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  1. Adding to the perception is empty shelves. Caused no doubt by shipping containers being backed up. Here in Australia its canned foods that seem to be missing. Manufactured food. We have plenty of fresh food as we produce much more for export than we do for domestic use. All our fresh veges, seafood, and much meat is flown overseas and cuts out shipping concerns. But imported foods via shipping are slowly disappearing off the shelves. Coconut milk, tinned tomatoes, tinned beans, fruit, etc. I think we do still have canneries here but dont cover the volume or range of products imported. But those missing cans of tomatoes i noticed yesterday certainly did create a perception of a food shortage. It requires some critical thinking to realise we aren't running out of food per se, just running out of some imported foodstuffs. Which in the end may be a good thing as we will adapt and an Aussie manufacturer will fill the void.
  2. Here is a paper discussing the use of Nanoparticles, mRNA & Hydra Vulgaris, for use in vaccines. The study is presented with links to official websites and other scientific studies. We should not just throw this away because we don't like to believe anyone is capable of mass murder on a global scale. There is always a 1st time. And this is it.. go to link. https://stateofthenation.co/?p=88433 DNA-Coated Gold Nanoparticles for the Detection of mRNA in Live Hydra Vulgaris Animals Maria Moros, Maria-Eleni Kyriazi, Afaf H. El-Sagheer, Tom Brown, Claudia Tortiglione*, and Antonios G. Kanaras* Cite this: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 11, 15, 13905–13911 Publication Date:December 11, 2018 https://doi.org/10.1021/acsami.8b17846 Copyright © 2018 American Chemical Society RIGHTS & PERMISSIONS with CC-BYlicense .
  3. Another DR exposes strange 'life' in vaccine. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dsznwvQgW93G/
  4. This was 1st brought to light on the Stew Peters segment on the AJ show. You can see the reference to it in this video. Stews interview is on bitchite. The whole problem with simply writing this off, is that there is searchable evidence they ARE or have used the Hydra in experiments with mRNA tech. Go deeper..
  5. There was a news story on rupert's Aussie news site news.con.au that 2 million immigrants are to be brought into Australia in the next 5 years... wow! Im not great at math but thats nearly 10% of our current population. Very few will be european. Most will be like what europe cops; uneducated military age africans. Also men from afghanistan and Syria no doubt. Population replacement and societal breakdown on steroids..
  6. Vaccines/viruses etc, an interesting topic. Ive no medical experience and perhaps it all can be explained easily by a 'trusted' expert. But that the 'germ theory' has opposition is something i didnt know. It got me thinking...; In the earlier part of the 20th century most kids in Australia got boils. My mum used to speak of how every kid got them. The subject probably came up as i also got a boil when i was a kid. Thankfully only one... it hurt like hell. These days, a kid with a boil in Australia is a rare thing, where once it was more than common. What changed? Diet, no doubt. Which begs the question; Polio ran almost concurrent with boils. Polio at the same time was a problem. A much more severe, dangerous problem and nowhere near as prevalent in the community, but Polio also dried up along with boils. Did a better diet kill off Polio.. not vaccines? Did vaccines get the glory instead of better diets? I dont know, but i have wondered..
  7. While the 'occult' isn strictly satanic, this is a satanic ritual. It is pushing ugly as beautiful. All aspects of 'modern' art is ugly, but being promoted as beautiful. 'Pride', the deadliest of the 7 deadly sins, is the flag of the 'woke', another satanic ritual. The 'Pride' flag has 6 colours. All the 7 deadly sins are represented in the flag. It celebrates the deadly sins. Pride being the deadliest is the title of the flag, Each of the other sins is represented as a colour. For example; Green represents ENVY, etc. Here, this woman, Lizzo (Lizard?) displays her ugliness to the world, but is celebrated as beautiful by the dutiful woke around her and the woke media. Her face is not unattractive. If she lost some weight and dressed tastefully, she may be considered attractive. But that is not the purpose. The purpose is to promote ugly. And she succeeds.
  8. ABC is Australias most far left propaganda news in our country. And citizens pay for it... Its 'government (NWO) FUNDED...
