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  1. Well like I said, I was watching him chat it up with Alec Baldwin, who I know is dirty as can be, when I knew. And like grapes mentioned, there is supporting evidence in his support of climate change initiatives, 5G fear-mongering, and most recently FEMA camp fear mongering. When he was “deplatformed” on Instagram he said, well I can’t talk about vaccines anymore or they will delete my account, so here is some other things I’m passionate about. And then he starts throwing out a bunch of red herring conspiracy theories that I already knew to be false. And that’s how the domin
  2. And that is not a natural hand position any child would make without being coached. Looking awful symmetrical there...
  3. Looked again.. guess it’s not a toy kitchen. It’s a toy stage/theatre/puppet show booth. Which I think it makes it even weirder that there is a big toy clock on front. Like..why would you watch a fake clock, when you are supposed to be watching the puppet show? Lol. It doesn’t appear to be photoshopped in though... it is brighter in the brighter picture.
  4. So I’m starting to catch on to the ways, in which high profile people communicate in code via social media. In October, I saw a weird skit Judd Apatow posted with Congressman Adam Schiff, where they were pretending to be magicians or something... It was really random (especially for a congressman) and not at all funny. There was a point at which Adam Schiff holds up the eight of spades. And I just knew that it was a code. I looked up the meaning of eight of spades, and sure enough...it is the card sickness and plague. They were signaling the coming of the “second wave” of Covid. Or a
  5. Three of his accusers are known controlled opposition. Rose McGowan, Jenna Jamison, and Corey Feldman are all false whistleblowers. This is a coordinated attack to bring down the real whistleblower, Manson. He was going to finally release his novel Holy Wood on Feb. 14th. Hope he still does...
  6. I’ve enjoyed reading your writings throughout this thread. Just a thought on your daughter.. Vitamin A deficiency can cause deteriorating vision in children. You might look into any vitamin/mineral deficiencies she has and what may be causing them. If she had say...an undiagnosed gluten allergy, that could be the reason why she is not absorbing nutrients the way she is supposed to.
  7. Exactly. The winners write the history books.
  8. Well if the lie is, that we need to be in fear of something that is infinitely superior. Maybe we are not inferior at all. Maybe we are in control of this reality.
  9. The Michael-Morley experiment didn’t encounter the wind resistance from the aether it expected. But it didn’t prove that there was no aether. It proved that either there was no aether OR the earth is not spinning around 1000mph on its axis. But that take on the data was swept under the rug, naturally. I agree with you. Spirit above all else. The New World order may be taking over in this reality. But that’s okay, because this is just a fear matrix. And I’m okay with living in a fear matrix because i know it is just another layer of false reality. Because ultimately, I am spirit.
  10. Could also be a eugenics motivation. I took a genetics course in high school where we took flies with 3 dominant traits (black eyes, black body, a certain shaped wing) and kept knocking them out, breeding them, and sorting them (taking the ones with the dominant characteristics out) until we produced flies with three recessive characteristics. (White body, red eyes, and a different shaped wing). We could be the flies that are genetically predisposed to enlightenment and they have us in a program that applies massive pressure. Then they sort out the ones who turn into enlightened diamonds and b
  11. It occurred to me that this fear matrix energy hologram we are in could be a farm. The more I look into historical blood rituals, cannibalism, and Saturnist cults, the more I think it was very real, very widespread, and it never went away. I also think it works. I think consuming the flesh of the enlightened is the only way our captors can feel the “blinding light of God” and I believe that it extends life and passes knowledge when you consume someone enlightened. That is why there is a market for babies as well, they are still closer to spirit and unpolluted by this realm. This is wh
  12. Actually, I STILL wasn’t thinking big enough was I... Lots of others played along with Covid on a global level. The UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, The World Health Organization etc. America and China being “at war” would actually give THE WORLD carte blanche to crash the economy. Whether a country was directly involved as an ally or not, it is very believable that a war between the US and China could affect every nation. Every country would have an excuse to increase surveillance, initiate socialism, and impose liberty killing restrictions. War times..ya know. Yeah...a war between China and the U
  13. Actually...I don’t think I was thinking big enough. Maybe it’s all fake news. If China and the USA both have the goal of having more control over their citizens...they might work together. They don’t have to go to war, they can just say they are going to war, manufacture the media coverage, and skim 100 billion dollars off the war budget. Being “at war” gives both countries carte blanche to take away freedoms, crash the economy, increase levels of fear, and whatever else.
  14. I don’t believe there was any subversion by the Chinese. Just like 9/11 was a justification for taking over the Middle East, Covid, election fraud, and their supposed infiltration of big tech will be the justification for taking over China. But it’s all lies. Our leaders did it. They’ve been running a China smear campaign for years. We manufactured problems, blamed them on the Chinese, and soon the solution will be war.
  15. I was talking more in terms of psychological operations.
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