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  1. The Georgia Guidestone thing (taking the world population down to 500 million) is a conspiracy theory I never gave much credence to until recently. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.. But does anyone else see compiling evidence that the Covid vaccinated are about to be exterminated? A year and a half later they are still pushing this fake pandemic and these experimental vaccines. They really really want people to take this vaccine for a virus that they never even pretended was very deadly. And they never even claimed the vaccine would keep you from catching it. It’s like every press conference or article gives 5 reasons why you shouldn’t bother taking the vaccine and then ends with encouraging you to take it. Is it a fucking intelligence test? In the US today, Biden just put forth a get more people vaccinated plan. Which included continuing to strong arm teachers, hospital employees, and federal employees, into vaccination. He’s even trying to get OSHA to mandate that every company over 100 employees needs to mandate vaccination or provide weekly negative Covid tests. But pretty sure that’s just talk.. There really have been no consequences for not getting vaccinated so far. Ton of talk. Ton of threats.. but in reality any business where I have to wear a mask, so does a vaccinated person. There are a couple of aforementioned big career fields affected… But if you had to call out the most corrupt fields… I mean, if you truly wanted to make the world a better place.. You would have to get rid of the brainwashing education system. You would have to demolish the medical establishment that does its best to keep people sick. You would need to topple the Federal governments. I guess those are career fields you can’t be in without being corrupt or hopelessly indoctrinated. Anyhow, part of the new vaccination plan includes protecting the already vaccinated from “variants” by providing access to monoclonal antibody therapy. Monoclonal antibodies are man made proteins that target a specific antigen in your system. The MAB they are talking about in relation to Covid is called Sotrovimab, which is designed to target and attach to the spike protein portion of the coronavirus. If you think of a picture of the coronavirus…the spike proteins are the spikes protruding from the ball. It is the spike protein’s job to penetrate the cell so the virus can spread more rapidly. Now I know some of you good little researchers are going, “Hmmm now wait a minute..” “Isn’t the spike protein the portion of the coronavirus that the mRNA vaccines teach your body to make?!!” Why yes it is. Yes indeed. So we have the President of the United States advocating and stocking the shelves with a therapy that attacks, what the vaccine just taught your body to grow. What could go wrong there? And I tell ya, after a year and a half of being treated like a grandma killing, science denying, plague spreader… I’m actually rooting for a mass extermination. Georgia Guidestone it up baby!! Let’s New World Order this bitch!! We need to boot the subservient idiots who are afraid of sunshine and hugs out of our gene pool for the betterment of our species. Two years ago, I would never entertained such dark thoughts. So if the goal was to limit the trauma of the survivors by making them hate the preachy and soon to be dead vaccinated - mission accomplished. I guess these celebrities and politicians weren’t as bad of actors as I thought. Mmmm and if the elite really do use young blood for anti-aging, there will be oodles and oodles of orphans because children under 12 have not been approved for vaccination. Otherwise, that is just a nice way to avoid killing children who can still be saved if we take their stupid parents out of the picture.
  2. Exactly. Best I can make of it, we are in some kind of challenge or training program simulation. In this reality, anyone can act as an agent of the matrix. The matrix seems to be omniscient..or at least pretends to be because it has access to all online communications as well as all face to face conversations you have. It is the matrix’s job to keep you from the truth. The truth (the light) destroys this false reality. This is mostly done by instilling fear and self doubt. Though, because the program just screws with you, rather than killing you... I have to assume that the point is to overcome the challenges you are presented with. I am starting to understand that although it takes the form of evil, that is not necessarily it’s nature. Showing you that your parents or your significant other work tirelessly squeezing you for information that can later be weaponized and used against you.... is actually doing you a favor. It’s letting you know it’s time to move on. After you let your old life and and old indoctrinated self fall away, new people worthy of your vibration are supposed to find you... But I guess I haven’t gotten to that part yet.