  9. Noting wrong with being white,.... or loving your Nation and believing in the Nation state and sovereignty. That is what a 'White Nationalist' adds up to.. The attack on White people, who love and demand their inherited freedoms, and demand justice, law, and freedom of speech, stands in the way of the 'word government' plan. A world government cant be brought in if nations keep their sovereignty, freedom of speech, democracy, western laws and freedoms. White people are the people who built the 'West', fought for those freedoms, democracy, freedom of speech, and common laws. Hence white people are singled out to be hated, attacked, mind fuicked, aborted, with propaganda, racism, by treasonous leaders, and big corporates. Peoples of other nations who are fleeing countries without our freedoms are much easier to deny our freedoms to. Hence the population replacement (immigration) that has been underway since the 2nd world war. Someone, something, is playing the long game to totally control humanity.
  10. The west has more in common with Putins opinions than we do our own leaders. If that is 'Russian influence', then so be it. If our politicians really represent us and speak for us, it wouldnt be a problem. Out politicians in the west are all on board the globalist treason train, pro LGBTQP, global warming, anti Christianity, etc. Putin is pro family, pro christian, anti vatican, anti mandatory vaxx ("the will be no mandatory vaccines in Russia. We are a free country".) Homosexuality is illegal, he has stated minorities wont get preferential treatment "they must believe in our values". All of which most western people agree with. Putin doesnt hate white people, while our leaders seem to promote white hate. Western media promotes the destruction of western values, Russian media doesnt. The wests legal system is going totally 'woke', Russians isnt. I suggest it isnt just that Putin is more in line with western values than our western leaders, its that our western leaders are totally against the west, and totally on board with the world governing elite brining in a globalist world government, intent on destroying western civilisation to achieve it.
  11. The arrest. "Aussie Cossack" Simeon Boikov was arrested by Sydney Police. AC has posted many viral videos showing Police brutality, anti lockdown/mask opinions, and generally just pointing out facts and covering the covid lie. A week ago, a highway patrol officer told AC that he was going to get him. A week later it WAS the same policeman that turned up and arrested AC. Doing a web search on the story (duck duck go) all the top stories are basically the same article which is pure fake news. They say AC is the leader of 'the Australian Cossacks' which is a 'RUSSIAN based' operation. Which is just made up total bullshit. Hes just a youtuber who goes by the name Aussie Cossack;. Nothing to do with Russia, NO gang, or organisation of 'Australian Cossacks'. Total lies. Outrageous propaganda. That so many different obscure website as peddling the same story, or pushing the same narrative of Russia, Russia, Russia, and that he is the leader of some sort of gang is obviously orchestrated by spooks. Look at the work of spooks. One good this is these are now outed as spook sites.; https://celebsaga.com/was-aussie-cossack-arrested-facebook-and-wife-revealed/ https://mycampusgist.com/2021/10/08/aussie-cossack-arrested-australian-youtuber-aussie-cossack-arrested-at-home/ https://crazzfiles.com/australian-activist-aussie-cossack-arrested-days-after-police-officer-threatened-him/ https://heightzone.com/why-is-the-aussie-cossack-arrested-everything-on-wife-and-real-name-of-the-youtuber/ https://www.mixedarticle.com/aussie-cossack-arrested-real-name/ https://epgn.ch/2021/10/08/breaking-australian-activist-aussie-cossack-arrested-days-after-police-officer-threatened-him/
  12. Dont know if its news... but someone made a good point.. build back better = bbb. (666) Just saying. .
  13. The LT COL Scheller in Jail abused Trump online BEFORE he was jailed. Has told Trump JR to stop talking about him, said he would rather be in jail than to be associated with the Trumps and MAGA.. Nothing in the press about it which is astonishing. One would think they would be celebrating it. Trump seems to be loosing fans hand over fist. If Trump really is controlled opposition, they cant let his stocks fall too far. They dont want a REAL Patriot to get a following, they need everyone corralled behind Trump. Putting him back on FB would be a way for Trump to re gather his support base which recently he looks to be losing.. .
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