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  1. Here in the North West of England since Tuesday, I have been travelling on different buses using cash, and not one bus driver has told me to wear a face mask and all have been pleasant. However, today on my journey back home, the bus driver says 'where is your face mask?' in a nasty arrogant tone of voice. I simply say I am exempt. He then goes on to give me a lecture that since yesterday, it is now mandatory to wear face masks on public transport and starts to talk about 'Health & Safety'. Needless to say, he made me feel very uncomfortable, but I stood my ground. Then a guardian angel (big tall bloke) behind me could see what was going on and says to me 'are you exempt?'. I simply say yes. The bloke then turns to the bus driver and says 'I'm also exempt'. He then challenges the bus driver on his hypocrisy by asking 'why are you not wearing a mask?' which he wasn't. The bus driver simply points to the mask which is lying on his desk beside him, however, he did not give an answer and remained speechless. Like what has already been mentioned before, this whole mess has given some people a sense of power and they think they can intimidate and bully people. Luckily on a positive note, I had someone there who could also see through the madness and supported me. I honestly cannot thank that person enough - thank you!
  2. Hello Everyone, I have copied and pasted from Lauren Geertson's recent article about her Misinformation Protocol. She openly talks about how corrupt Big Pharma is, their abuse and how it is important for us to reconnect to our body's intuition. I have only included the section about the supplement N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as I think this is very important. In America, the FDA cares about the American people's health so much that it recently cracked down on the supplement NAC after 5 clinical trials showed efficacy in supporting Con-vid recovery. The Ministry of Truth is hard at work to ensure that only accurate information reaches the masses: https://empoweredsustenance.com/immune-support/. My Misinformation Protocol (Immune Support) Hi everyone, and I hope you are enjoying this wonderful year of 1984! The Ministry of Truth is hard at work to ensure that only accurate information reaches the masses. Why else would they be censoring peer-reviewed scientific data, personal medical testimony, experienced healthcare providers, and scientific researchers? Why else would the Pharma-funded mainstream media avoid all mention of natural health support while peddling an experimental-gene-therapy-nanotechnology-graphene-chemical-injection as the only way to health? The Ministry of Truth’s message is clear: The idea that your nutrition/lifestyle choices impact your health is misinformation. Just trust the Pharma-funded science. Call every indigenous, non-Western form of healing (acupuncture, Ayurveda, herbs, Native healing, energy healing, etc.) quackery. Accept the vaccine as your Lord and Savior. Nature can’t help you, the only way to health is better living through chemistry. Some people, however, are crazy conspiracy theorists who believe that human beings have an immune system. We believe in seeking out non-Pharma-funded science and ancestral wisdom to support our health. We believe that our nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual, and emotional choices significantly influence our health outcomes. If you share similarly crazy ideas, here’s what I do to support my immune system. SUPPLEMENTS N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC): This powerful antioxidant stimulates glutathione production, supporting detoxification. It’s used in many mold detox and cancer-recovery protocols, and is a general detoxification supplement. The FDA cares about your health so much that it recently cracked down on this supplement after 5 clinical trials showed efficacy in supporting Covid recovery. (I discuss this in my free evidence-based report Behind The Scenes of Covid Vaccines: A Guide for Truth Seekers) Oh, thank you FDA, for looking out for our health! Places like Amazon and Thrive Market have stopped carrying NAC, but here is a source where it’s available and I’ve stocked up: https://www.lifeextension.com/vitamins-supplements/item01534/n-acetyl-l-cysteineutm_source=cj.com&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_term=affiliateOct2021NAC&utm_content=textlink&utm_campaign=affiliateOct2021NAC I hope you find this information to be useful. BW, BrownEyedGirl
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I thought I would keep you updated on what goes on in NHS clown world. I seriously was not sure whether to laugh or cry when reading this email. Please see below for further information... IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR COVID-19 BOOSTER We are now heading towards a highly unpredictable Winter. It is the first time when flu and COVID-19 will co-circulate alongside each other. That is why, this year, we will be offering the COVID-19 booster vaccination to all members of staff. Our Vaccination Team have a record of the date on which each member of staff received their second COVID-19 vaccination. From this week, on a weekly basis, they will be emailing each member of staff who meets the six-month threshold directly. Please don't be concerned if you see someone in your team has received an email to book their COVID-19 booster but you haven't - this means they will have received their second vaccination earlier, so will be eligible for their booster earlier too. What type of vaccine will the COVID-19 booster be? After reviewing data on booster responses from different combinations of COVID-19 vaccines, JCVI advises a preference for the Pfizer-BioNTech. There is good evidence that the Pfizer vaccine is well tolerated as a booster dose and will provide a strong booster response. I'm in my 20's and completely despair at seeing other people go along with this. I informed my mum who used to work in the NHS as a nurse/midwife. She said they have all gone 'fucking stupid' and that they need to get a grip. The world has well and truly gone mad!
  4. I completely agree with what other posters have already kindly contributed to this thread. What you eat has a significant impact on the condition of your teeth. I always aim to try and eat organic foods that are beneficial for gut health. I found the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS diet) by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride to be very helpful. I always try to eat foods that help maintain good gut health such as sauerkraut, kefir, bone broth etc. I found this website by Lauren Geertsen who managed to treat her Ulcerative Colitis (something my father had and also treated naturally) by being on the GAPS diet. She is very vocal about Big Pharma and the importance of reconnecting with our body's intuition. I find this webpage to be very helpful and provides helpful tips on how to heal your teeth naturally: https://empoweredsustenance.com/restore-enamel-naturally/. I swap and change what toothpaste I use but I have currently been using the weleda salt toothpaste https://www.weleda.co.uk/salt-toothpaste-75ml-101004 which is fluoride-free. I also use hydrogen peroxide 3% as mouthwash. I hope you all find this information to be useful. BW, BrownEyedGirl :)
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well. I'm 26 and based in the North-West of England. I currently work for the NHS mental health services. I recently received an 'Urgent Message' from my trust saying that from Monday 4th October, in non-clinical areas, members of staff will no longer be required to wear face masks and these rules only apply if you are double vaccinated for COVID-19. All staff not double vaccinated need to continue to wear a mask at all times! (they put that part in big bold red font just to appear scary). Also, on top of that, I keep receiving emails about needing to have the flu jab and that flu clinics will be opening up next week. This will be necessary because apparently we are now heading towards a highly unpredictable winter. 'It is the first time when flu and COVID-19 will co-circulate alongside each other'. Honest to God, these past 19 months have been very isolating and I feel very lonely not having anybody the same age as me who sees this fraud for what it is. My mother was a Midwife (she trained as a nurse back in 1973) and she is truly disgusted with some of the comments Midwifes have said to pregnant women. One midwife informed a lady that she needed to have the jab because a lot of pregnant women are apparently ending up on the intensive care unit?! My mum said the reason why there is a shortage of beds, especially ICU, is because they were shut down by bed management who's owned by some 'rich basted' who most likely has been jetting off on holidays. I feel well and truly stuck in my post in the NHS and seriously just want to live on an island. I have already been thrown into the very deep end. It's all about numbers and bowing down to what the commissioners want. I try to remain positive as much as I can, but my God, it is extremely difficult at times. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to making some new friends. Best Wishes, Brown Eyed Girl :)
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