  3. I often have a debate with myself as to whether I woke up or was woken up. Because I’m someone who identified as a Democrat up until about 3 years ago. I posted for the Women’s March, I rallied against racism, I cried when Trump beat Hilary. Etc. I was very much asleep. Then in summer 2019, I had a very abrupt event. I just got juiced with the light and was in a heightened state of consciousness for 4 days. At the time I thought it was God, a kundalini awakening, my higher self... something of that sort. But maybe it was my ego that wanted to believe that something of a divine nature had a special interest in me or that against all odds I broke free. When maybe, someone with impressive technology just swung open the prison door and let me out. I always have to remind myself that as crazy as everything has been for the last 2 years that things may very well be going exactly as planned. How do you unfuck a brainwashed world? How do you show people that their government is bullshit, their media is bullshit, their health authorities are bullshit, their idols are bullshit, the food they are being served is bullshit, their education system is bullshit? Well you can’t just tell them. Cognitive dissonance will kick in and they will not hear a word of it. You have to show them. How do you show them? By turning up the agenda volume way too high. And this had all occurred to me before. It’s pretty much the backbone of Q. The great awakening, trust the plan, disinformation is necessary. But there was just so much damn misinformation that my trust waned. And perhaps that was by design as well. Ive seen the Q account theories about all the bad guys already being in jail...replaced by clones etc. And I dunno...maybe. I have seen plenty of evidence that we live in a simulated reality, and I suppose it is easy enough to replace a sim. But today another possibility occurred to me. I was lighting up celebrities shilling for Earth Day.. when I glanced at the situation from the perspective of a celebrity for the first time. Why the hell do they put up with this? Were they sold a fake plan? Just make all the social media posts we tell you to and you will be the rulers of the new world? Oh and there is going to be this little distraction campaign about you drinking babies blood, no rational person would ever believe.. But there was a lot more to the Q movement than that wasn’t there? It taught people to start questioning everything. I never believed Covid was a real threat for 1 minute because I went through Q school. I just can’t imagine being a Hollywood actress right now and every post that I am required to make...I get lit up in the comments...called a pedo, called a traitor, called a shill. And very few of them delete the negative comments. I certainly would if it was my page. I assume they are required to leave it up...ya know...to cause division and keep people arguing. But they have to know that their reputations will forever be tarnished. I comment things like, “They are going to throw you away when they are done with you.” “Once they have control, they won’t need you anymore” You know...just pointing out the drawbacks of working for evil. I had one celeb comment back and not even deny that her strings were being pulled. It may be that they have received a great big pie-in-the-sky promise of better days ahead if they remain loyal. They have been convinced that the plan is to manipulate and divide us, when they are actually the marks. They just keep doubling down on the propaganda. But what they are actually doing is participating in their own orchestrated destruction. Same with the race-bating media. Same with “Healthcare” authorities and everyone else. If anyone is susceptible to falling into an ego trap it’s big deal people. Just like us, they’ve been told that they’ve already won. Just a bit longer now. Who is being lied to, I wonder?
  4. Interesting. I hadn’t heard someone explain the DNA disruption portion of it. But that makes sense. They would have to shut those ribosomes up so they didn’t tattle, wouldn’t they. As soon as I read that the vaccine was teaching the body to produce a foreign invader...I was like, anyone that takes this is a complete fucking idiot and I didn’t research much further. I bet you could poll 9/10 people that received the vaccine and they couldn’t even tell you the spike protein part... but they would tell you to trust the science that they didn’t bother looking at.
  5. Pretty sure HIV/AIDS is bullshit too. It all originated from a single slutty Canadian airline pilot that frequented bathhouses? Or was it people having sex with monkeys? If you look back now, they covered and hyped the fear around AIDS just like Covid. Celebrity concerts, HBO specials, big deal movies like Philadelphia etc. Hiv doesn’t kill you. AIDS doesn’t kill you. People with AIDS don’t even have a super low white blood cell count. AIDS only goes after the “T cells” which conveniently no one had ever heard of before the “crisis”. Is that starting to sound fishy? Most that were diagnosed with HIV had no symptoms. Were these men sick before they were pumped with experimental drugs? They even set up a contact system, under the guise of public safety. (Sound familiar?) Where if you tested positive, you were required to tell them everyone you had slept with and those individuals would get a call saying someone you slept with has tested positive for HIV/AIDS, you need to come in immediately for testing. And voila, they had 20 more test subjects. I find it very suspicious that 30-40 years after the height of AIDS, we have an entire generation of effeminate, gay, or trans young men & boys. What did they learn from studying gay men’s blood? I think Covid/Coronavirus is straight out of the HIV/AIDS playbook.
