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  1. All these hero double jabbers clogging up our hospitals blocking us unjabbed getting treatment
  2. Just lock it up .... If it said covid wasn't real and the vaccines are deadly he'd have police at the door
  3. What an absolute fanny.... Zero sympathy ..... Had the jab to impress his 'friends' got ill and found out they were not his ' friends' and now he's crying over social media.... Karmas a cunt
  4. Yes ....and a lot of the people are admitting it to me in one breath then telling me they are off for booster in next.... I can't work out if they are just stupid , brainwashed ( Stockholm syndrome) , just too far in to turn back,or that the jab has turned them into a semi zombie
  5. Exactly.... Don't worry if your kid has heart attack after the jab...he's got a pizza waiting for him if he ever recovers
  6. In the final comments I said no vaccine mandates as it clearly violates Nuremberg code and hope everyone involved is swiftly brought to justice
  7. Not sure what's more worrying...70% oddball maskers or 100% oddball train spotters
  8. Alright lads we've all read The Broons and Oor Wullie ....back on topic
  9. Theres a Belgian fella who did the blue print for this mass fear and control regarding the swine flu....I've seen him laughing about it as he teaches people on how to make fake pandemics scare the masses.... Somebody on here will know what I'm talking about
  10. Them figures kinda do add up .....the football league is not the premier League where the England players will come from ... The English football league players won't be travelling around Europe playing football when everyone else was locked up( not down ) .... So I'd say 6 players from a squad of 25 is quite a lot... There's 50 people at my work and I only know 2 others unjabbed
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