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  1. I often have a debate with myself as to whether I woke up or was woken up. Because I’m someone who identified as a Democrat up until about 3 years ago. I posted for the Women’s March, I rallied against racism, I cried when Trump beat Hilary. Etc. I was very much asleep. Then in summer 2019, I had a very abrupt event. I just got juiced with the light and was in a heightened state of consciousness for 4 days. At the time I thought it was God, a kundalini awakening, my higher self... something of that sort. But maybe it was my ego that wanted to believe that somet
  2. Interesting. I hadn’t heard someone explain the DNA disruption portion of it. But that makes sense. They would have to shut those ribosomes up so they didn’t tattle, wouldn’t they. As soon as I read that the vaccine was teaching the body to produce a foreign invader...I was like, anyone that takes this is a complete fucking idiot and I didn’t research much further. I bet you could poll 9/10 people that received the vaccine and they couldn’t even tell you the spike protein part... but they would tell you to trust the science that they didn’t bother looking at.
  3. Pretty sure HIV/AIDS is bullshit too. It all originated from a single slutty Canadian airline pilot that frequented bathhouses? Or was it people having sex with monkeys? If you look back now, they covered and hyped the fear around AIDS just like Covid. Celebrity concerts, HBO specials, big deal movies like Philadelphia etc. Hiv doesn’t kill you. AIDS doesn’t kill you. People with AIDS don’t even have a super low white blood cell count. AIDS only goes after the “T cells” which conveniently no one had ever heard of before the “crisis”. Is that starting to sound f
  4. I was chatting online with someone who had Covid and he said that he couldn’t stand to eat meat when he was sick. All he could get down was fruits and vegetables. That made me wonder.. It’s not one of the top stories right now, but there is definitely a big push to get people to stop eating red meat right now. (Under the guise of the bullshit climate crisis) Biden’s new climate plan calls for a 90% reduction in beef consumption. Joaquin Phoenix used his platform at the Oscars last year, to tell people to go vegan. In fact, all the food served at the
  5. Here is a snippet of mythology that talks about the survivors of Atlantis being sequestered into an underwater dome.
  6. What an odd thing to say. They want to show us what we could have if we don’t screw it up? That wouldn’t be most people’s first assumption. Sounds like he knows a little more. Still looking like fake aliens on 4/30
  7. I have seen lots of first hand evidence that we live in a simulation. Things disappearing or appearing. Scenes changing. Friends and family changing or not remembering past events when they get a new operator or program. I’ve experienced gangstalking that was so exaggerated it could not have been anything but sims following me everywhere. Being in a simulation is not a new state for us. Look back to Plato’s analogy of The Cave. He knew it was simulation way back then before people had a concept of what that was.
  8. Yeah I was just mulling over today how much feel good bs there is in the spiritual community. And some of it I do believe to be maliciously inserted as well. The law of one stuff, for instance...rubbish. We are not all one. That philosophy teaches the enlightened to turn a blind eye to the injustice in the world because we are all part of a whole or it is simply a reflection of their shadow self.. Yeah, nice play.. teaching people who are awake to injustice to be complacent. Another spiritual teaching that irks me is that we are the creators of our own reality. That is
  9. Well like I said, I was watching him chat it up with Alec Baldwin, who I know is dirty as can be, when I knew. And like grapes mentioned, there is supporting evidence in his support of climate change initiatives, 5G fear-mongering, and most recently FEMA camp fear mongering. When he was “deplatformed” on Instagram he said, well I can’t talk about vaccines anymore or they will delete my account, so here is some other things I’m passionate about. And then he starts throwing out a bunch of red herring conspiracy theories that I already knew to be false. And that’s how the domin
  10. And that is not a natural hand position any child would make without being coached. Looking awful symmetrical there...
  11. Looked again.. guess it’s not a toy kitchen. It’s a toy stage/theatre/puppet show booth. Which I think it makes it even weirder that there is a big toy clock on front. Like..why would you watch a fake clock, when you are supposed to be watching the puppet show? Lol. It doesn’t appear to be photoshopped in though... it is brighter in the brighter picture.
  12. So I’m starting to catch on to the ways, in which high profile people communicate in code via social media. In October, I saw a weird skit Judd Apatow posted with Congressman Adam Schiff, where they were pretending to be magicians or something... It was really random (especially for a congressman) and not at all funny. There was a point at which Adam Schiff holds up the eight of spades. And I just knew that it was a code. I looked up the meaning of eight of spades, and sure enough...it is the card sickness and plague. They were signaling the coming of the “second wave” of Covid. Or a
  13. Three of his accusers are known controlled opposition. Rose McGowan, Jenna Jamison, and Corey Feldman are all false whistleblowers. This is a coordinated attack to bring down the real whistleblower, Manson. He was going to finally release his novel Holy Wood on Feb. 14th. Hope he still does...
  14. I’ve enjoyed reading your writings throughout this thread. Just a thought on your daughter.. Vitamin A deficiency can cause deteriorating vision in children. You might look into any vitamin/mineral deficiencies she has and what may be causing them. If she had say...an undiagnosed gluten allergy, that could be the reason why she is not absorbing nutrients the way she is supposed to.
  15. Exactly. The winners write the history books.
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