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  1. She works for Sinclair Broadcast Group. People said she's part of polarized mass media and is controlled opposition and that they cannot take her seriously.
  2. This statement is close to a state of delusion than rationality and fuels the stigma that conspiracy theorists have been stamped with. Do you know that 40-50 years ago society considered such people mentally ill and threw them in mental wards to kept them there permanently. A healthy exaggeration can be seen as attempt at humor but when it gets far fetched and systematic, it becomes unhealthy.
  3. Hello, Googling for "David Icke" brought search result that was ranked first: https://www.weforum.org/people/david-icke Do extraterrestrials have sense of humor too or this is just a coincidence?
  4. Hello. Back in 2008 a member known as Hidden-Hand surfaced in one internet forum claiming to be a generational member of a ruling bloodline family. https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread402958/pg1 Does this forum have discussions on it? I can't find in search.
  5. The best course of action would be to join them because we cannot fight them but focus only on ourselves and do good, finish unfinished businesses on this planet before we are to abandon the sinking ship. Truckers, storming Area51 and Capital barely make a dent in their grand plan. Masses are too busy making their ends meet by overworking and using the little time remaining to choose between family, personal care or social media. We cannot help the masses because they cannot help us to help them. They also like to undermine our efforts by calling us crazy because seeking the truth makes us divergents different than them. All they need is their blissful ignorance with bread and entertainment. What better entertainment than us clowns, going out, protesting for their very good so they could keep living in their happy bubbles and the good of society where mass media helps fuel the fire to further turn us into them? They do not deserve us and we do not deserve them but better than them and all we can do is to walk with them to the slaughterhouse with smile on our faces because this world has been turned into a joke.
  6. @northern star So this is how it is going to be now? They gauged response from UA and RU conflict and saw that people have no longer power over them and now will openly hold WEF conferences openly telling us how they are going to deprive us of freedoms, humanity, soul and experiment on us? When malevolent marginals come to power it threatens the balance between chaos and order and threatens society. Maybe previous civilizations were destroyed after such marginals came to power and held total control to subdue nations. It is not only history that repeats it seems but civilizations. All this makes me think that existence in physical construct is rigged and how civilizations end is by design. But what is the purpose in the grand scale of things? Why?
  7. Only inhumans can hold a grudge for such a long time or should I say humans with reptilian brain? Not a proponent of reptilians theory for now but there was a member Hidden Hand that gave revealing information to people who didn't believe him being who he claimed to be. He also told that David Icke was disinformed about reptilians. You heard about it? https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread402958/pg1 There was a joke on some Russian website about Putin being the one he accuses people if - foreign agent. There is a saying that every joke holds a drop if truth and vice versa. You mentioned that western and eastern leaders might be in cahoots and this made me wonder if it is truth. Why would US suddenly hoard 40% of oil from Russia after conflict began? Why would US hoard 20% of grain (don't remember the exact number) when UA opposing forces took control of big grain reserves? Why would Putin even trade with US at that point? Interests versus victims or western amd eastern leaders are in bed with each other? Or both belong to the same bird yet unaware of it? And is this war a sacrifice or just a part of depopulation agenda?
  8. I heard people who hate Tucker call his listeners contrarians and since you mentioned contrarians being midwit for licking Kremlin's butt I assumed you don't like him. Some bets and assumptions you made there that I haven't entertained yet. I am not active member in conspiroligy circles so I am not the person who recognizes patterns. No need at facepalming me. I am not supporting division. You mentioned elites, western leaders and Russian leades. Is it not elites who hate both west and Russia and organize events to clash them against each other? Why would western leaders hate their own country? What is the end game? West and Russia crumbled? Where will elites migrate? Underground or a new superpower? If Europe, Russia are controlled opposition does that mean MAD event is scare mongering and bluff?
  9. "Technology is good for you" was the impression they gave to society. It will make our lives convenient and our chores and jobs easier. It did but little did we know how it was a double-edged sword. It did make our lives convenient, alas not easier and our jobs more stressful while taking some of them away from us through semi-automation and low wage. It was part of something bigger that will work against ourselves eventually, gradually dehumanizing us and turning into masses of digits. Yet planet's brightest minds will keep advancing it to society's demise, knowingly or unknowingly. It was a good illusion of freedom but not sustainable.
  10. Let me guess... You hate Tucker Carlson.
  11. Does he even try the products he promotes? I doubt it because how would a person of his caliber buy something that has to do with protection against 5G? At least if he cares about his audience why not give advertising disclosure to his audience than sneaking in products? Where is integrity these days?
  12. That photo is outright disturbing and that's animals. Humans however seem to kill their own kind unnecessarily, even if it doesn't mean they will die if they won't kill. Beside physical suffering, humans are capable of causing emotional and mental suffering, with some even deriving joy from it. Final solution should not be intended for particular race or nation but to entire human kind. This iteration of matrix has failed and I hope there will be no more since every iteration brings pain and suffering. Souls must be liberated from their imprisonment and return to the source.
  13. Illness called corruption that if not caught in time will deepen its roots and spread likeca cancer worldwide. Collectively we let it grow that way. We feel into the trap of comfort and joy but were succumbed to that joy and after becoming addicted prioritized it over others letting our ego call take control. In business, that who rests on their laurels is a prey for waiting predator.
