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  1. On 12/29/2021 at 5:00 PM, coronaisdead said:

    Well, I have noticed everybody getting sick around my job and in general.  Of course I think all it is is a weaker immune system, due to massive panic and fear everywhere.  But people are complaining of being sick for 3-4 weeks, I had something similar for 2 weeks or so I cant brush it off as being in their head.  Usually the common flu lasts a couple of days.  Not sure what to believe in anymore.  I know COVID is a big PSYOP to bring in draconian lockdowns/transhumanism and eventually NWO.  But the fear and panic is rampant.  Feels like they are draining peoples hopes.  Maybe its cause im in the northeast it feels like this.  A couple of days in the sun on the beach would probably sort it all out.  Im just curious, what all these illnesses are going around.  Not sure I subscribe to germ theory any more, especially virology which is a big sham.  But what is it then? Are they spraying some shit in the air?  Is the 5G active now? Whats next in the pipeline for these bastards.  


    Common flu definitely doesn't last a couple of days... You are probably mixing up flu and the common cold ...

  2. 1 hour ago, Saved said:

    Klopp was quoted earlier - 100% behind the propaganda and insistent that only experts should be listened to, saying that whatever you hear on social media platforms (if not from an expert) should be discounted as disinformation. Official sources only for Mr Klopp, which is why he announced that he has already had his first booster.


    He's been after a winter break for years....have a nice Yuletide 

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  3. 1 hour ago, bamboozooka said:

    i'm not expecting to hear a thing from the nhs.

    you're not eligible for the booster if you haven't had the first 2 shots.

    if this is all about the booster theres no reason to contact the unjabbed.


    anyone had a text lately saying "come and get your first dose". nhs texts stopped months ago


    My GP practice rang me at start of jabbageddon and said ' hi just ringing up to book you in for vaccination' 


    I said " I won't be having it" 


    She said " that's fine I'll take you off the list"


    That's last I've heard...no letters or texts . nothing

  4. 4 minutes ago, Mikey13 said:

    Cleaner at my place of work, forty years of age, generally fit, had her booster the other day.  She is now in hospital with a blood clot to the lung!!


    These people are either brainwashed by media or there's something in them first jabs that make people compliant!...maybe both..

    I know people who openly admit that vaccines don't work and have really negative effects on them who are still going to get 'booster' .... 


    Stockholm syndrome at best




  5. 4 hours ago, zarkov said:


    The one I used was a nokia and simply switched on the bluetooth connection in the settings and they started to list. When away from the store they disappeared mostly and by the time I was home they were all gone.

    Really odd!




    Did the storE have them self scan guns...I'm guessing that they will all be Bluetooth as will a lot of devices in big supermarkets 

  6. 11 hours ago, Saved said:

    I'd therefore expect different companies to be pushed hard by the street level dealers (doctors).


    1) You had Pfizer? We only have Moderna boosters


    2) You had Moderna? We only have AstraZenica boosters


    3) You had AstraZenica? We only have Pfizer boosters


    I know a woman who was really ill after booster ,she's an elderly ex nurse ,and she told me whatever first 2 jabs you had then the booster had to be a different make to fully vaccinate her....so it's not a lot to go on but makes sense in what that thing said by making it almost impossible to then say which vaccine maimed or killed you

  7. 4 hours ago, owen said:

    Im just recovering from the worst virus of my life this last 11 days. No temperature, just achy bones initially then no energy, helpless. Luckily my wife stayed home to care care of me otherwise I dont know what I would have done. My wife and son were both sick also but not nearly as bad as me. Only when I started on penicillin in the last 2 days did I feel recovery coming on. My wife took a test which was negative. Shes on board with the nonsense, being a teacher she kinda felt she had to. I never have and never will take one. Im 56 but very fit and strong for my age, dunno how I woulda coped if I wasnt. Like many, I have little enough social interaction these days, so presume maybe its a virus my son brought home from school. I dont know what this virus is but I have never experienced anything like this before. It would surely kill many an elderly or less healthy person. God help anyone who lives alone trying to cope with something like this. 


    Before all this covid thing there was something called FLU  and it's really a shocking virus to get.... I've had it about 3 or 4 times and takes weeks to get over and is deadly ,in fact once I genuinely thought I was going to die from flu whilst watching Jeremy Kyle!.... 

  8. 5 hours ago, Athenry04 said:

    Chatting to friends tonight, I believe the zombie apocalypse is here, just not in the way we envisioned it. Absolute refusal to facts after the first jab, and fucking gone post second. It's terrifying to witness and realise. People that actually agreed with me pre shot, are now under the thumb. Zombies man.


    I've been thinking this myself....is there something in the jabs that's making them like this or are they thinking If I've messed up and jumped the gun I want you to be in same boat..... because anyone trying to persuade me to get jabbed are doing an awful job about it..

  9. 12 hours ago, Sit down, Waldo said:

    Not long ago I wasn't coming across many people that had actually been ill. Now it's frequent.


    I hear 'Lucky I've had all my jabs, or it could've been a lot worse' or words to that effect almost every time.