  6. I was chatting online with someone who had Covid and he said that he couldn’t stand to eat meat when he was sick. All he could get down was fruits and vegetables. That made me wonder.. It’s not one of the top stories right now, but there is definitely a big push to get people to stop eating red meat right now. (Under the guise of the bullshit climate crisis) Biden’s new climate plan calls for a 90% reduction in beef consumption. Joaquin Phoenix used his platform at the Oscars last year, to tell people to go vegan. In fact, all the food served at the Oscars last year was vegan. There’s the documentary Cowspiracy. I saw a ridiculous article circulating today about how there is this terrible problem in the beef industry with the ranchers feeding the cows gummy worms and reject skittles. (bullshit) I think what’s actually going on is beef is one of the few products that isn’t genetically modified these days. Cows used for beef eat grass. Dairy cows on the other hand typically eat gluten, gmo corn, and all that junk. That’s why so many people have dairy sensitivities and not meat sensitivities. Gluten is malicious. 80% of people can’t break down the large wheat molecule properly. And what’s worse, unless you have celiac....there are no digestive symptoms. So you don’t know you are poisoning yourself. Gluten punches holes in your stomach and intestines leading to mineral deficiencies and a toxic system wrought with inflammation. Gluten toxicity is often misdiagnosed as a multitude of autoimmune disorders. Symptoms are widespread aches, pains, muscle weakness, skin issues, toenail thickening, sexual disfunction, premature gray hair, organ failure....you name it. Basically your body has to choose what part it’s going to deprive of minerals. When people don’t eat meat they typically fall back on more wheat (gluten) products and processed food Trader Joe’s says is healthy. Okay...thanks for sticking with me through the nutritional backstory. Now here is the theory: So for any of you that don’t know, the MRNA vaccine for Covid gives your body instructions via RNA (the messenger) to actually self produce the spike protein portion of the Coronavirus. If you think of the coronavirus images you’ve seen, the spike proteins are the spikes coming out of the ball. It is the spikes job to penetrate the cell and let the virus in. It is said that spike protein by itself isn’t harmful....but we all knew it was doing something right? So when random internet guy told me he was grossed out by meat when he was sick with Covid.... a light bulb came on. Was it that a distaste for meat was a commonly reported symptom in the Coronavirus family? Was that the factor they were looking to isolate? Is it the spike protein that makes meat unappealing? Half of the world is already anemic. Low iron makes you tired and docile on top of falling back on foods that are worse for you. Same story; sick and tired people are much easier to control.
  7. Here is a snippet of mythology that talks about the survivors of Atlantis being sequestered into an underwater dome.
  8. What an odd thing to say. They want to show us what we could have if we don’t screw it up? That wouldn’t be most people’s first assumption. Sounds like he knows a little more. Still looking like fake aliens on 4/30
  9. I have seen lots of first hand evidence that we live in a simulation. Things disappearing or appearing. Scenes changing. Friends and family changing or not remembering past events when they get a new operator or program. I’ve experienced gangstalking that was so exaggerated it could not have been anything but sims following me everywhere. Being in a simulation is not a new state for us. Look back to Plato’s analogy of The Cave. He knew it was simulation way back then before people had a concept of what that was.
