & breed for resistance & reconquista!" - Nick Griffin" Obviously EnigmaticWorld is talking about preserving their own lineage i.e. Caucasians, and probably more specifically Anglo-Saxons. He expressed this very clearly and undeniably in this comment. However, since you weren't the one to make this statement, I shouldn't have ascribed it to you ( although you did agree with him). Anyway, I'm not going to drag this on because ultimately I do understand why people would leave if they have the chance to instead of staying and fighting. Do I think it's the right thing to do? No. As I said previously, one of the main reasons we are in this mess is because people have either acquiesced or fled in the face of tyranny. However, I understand this is a natural 'fight or flight' response and if there's the opportunity for 'flight' then people are going to take it. With that being said, and I feel as though this should be obvious but I'll explain it anyway, there's a big difference between Max Igan & 'nobodies' like me or you. And by 'nobodies' I mean people without a following or a platform. Max Igan has both and therefore he's held to a higher standard. There's responsibility that comes with being one of the public voices of resistance, whether he likes it or not. He was being a hypocrite and was rightfully called out on it. That's all I really have to say ( unless someone starts arguing that the truth is relative because that's asinine and can easily be proved otherwise)
  7. No. Not “everything is relative”. The truth isn’t subjective because it doesn’t change whether or you believe it or not. It is objective and remains the same regardless of your perception. If this is your perception then fine. You are remaining true to your “values”, unlike hypocrite Max Igan. Cowards never look at themselves as cowards but instead as out-smarting everyone or the system. It is this line of thinking that’s the reason humanity is where it is today. You aren’t running to preserve your people. Your people aren’t Mexican or whatever the country you’re going to hide in is. You are running to save yourself. Just remember eventually you’ll run out of places to hide so your “smart” plan will only work for so long. Eventually you’ll have no choice but to face what you’re running from. But like I said, you’re practicing you preach so good for you I guess.
  8. If you preach cowardice and running when things the hard then you are practicing what you preach. You are adhering to your values. If you are however preaching resistance but instead scurrying off like a rat and leaving your fellow countrymen to do the resisting then you are not practicing what you preach. This is what Max Igan has done and therefore deserves no respect.
  9. Way to miss the point. There were Australians who weren't bootlickers and didn't comply. They didn't have the opportunity to scurry off to Mexico with known grifter & scam-artist, Jeff Berwick. They had no choice but to stay and fight. Those were the true unsung heroes. Not someone who preaches resistance to authority yet when it's actually time to resist he immediately runs off the first chance he gets. I guess he has the excuse that he's old. But so is David Icke, yet he stayed put no matter how draconian things got. And sure, you could argue that the situation was worse in Australia, but I have no doubt that David would have still stayed and fought regardless because he actually practices what he preaches, unlike Max Igan. This is a global agenda. Eventually you'll run out of places to hide.
  10. Came here to say exactly this. i can’t believe people still listen to this coward and hypocrite
  11. In his new book David talks about an entity which pretended to be his teenage crush, which he refers to as “K”. He says this experience made him realize how easy it is for these beings to trick us by masquerading as deceased loved ones. From there he was led to evidence that showed him the true nature and purpose of the reincarnation cycle.
  12. Oh lord. What a mind-numbly dumb comment full of assumptions. This post that I made, the very thread you're commenting on, has a whole list of evidence and states exactly where this information is from. You don't have to believe it but that doesn't mean it's not evidence. No "mythical being" involved. "If you did bother to get past your own bias you would see that she also set up quantum healing, she didnt just talk about her experiences." This is hilarious considering I took her QHHT course and the off-shoot course BQH created by her assistant Candace. I am certified in both. Stop making assumptions. I also never said she just talked about her experiences. Stop putting words in my mouth that I never said. The feeling of dejavu is one such way we remember bits of our past. There are massive amounts of kids and adults who have remembered their pasts who have had their stories checked out. They know stuff they could not have seen or read. The vast majority of us do not remember our past lives. This is fact. Having vague flashes of "dejavu" doesn't count as remembering your past lives and doesn't change the fact that our memories are still wiped after each life time. If they weren't we would be able to remember them instead of just having these flashes of "dejavu" every now and then, if at all. Yes there are a few young children who remember their past lives however, they completely forget them usually around the time they turn 7. Professor Ian Stevenson discusses this in length. Getting stuck in the "if I dont believe it it can't be true' mindset does one thing only, stops you searching for other answers. Perhaps open your mind a little and choose to learn more and remain open to new information, rather than choosing to believe you have all the answers. The irony of you saying this while desperately holding on to your beliefs and disregarding all evidence to the contrary. This is my last response to you. I'm not wasting my time arguing with simpleminded people who make assumptions and have empty, easy dismantled arguments. Judging from the fact that you're arguing with at least one other person on this thread, this is clearly what you do.
