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  1. Could somebody please help me to put this whopper on ignore
  2. Where abouts are you? I'm a postie and I'm seeing people all over the place dropping like flies or very poorly... My sister is in and out of hospital now with her heart rate racing over 200 bpm
  3. Worth reading in full. Starts on April fools day.. Are you sure
  4. I have a very accurate Paedar and Mr Paedar is off the scale with this creeper .... Lecturing parents on how to parent when it's obvious that the only 'care' he's given to children is unthinkable
  5. He's bought and paid for and reading a script .... These so called ' leaders' have no real power at all ,they are following orders it is really that simple
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d5DXmrDCzmIhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d5DXmrDCzmI
  7. You don't need a license if you watch 'live' TV....but you are allowed to watch catch up TV ,not BBC iPlayer obviously,and you are allowed to stream stuff and watch dvds etc ...it's all on the BBC license website You just fill the form online and away you go ... I binned it off after I had to listen to radio one in works van all day and all I heard every 2 seconds was COVID ,NHS,stay safe etc...I felt brain washed/drained after a few hours
  8. What I'm saying is it ain't 5g or shedding .... I'm saying he gimme flu after being vaxxed 3 times for COVID and a flu jab ... You're the One picking a daft argument saying people are believing themselves into being poorly .... Muppet
  9. Listen ... I know when Im poorly I didn't make it up.... My point was I am sure I caught it off someone triple vaxxed.... I didn't know he was poorly until I rang in work sick so maybe I'm telepathic too
  10. I believe in 5g not sure about shedding... I do know not one person at my work was off with COVID until second jab and like I say there was little to no of the stupid :rules'
  11. I've worked all through the COVID hoax ,never wore a mask,not jabbed ,not socially distanced not stayed in a bubble and not been poorly but trust me I was in bed all over New year and still don't feel 100%
  12. The fella I share van with at work got booster week before Xmas to save Xmas so his elderly parents could come for dinner.... He spent Xmas day in bed with 'covid' ..... A few days later I got poorly and definitely caught it from him
  13. I was listening to a podcast and this advert came on its absolutely horrific it's a lot worse than that written one....it had some made up figures about miscarriages or something ... I'm sure it's not hard to find
  14. Common flu definitely doesn't last a couple of days... You are probably mixing up flu and the common cold ...
  15. He really does...I pride myself on my paedar and it's off the scale looking at this nonce
  16. He's been after a winter break for years....have a nice Yuletide
  17. My GP practice rang me at start of jabbageddon and said ' hi just ringing up to book you in for vaccination' I said " I won't be having it" She said " that's fine I'll take you off the list" That's last I've heard...no letters or texts . nothing
  18. These people are either brainwashed by media or there's something in them first jabs that make people compliant!...maybe both.. I know people who openly admit that vaccines don't work and have really negative effects on them who are still going to get 'booster' .... Stockholm syndrome at best
  19. Did the storE have them self scan guns...I'm guessing that they will all be Bluetooth as will a lot of devices in big supermarkets
  20. I know a woman who was really ill after booster ,she's an elderly ex nurse ,and she told me whatever first 2 jabs you had then the booster had to be a different make to fully vaccinate her....so it's not a lot to go on but makes sense in what that thing said by making it almost impossible to then say which vaccine maimed or killed you
  21. I genuinely used to know a man named Fuk You Jim
  22. Before all this covid thing there was something called FLU and it's really a shocking virus to get.... I've had it about 3 or 4 times and takes weeks to get over and is deadly ,in fact once I genuinely thought I was going to die from flu whilst watching Jeremy Kyle!....
  23. I've been thinking this myself....is there something in the jabs that's making them like this or are they thinking If I've messed up and jumped the gun I want you to be in same boat..... because anyone trying to persuade me to get jabbed are doing an awful job about it..
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