  10. Yeah I was just mulling over today how much feel good bs there is in the spiritual community. And some of it I do believe to be maliciously inserted as well. The law of one stuff, for instance...rubbish. We are not all one. That philosophy teaches the enlightened to turn a blind eye to the injustice in the world because we are all part of a whole or it is simply a reflection of their shadow self.. Yeah, nice play.. teaching people who are awake to injustice to be complacent. Another spiritual teaching that irks me is that we are the creators of our own reality. That is true.. in a sense. But they convey it as if you hit every traffic light on the way to work because you are unbalanced, didn’t meditate that week..or whatever. The blame is placed on you, when really the fear matrix is systematically fucking with you. You get to choose how to react (or ideally not react) to what the fear matrix throws at you. But the shit it throws your way is not solicited by you, other than it knows what annoys you. Love is the key Soulmates and all that.... Pretty sure that’s a con as well. They convince us that we are missing half of ourselves when really we are the full package. Every master of invention or master of spiritual practice spent vast amounts of time alone. And the 5th dimension stuff, yeah...I think that is just parroting...a concept that got latched onto. People pretend to know the characteristics of each of the dimensions. “My ascended master 8th dimension Arcturian spirit guide...” It’s irritating to have to weed through all the people playing make believe to find kernels of truth. I am definitely at the stage in my journey where I have a ton more questions than answers, but the best spiritual strategy I’ve pieced together so far is to simply not give a shit. The matrix doesn’t know how to engage with you if it doesn’t know what you want or how to make you crazy.
  11. Well like I said, I was watching him chat it up with Alec Baldwin, who I know is dirty as can be, when I knew. And like grapes mentioned, there is supporting evidence in his support of climate change initiatives, 5G fear-mongering, and most recently FEMA camp fear mongering. When he was “deplatformed” on Instagram he said, well I can’t talk about vaccines anymore or they will delete my account, so here is some other things I’m passionate about. And then he starts throwing out a bunch of red herring conspiracy theories that I already knew to be false. And that’s how the dominos fall. First I knew that Climate Change was bullshit...and anyone pushing climate change was bullshit. We live in a fucking energy hologram. Shortly thereafter I knew the 5G fear-mongering was bullshit. I always suspected.. I mean 5G is something the elite couldn’t hide from. It’s something that their children would be unavoidably exposed to. So I always figured it wasn’t that harmful. That and our technology so far far far exceeds 5G. FEMA camps- bullshit. Cuz rounding up half the nation and killing them by guillotine is super efficient.. And then I started to realize...oh my God. They have turned the online “independent” truther accounts into the fear mongering news. They know 50% of people aren’t getting their daily dose of fear from msm, so they provide it via the “awake” news sources, which they also control. Think about it, whether you’re worried about dying of Covid or worried about being hauled off to a FEMA camp...the result is the same. You are kept in a sustained fear frequency. You are kept from reaching your full potential. You are kept divided from those that are afraid of different things than you. It all boils down to the same old plays and motivations. So yeah, I guess the fear surrounding vaccines isn’t warranted either... Just meant to divide, and make us “awake” people feel sick every time we see another friend or family member virtue posting about getting the toxic jab. ..And making vaccines a controversial topic, does open the door for someone else...from somewhere else...to provide a “better”solution or cure. Yep...I’m still going with fake aliens touching down on 4/30.
  12. And that is not a natural hand position any child would make without being coached. Looking awful symmetrical there...
  13. Looked again.. guess it’s not a toy kitchen. It’s a toy stage/theatre/puppet show booth. Which I think it makes it even weirder that there is a big toy clock on front. Like..why would you watch a fake clock, when you are supposed to be watching the puppet show? Lol. It doesn’t appear to be photoshopped in though... it is brighter in the brighter picture.