    The number of people for whom the penny just isn't dropping at all is frightening.


    My friend has started menopause ,caught pneumonia and got frostbite ( covid toes) since getting jabbed and when she mentioned to medical staff if it could be caused by the jabs she was told ' oh no,think how poorly you'd have been if you hadn't had them' .!. 


    She had previously not had a day off work in 6 years and has now been off for 10 weeks and is on 4 or 5 types of meds 

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  10. I'm a postie and I've not had a single day off sick since this all started...social distancing at work was non existent,I've not worn a mask for a single second and I've handled probably millions of letters touched by who knows how's many people and thousands of parcels from all over the world including many from China ....but we were banned from sharing a van with the person you are working next to!....


    And not 1 person in my office went off with covid until they started getting the jabs and since second jab almost everyone has been affected ...... 

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  11. 6 hours ago, zArk said:


    Ugly on the inside is enough for me. Commie, totalitarian , fascist.

    She could look like Claudia Schiffer but shes a totalitarian so shes an ugly meff


    Not on his very best day ever would he have the slightest resemblance to Claudia schiffer regardless....


    Maybe see an optician?

  12. 9 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    EXCLUSIVE: Hero surgeon killed by Covid was DOUBLE-JABBED but missed out on booster by just six days: Heartbroken wife says 'devoted' father-of-four, 45, lost Covid battle 'after catching virus on a ward' despite having second vaccine in January

    • Saila Halim revealed her husband Dr Irfan Halim had a shot last year and a second in January but still died
    • The leading surgeon passed away at Royal Brompton Hospital in London on November 14 at 7.51pm, she said
    • Mrs Halim said she did not think he had booster before he died surrounded by relatives after nine-week battle
    • She said the family had decided not to tell him his father Kamal, 75, died in another London hospital from virus
    • He was also double jabbed but died of Covid-19 at Northwick Park Hospital, north London, on September 24

    By Vivek Chaudhary and James Gant For Mailonline and Connor Boyd Deputy Health Editor For Mailonline

    Published: 07:03 GMT, 19 November 2021 | Updated: 17:43 GMT, 19 November 2021

    The doctor, who had no known health conditions, received his second vaccine in January but was struck down by the disease on September 10, six days before Britain's booster programme was given the green-light.

    As a frontline NHS worker who was vaccinated nine months ago, he would have been at the front of the queue for the crucial third shot when they were rolled out on September 16.

    Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Mrs Halim said today: 'My husband worked away from London and I'm not sure which vaccine he received but he was double vaccinated and always wore full PPE when he was on the wards.'



    All these hero double jabbers clogging up our hospitals blocking us unjabbed getting treatment

  13. 11 hours ago, Morpheus said:

    Like this fuckin psycho.



    I like to use labels as well Allyn, or was it Lyn at one point? 🤷


    However, I'm not as mindful as you are Lyn, and I'm not bothered whether they like being called that label or not. Like, I dunno know, a fuckin filthy dirty paedo! 


    What say you Allyn? 


    Just lock it up .... If it said covid wasn't real and the vaccines are deadly he'd have police at the door 

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  14. 12 hours ago, Macnamara said:



    He sounds to me like a liberal who has been damaged by the jab and then when he has tried to tell people about what has happened to him he has found out first hand just how cruel and vicious and hateful many liberals are. he asks people to 'be more kind'. Dude i don't think you have a clue what is going on here. We are at war. There are people waging war against us and you are a casualty of that war. So get your shit together and stop pleading with people to be kinder or expect any sort of compassion from them. They don't care




    What an absolute fanny....


    Zero sympathy ..... Had the jab to impress his 'friends' got ill and found out they were not his ' friends' and now he's crying over social media....


    Karmas a cunt 

  15. 8 hours ago, ar55 said:

    Anyone else the only person in their workplace to not be violently coughing every two minutes?


    I mentioned it a few months back and a good few replied saying their experience was the same. 


    Yes ....and a lot of the people are admitting it to me in one breath then telling me they are off for booster in next....


    I can't work out if they are just stupid , brainwashed ( Stockholm syndrome) , just too far in to turn back,or that the jab has turned them into a semi zombie

  16. 33 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:

    Just had a go on that and put my views across... No manadatory vax, no daily tests!


    In the final comments I said no vaccine mandates as it clearly violates Nuremberg code and hope everyone involved is swiftly brought to justice

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  17. 1 hour ago, Captainlove said:

    I went to a model train show on sunday,while i was there with my family i did a count on mask v unmasked people and the result when i was there was 70% masked 30% unmasked,all age groups. I feel the mask crap seems to be gaining favour again. also the attendance was well down than normal.

    Not sure what's more worrying...70% oddball maskers or 100% oddball train spotters

  18. 2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    What a nasty piece of work and lying criminal this man is.


    Yes the NHS will probably have a hard time this winter. Most probably because of all the delayed

    treatments people had to suffer because of the lie, because they are laying off NHS staff and because



    Today .......




    Would you trust your kids with him?

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