  14. Jewish leaders sold out their people anyway. This news piece claims that she is a target of conspiracy theorists: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2020/oct/07/marina-abramovic-im-an-artist-not-a-satanist
  15. Anyone knows why Scott Ritter pushes products on his Telegram channel? I used to listen to his analysis of current conflict and after awhile he occasionally would post some product. I am talking about products on iffyness scale like 5G protection. Since comments are closed, nobody can comment but there are puzzled and mocking reactions from people. I brought up my concern about this on YouTube channel that has interview with him but didn't receive replies. Not saying that he's a scammer, it's just that pushing products, especially iffy products does not sit well with me. Is his channel hacked or he needs money to support what he does?
  16. Something tells me that Putin plays his part in this game whether knowingly or unknowingly. I saw 2 articles months ago. One was about US buying up 40% of fuel reserves from Russia before/after crisis started. Another article was about US buying up several tons of grain before/after grain shortage started. I remember vividly. Can anyone provide sources?
  17. No. I didn't ask for any proofs from you that have to do with your reasons to hate Putin be it right or wrong. Nor did I challenge you on them. That's not what my post was about and I don't see how your response ties to what I said. It was about people being incapable of civil discussion and not respecting opinions of others. They would either resolve to personal attacks instead of tackling argument or show little for it. When I mentioned how it ties to global picture they had no clue what I was talking about. This is the behavior you talked about, yet didn't see that my post was about it.
  18. To be frank I think it is futile to escape the inevitable that is by design. I will be generalizing amd divide society into the following, assuming the good and evil balance each other out: - truth seekers 10% - power elites 10% - indifferents 20% - ignorants 20% - stupids 20% - other minorities of segments 20% The last 3 classifications, discounting 20% of other minorities is what tips the scale to the benefit of power elites. They do the heavy lifting for power elites so they don't have to by undermining the efforts of trith seekers with their indifference, ignorance and stupidity, making it easier for power elites to push their agenda further. Not saying that these 3 segments are evil. Some are, some are unaware of their actions or the lack of. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you look at history that repeats itself you will see how good people united by same goal build society with blood and toil, throughout years but when the process is complete, people get comfy and rest on their laurels. They start seeking more of pleasure until it goes past healthy norms where it starts affecting society. With desire for power and control to retain that power a seed of corruption is planted that grows quietly behind the scenes throughout the years that nation doesn't notice until it is too late. Then what was once the ideal and purpose of hard working good people gets destroyed, making all the efforts amd sacrifice that went into creating it in vain. And it all repeats again. I think there's no need to scramble and violate personal boundaries of sleeping people. They don't want to know the truth because it hurts. They are not willing to sacrifice what they have become the prisoners of because it would mean erosion of ego because of how they associate these things with. I don't know if it was planned bait & switch by power elites but assuming it was, the trap they built for us worked. It gradually conditioned us forget what makes us humans, made us underpowered, separated, addicted to pleasire and no longer in control of anything. It made us prey, unable to defend against its predators. Few people will be willing to sacrifice their material things, their comfort, their quality of life, their families to march with torches and pitchforks against oppressors with trained enforcements and military with advanced weaponry. This world is a big circus. Why worry about participating in it, having no power to affect the outcome? We are just self-aware sheeps led by wolves in shepherds' clothing on our way to slaughterhouse with other sheeps who are sleeping tight. Just be your best. Do something good that you are in control of. Caring for animals, environment, helping people who deserve your kindness instead of invading personal space of belligerent people towards you.
  19. Why are you bringing race into this conversation? Why did you call that member a muppet? I don't know who you hold personal grudge against here but don't sway this conversation in a wrong direction making it more about divide-and-conquer between members.
  20. Everyone has their will to have their own beliefs whether they are true or not. Since we see the world in a different way than most of unaware people does that make us Egregore too?
  21. Man it is crazy. These people are like walking copies of themselves, parroting each other and mirroring any accusations against Ukraine back on Russia. They are like terminators who you can't reason with. They gang up on you and corner until you are out of your energy. However there are a couple of differences. They believe in their reality to the point of giving up on logic and critical thinking. It's like the reality they believe in is all that they have left and trying to protect at all costs that it is convenient for them to exhibit that behavior. I used to think that they are either stupid or lag in their development but it's probably intentional denial of what they see as a threat to their fragile world. What worries more is how their government and global elites were able to fool the world that bought their narrative at face value. The society is not able to tackle on space travel, let alone singularity because it collectively lacks in average IQ department. Moreover given how humanity trashes planet, treats animals, wages wars on itself there is definitely a significant lack in EiQ department. Until that is fixed, humanity is not ready for advancements that will most likely backfire.
  22. Are you referring to this by Wetiko? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egregore
  23. But Covidian Agenda is losing power as more ugly truth keeps surfacing so there are less than 95% sheep now. Is MonkeyPox next to get the most mileage out of pandemic agenda?
  24. Social experiment. They conduct them to learn the current state of society, how it changed from previous conditioning of social experiment by gauging the reaction and make corrections to their agenda.
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