  14. So I’m starting to catch on to the ways, in which high profile people communicate in code via social media. In October, I saw a weird skit Judd Apatow posted with Congressman Adam Schiff, where they were pretending to be magicians or something... It was really random (especially for a congressman) and not at all funny. There was a point at which Adam Schiff holds up the eight of spades. And I just knew that it was a code. I looked up the meaning of eight of spades, and sure enough...it is the card sickness and plague. They were signaling the coming of the “second wave” of Covid. Or a call to start manufacturing fear again, rather. Then the next post I saw was Joe Rogan saying someone he worked with just tested positive blah blah blah and many more high profile people came out in the following days with similar stories. It might not have been the same everywhere, but in the USA corona was losing a bit of steam and they hyped it way up again right before November elections. And I caught the signal to do it. Well the other day, I caught another one on Robert F Kennedy JR’s page. Man it broke my heart when I realized he wasn’t one of the good guys, but I had known for a while that he was a false whistleblower. I saw some chummy conversations he was having with Alec Baldwin, “educating him about vaccines” They were talking about the ridiculous amount of children they both have and at that point I knew, he was just like the rest of them. RFK JR’s daughter that is pictured here is nicknamed, Bobcat. (If you’ve done any digging into MK ultra/mind control....cats are a reference to sex kitten training/alter.) So in these two pictures Bobcat is pictured above a play clock with a time that says 4:30. In the first picture her hands are down and in the second they are up in a “touchdown” call position. (American Football) Basically the same photo except for the hand position, so no reason to post both of them...unless throwing the hands up was significant. So the way I am interpreting this is a date, rather than a time. 4/30 Touchdown!!!! Which could mean a lot of things... Most literally, I guess if you think of something touching down...I think of a an aircraft. 4-30 might be the day they project Bluebeam our asses and the holographic aliens touch down. Or, I’m also feeling like the US economy is about to tank. There is a big push right now for the little guy to get in the stock market and buy into crypto etc. It’s reminding me of right before the 2008 real estate crash, when people were telling me I was dumb for not having three houses with interest only mortgages. .....Right before the bottom fell out... So 4-30 could be the pull your money out before day.. Or a million other things, touchdown could be a reference to accomplishing any major goal. In any case, as flimsy as a toy kitchen picture of RFK’s daughter is, I am confident that something of great significance will happen on 4/30/21.
  15. Three of his accusers are known controlled opposition. Rose McGowan, Jenna Jamison, and Corey Feldman are all false whistleblowers. This is a coordinated attack to bring down the real whistleblower, Manson. He was going to finally release his novel Holy Wood on Feb. 14th. Hope he still does...
  16. I’ve enjoyed reading your writings throughout this thread. Just a thought on your daughter.. Vitamin A deficiency can cause deteriorating vision in children. You might look into any vitamin/mineral deficiencies she has and what may be causing them. If she had say...an undiagnosed gluten allergy, that could be the reason why she is not absorbing nutrients the way she is supposed to.
  17. Exactly. The winners write the history books.
  18. Well if the lie is, that we need to be in fear of something that is infinitely superior. Maybe we are not inferior at all. Maybe we are in control of this reality.
  19. The Michael-Morley experiment didn’t encounter the wind resistance from the aether it expected. But it didn’t prove that there was no aether. It proved that either there was no aether OR the earth is not spinning around 1000mph on its axis. But that take on the data was swept under the rug, naturally. I agree with you. Spirit above all else. The New World order may be taking over in this reality. But that’s okay, because this is just a fear matrix. And I’m okay with living in a fear matrix because i know it is just another layer of false reality. Because ultimately, I am spirit.
  20. Could also be a eugenics motivation. I took a genetics course in high school where we took flies with 3 dominant traits (black eyes, black body, a certain shaped wing) and kept knocking them out, breeding them, and sorting them (taking the ones with the dominant characteristics out) until we produced flies with three recessive characteristics. (White body, red eyes, and a different shaped wing). We could be the flies that are genetically predisposed to enlightenment and they have us in a program that applies massive pressure. Then they sort out the ones who turn into enlightened diamonds and breed them. But in any case yeah...they are way interested in our DNA and having the rights to our body parts after death.
