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  1. The scam keeps going because whenever someone starts being a threat, the WEF/Davos bunch stuffs their mouth shut with money. Paid shills are also being employed to frighten populations into inaction by telling you that time is running out. Frightened people do not think rationally but react with panic. Yes time is running out, but its running out for them not you. Schwab warned the WEF that this would be the case when he said "there is a narrow window of opportunity". Things are not playing out as the WEF planned. The basic flaw of all capitalist endeavours - that they compete with each other - is destroying it. What we are seeing is NOT communism, where the people own everything and make all the decisions, China is not a communist country, it is a country which practices state capitalism, where a few people own all the wealth and make all the decisions. That is what Davos wanted. The sensible thing would have been for them to give everyone an injection that was a placebo, accompanied by the unique digital number. Then no one would have got sick or died from it. But Gates wanted to conduct experiments on computerising humans, while Big Pharma just wanted to make money. Gates then discovered that people excrete graphine oxide so would need booster shots every three months, but no government was willing to agree to four. BigPh want to concentrate on milking the population who have agreed to having one or two shots and don't want to waste time and money on refusniks or uncooperative countries with no money. Countries whose governments were democratically elected and whose leaders do not have dirty hands (Denmark, Croatia) are pulling out of the covid scam as they have nothing to gain from it. Others, all too aware that the WEF/Davos criminals are not in a position to sue them, are pretending to comply with the WEF's requirements and using their own publicity machines to claim they are being compliant. Psychlogists, probably unaware of the disastrous consequences of Bill Gates experimental injection, warned governments not to try and mandate the injections as it would just build resistance. But once people became aware of the consequences of the injection and started warning each other - the only option was force. And the more force they use the more people resist. The digital cataloguing of the world population has degenerated into chaos. The idea was that once governments had asset stripped their countries, the countries economies had collapsed and their governments had been forced out of office, the WEF would set up a world government. But that relied on governments collapsing and countries going bankrupt world-wide in lockstep and once the lockstep ended with Denmark refusing to continue with it - the writing was on the wall. There is no Plan B for Governments like the UK, which have asset stripped their countries and now see Denmark and Croatia abandoning the Davos sinking ship.
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