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  1. Happy birthday to the greatest human who has ever lived! let’s all celebrate today and honor him for everything he has done for humanity. The awakening would not be possible without him.
  2. David if you’re reading this please look into the tunnel of light and how it’s a trap.
  3. I just saw the part 3 and I was moved to tears. It’s obvious to me that David is the greatest person to have ever lived. such a beautiful soul and a gift to all of humanity. I wish him a long life as the world needs him now more than ever.
  4. right. I’m so tired of dumbasses blaming everything on “long covid”
  5. oh fuck off. It’s not even on Ickonic. It’s on here. For free. like most of his work. he has a right to earn a living. your whining is pathetic.
  6. not digging the short clips. They should release something longer all at once. already saw renegade
  7. ah I see. Makes sense. Although I haven’t seen another one of those clips since the first one was posted in the 1st
  8. I asked about the video “David at 70”. Where is the full video?
  9. I saw a clip of it on the main page and wanted to see more. Since it was advertising for Ickonic I thought it was on there but it wasn’t. And yes I’m already an Ickonic member. where is the rest of “David at 70”?
  10. they were in the void or the “dazzling darkness” David talks about
  11. ah yes that must be the soul net/grid. I’ll definitely check it out. my plan is to force myself back down to earth and stay as a ghost for a while until i plan my next move. if you go into the tunnel of light you get trapped in the astral afterlife.
  12. it sure would be a shame if the truckers removed the tires from their trucks so they can’t be towed......;)
  13. Any updates on the situation? Were the mercenaries aka police able to clear out the truckers?
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