  21. It occurred to me that this fear matrix energy hologram we are in could be a farm. The more I look into historical blood rituals, cannibalism, and Saturnist cults, the more I think it was very real, very widespread, and it never went away. I also think it works. I think consuming the flesh of the enlightened is the only way our captors can feel the “blinding light of God” and I believe that it extends life and passes knowledge when you consume someone enlightened. That is why there is a market for babies as well, they are still closer to spirit and unpolluted by this realm. This is why people in the Bible and Chinese emperors etc. lived 1000 years. They consumed babies and the enlightened. The real prize is to find someone with the right dna variations and slowly cultivate them. The procyonians of the human population, if you will. People with an extreme ability to adapt to survive and a propensity towards enlightenment. And if you combine the right DNA with multigenerational abuse, you get a child that disassociates very easily when bad things are happening. You get a child that can be programmed very easily and will likely never remember that they were abused. The pedo/trauma inserters refer to these kids as unicorns. (A magical animal with a unique adaptation). So the energy hologram can insert major early trauma and continue playing on individual triggers throughout your life without you being cognizant of it. You don’t understand why you struggle with addiction, relationships, or why you haven’t made more of yourself...and you think it’s all your fault because you had “nice” parents. The program continues feeding your fears and unresolved trauma at every turn. The intention of this is to induce enlightenment. It is pain and suffering that triggers awakenings. (Christ consciousness) Then once you’ve leveled up in consciousness they really turn up the heat. The program starts bombarding you with lots of things to try to provoke fear, tons of false trails to follow, it lets you remember a bit of your trauma, and ultimately shows you the face of evil and that you are not living in base reality. Now you know that you are bigger than this reality. It gives you some confidence building challenges to overcome and then the strategy changes. The program then starts to lead you down a more spiritual path. It lets you make the connection that Isis, Persephone, Demeter, Eve, Alice etc. all got stuck in the underworld because they ate food of the underworld and couldn’t get back into the garden. Remember the apples that didn’t want to be eaten in Wizard of Oz as well? It’s everywhere. All the spiritual material you are consuming is encouraging you to give up your addictions and go vegan. Or better yet, fast all together. This is a purification process because the farmers don’t want to eat polluted meat. They want the people who are still sleeping to take drugs and eat the shit food. But they want the enlightened, to purify because they are almost ready to consume. But good news...I only think that is what’s happening in this false reality. I’m also open to the less morbid possibility that we are in an enlightenment provoking program for another reason. I’ve seen @ink mention that the Forgotten Languages website says that someone is trying to make this simulation “real”. Well if this simulation is trying to be a real boy, individuals will have to face terrible challenges until the light reaches out, just like Pinocchio. It could be an enlightenment farm to try to advance or actualize a civilization. It might very well be the cannibalism is another fear provoking red herring to follow. But even if we are just lambs for the slaughter in this reality..I think ultimately we are eternal spirits and this is just some kind of evil school or a really messed up incarnation.
  22. Actually, I STILL wasn’t thinking big enough was I... Lots of others played along with Covid on a global level. The UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, The World Health Organization etc. America and China being “at war” would actually give THE WORLD carte blanche to crash the economy. Whether a country was directly involved as an ally or not, it is very believable that a war between the US and China could affect every nation. Every country would have an excuse to increase surveillance, initiate socialism, and impose liberty killing restrictions. War times..ya know. Yeah...a war between China and the US could just be a Trojan horse for the great reset.
  23. Actually...I don’t think I was thinking big enough. Maybe it’s all fake news. If China and the USA both have the goal of having more control over their citizens...they might work together. They don’t have to go to war, they can just say they are going to war, manufacture the media coverage, and skim 100 billion dollars off the war budget. Being “at war” gives both countries carte blanche to take away freedoms, crash the economy, increase levels of fear, and whatever else.
  24. I don’t believe there was any subversion by the Chinese. Just like 9/11 was a justification for taking over the Middle East, Covid, election fraud, and their supposed infiltration of big tech will be the justification for taking over China. But it’s all lies. Our leaders did it. They’ve been running a China smear campaign for years. We manufactured problems, blamed them on the Chinese, and soon the solution will be war.
  25. I was talking more in terms of psychological operations.
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