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  1. Dawn

    Cancel Christmas

    I think Christmas is the big one. I think a lot of stores make 30-40% of their profits in December.
  2. I heard a radio bit the other day about how “studies” show that Christmas spending is likely to be the same this year despite all the economic setbacks people have faced during lockdowns. These assbags think they can shut down the economy for most of the year and not show a loss for Christmas spending? I would love to show them otherwise. I think we should start a social media campaign, under some altruistic guise that encourages the sheeple not to spend their money this Christmas. I guarantee if we boycotted Christmas, they would never lock us down again.
  3. Very interesting post. Thank you. I’ll watch the video, check out the order of the serpent, and look into Genesis as a metaphor for cannibalism. Very random input: I have been hearing the song Maneater an inordinate amount when I get into the car lately. “Watch our boy she’ll chew you up..She’s a Maneater...” I pay attention to these things and I had scanned my brain for the possible significance of this song playing so often. Finally, day before yesterday something sparked. Giants were maneaters. So then my brain starts going.. Am I a fucking giant? Am I a sleeping giant...
  4. One of my awakening revelations was that the pyramids were not built by slaves, aliens, or giants. The pyramids were built by humans via collective consciousness and telekinesis. That’s how powerful we are, when unsuppressed.
  5. Admittedly, this is a whacked out theory in its infancy, but it crosses my mind from time to time. I have had luck in the past posting my craziest thoughts on this forum and getting a piece of information I needed in response, so please throw what you have at me. The crux of my theory begins with the fact that we are not living in base reality. We are living in some kind of artificial construct. As to the nature or purpose of the reality matrix that we live in..that’s where it gets hazy for me. Light Critters. How many of you see the translucent light creatures floating ar
  6. I remember when I heard his, “what I know now” comment I perceived it as being a reference to Diana. He had just gotten married and announced Megan’s pregnancy. Harry seemed like a man that wanted to protect his new family. Like you said, they distanced themselves, became financially independent, and have been slammed by the media. All signs to me that Harry is the best of the brood.
  7. Ever wonder why wheat allergies aren’t discussed? 80% of us lack the proper enzyme to break down large wheat molecules. Undigested wheat proteins just fly around our system causing havoc and inflammation. This can cause any number of symptoms, not just the digestive systems that you would suspect. Wheat allergies often get misdiagnosed as autoimmune disorders, ascension symptoms, or doctors simply treat the symptoms and not the underlying condition. For me, my wheat allergy manifested itself in skin problems and joint pain and stiffness. I never thought I was dealing with a food al
  8. I promise I did not photoshop these images. I lifted them right off peoples social media accounts. And I encourage others to comb over their friends and family’s pictures for unanticipated reflections as well. This is very widespread. I have only found photographic evidence for three people I know, but I suspect many more.
  9. I think David Icke hit the nail on the head. In his video on corona virus, which I can’t locate currently because it has been buried by a ton of other spurious videos...he says that the corona virus test simply tests for a compound that healthy cells secrete when they die. Healthy cells die for a multitude of reasons...including FEAR. Including breathing in your own carbon dioxide all day because you are wearing a mask. Depending on where the threshold For this compound is set...everyone or no one would test positive. The disease is in the media and the medical establishment that has been pres
  10. My “friend” posted this to fb with the caption: “Can you see me?” Then pretended he was talking about the deer by the broken fence panel. They think it is hilarious that we don’t know they are among us. This fucking forum. I post actual pictures of aliens among us and ...crickets. Truthers my ass.
  11. Here is another person I know...not a grey like the other two...but looks more like the alien race from Mars Attacks.
  12. I honestly believe they are body snatching. Much like in the movie They Live. They can appear in human form. If you suspect someone, take a look at their Facebook or Instagram photos. Look for a picture they would have taken at home, alone...in their true form and try to catch them in a reflective surface. These two pictures are of two people I personally know. Look at the reflections. They are not human.
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