  13. They show us the true nature of the Reincarnation Cycle in Movies, TV, videogames, & commercials. The truth is hidden in plain sight but written off as fiction.
  14. The truth about the Reincarnation Soul Trap is hidden in plain sight everywhere. It's in movies, TV shows, videogames, commercials.
  15. No. That's how YOU may come to conclusions. I come to conclusions based on evidence and whether or not something makes sense. If it doesn't hold up to scrutiny then it's most likely a lie. Which is why the whole "earth is a school" is one of the most ridiculous lies out there as it makes no sense. She literally says "earth is nothing more than a school for souls". I don't have to watch every one of her videos to know this is what she believes and this is what she's known for saying. If earth were a school and we're here to learn lessons we would be able to remember those lessons. We don't because we get our memory continually wiped after each life. This is basic common sense.
  16. Specifically about the Reincarnation Cycle & the Tunnel of light being a trap I've read a lot of his work and watched many of his videos but I've never heard him say that until recently. In his early works he said Reincarnation was for soul evolution. I never saw his interview with Dolores Cannon but I know Dolores Cannon believed the ridiculous "earth is a school for souls" lie. In fact, she's one of the main people who spread that lie.
  17. I'm glad David Icke is now talking about this. Maybe he read my post and started looking into it.
  18. David Icke is now talking about soul traps and the reincarnation system being a scam. Which is all true. This video covers some ideas and theories on how to leave the matrix after death
  19. Funny how everything I’ve been saying for years is now being covered by David Icke in his new book. You are free to remain ignorant though. It won’t change the truth.
  20. Other possible options to escape the matrix/simulated universe that don't involve leaving through a hole in the Soul Net/Frequency Fence. Also a possibility is to stay as a ghost
  21. Where has he been talking about reincarnation being a trap for “years”? the only thing I’ve ever heard him mention was a few months ago he wasn’t going into the tunnel of light
  22. No. The truth is not subjective. You can have different perceptions and perceptions control your reality but the truth remains the truth whether you believe it or not. Which is why people can believe they have Covid but that doesn't make it true, because the actual truth is Covid doesn't exist. Meaning there is truth, and it doesn't depend on your beliefs. You contradicted yourself without even realizing it. It's funny you criticize new agers yet still repeat the same lies that they do such as the truth being subjective and contingent on your beliefs. Also, you say scientists lie. And sure. I agree with that. Agenda pushers lie. But what agenda would MIT scientists have for saying a force field exists back in 2014? No agenda was furthered in that case and it was minor news. And what about all the people who have actually seen the grid? Are they lying too?
  23. I think a good method is to shield yourself with a "force field" and just mentally prepare to be around toxic people. They can only effect you if you let them. But yeah, I'm not gonna lie. I struggle with this. It's hard & definitely a work in progress. The only difference with the actual frequency fence is it's held together by our collective consciousness & group subconscious. So while an individual may be awake and vibrating at a high frequency, they can still be overwhelmed by the majority of frequencies around them from everyone else who isn't. Therefore, the hologram still exists and they're still held in it, including the awakened individual. Because if all it took was for an individual to awaken and vibrate at a high frequency then wouldn't they immediately leave frequency prison because their frequency no longer resonates with the distorted Saturn frequency? That's what makes me think it has to do with the collective consciousness. But obviously it still starts with the individual and we must all as individuals awaken because that's the only way to change the collective consciousness. Just some food for thought.
  24. True. Imagination is our power. That's actually how you create portals to leave the matrix. With visualization and intention. Just like you'd manifest anything else. Only difference is manifestation occurs instantaneously outside the body. Anyone that has left their body knows this.
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