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  1. By the way I am not wearing any makeup.
  2. A Photo To rely on an art form As this wicked world turns Shall bring forth a thousand lions Under a blinding hard sun Written by Alan Carr.
  3. Lovely photograph Grumpy Owl. It is nice to take a break away from the screen even if it is just for a moment.
  4. I have a good strong thumb.
  5. Under Their Thumb Under their thumb I'll show strength With admiration for David and love Of his work A little smile Can help immensely And encourage you To be happy Without feeling hurt Alan Carr.
  6. Tucker Carlson has a nice tan. A true American like Bruce Springsteen.
  7. The man in the image is me Ethel. I said to myself I will have a smoke and look brave. Alan Carr is my real name. Thanks.
  8. Helping Hands In a moment They followed me Down a path To my home They helped me With my work And my study They were good I loved them Written by Alan Carr.
  9. For The Best It is hard to study without a buddy Hard to learn when your stomach churns Better off escaping on a vacation To get away from the powers that be You see it all will be all right tonight For you are lovely people really And everything will work out for the best Written by Alan Carr.
  10. Pleasant Man A pleasant man is David He does things when he is able Soldiering on through ridicule He gets it down on paper Alan Carr.
  11. Vietnam Everything was bricks And mortar nuts And bolts the Young took care Of the old There was rock And roll for Your soul looking Back on your Neighbours seventies show Alan Carr.
  12. Sad Tear My eyes hide a sad tear There is nothing that I fear All my pain is in the past The movie has a pyramid cast Alan Carr.
  13. Alan Carr

    So Blue

    So Blue I glanced a lonely wave In the piercing light A vague distant memory In the solitude of the night Alan Carr.
  14. Whistling Tree Do you think you can tell A modern tune from a bell A familiar tone in your home From a circus show on the road Do you think you can see The leaves on a whistling tree Alan Carr.
  15. A Word Of Wisdom While the moaning Lisa gives birth Smiley teeth men read scripted dirt Alan Carr. Here is my website alanspoetry.yolasite.com
  16. A Worldly Stage There was a time a chime could sing You were never there to hear it ring Love was taken from your grasp When a suited show became a craft Alan Carr A Short Video Of Myself Reciting My Poem A Worldly Stage
  17. Sheriff Street A sociologists paradise An engineering roll of the dice A mechanical mechanism designed to delete All interacting cogs with a beat Its six foot under on Sheriff Street Alan Carr. A short video of myself reciting my poem Sheriff Street
  18. Walk On A teardrop will carry on After an atomic bomb And we can never work Out who is right or wrong So hold close to your heart A brave song and the path That you have chosen Wont be long. A video of myself reading Walk On. https://pro.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?tid=6b2e9e34-15e5-49cb-a022-adb90015bcad
  19. A video of myself reading Standing Up. https://pro.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?tid=15c39687-f5cc-40eb-af72-adb20016e718&start=0
  20. Standing Up A tank can halt a man And push him back All the way into the pack. It can run him over And leave his body to be Stacked. But you know he stood His ground and that in fact Is a wonderful act. Alan Carr.
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