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  1. As a child I never thought I would end up this big. Peace be with you.
  2. A Lovely little poem for my partners Susanne, Niamh and Anita. Each Daughter Brilliance she is Brilliance she needs Brilliance she sees Brilliance she feels Brilliance she dreams Written by Alan Carr.
  3. As A Child I never learned of a wicked world Never imagined something so dull Terrible it could all turn out to be If one were to lose a doves dream Written by Alan Carr.
  4. Dirty Rascals The little dirty rascals Behind the bright lights Calling me a tortured radical Or some kind of rappers delight Written By Alan Carr.
  5. I try to be as lyrical as possible with my poetry, making a harmonious attempt to create a rhyme or a catchy verse, enabling the poem to come together forming a consistent whole. The majority of my poems could be classed as lyric poetry. Thanks for your encouragement Consultant and I will definitely keep it up. My email address is [email protected] if anyone wishes to contact me.
  6. You are right Moonlight I have Doja Cat as my profile image . Megan is a wonderful personality to write poetry for.
  7. Megans Dream She got diamonds She got pearls She got dirty man oscar While the coloured greenback runs Written by Alan Carr.
  8. Meeting Megan A backstage encounter Led me to believe The locomotive was in motion And things are not what they seem Written by Alan Carr.
  9. Sorry for not replying Kitty I was distracted by my new Youtube channel. Here is the link if you would like to take a peek. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy8V2KbufoGqnMx6mHLEoMA Thanks for the inspiring complement. I will continue with my poetry as I have a lot written down in my diary. I started writing poetry over a year ago and I have written a collection of 420 poems to be exact. To say that there is a hidden genius to my work means a great deal to me and makes me feel I have accomplished something. Love Alan.
  10. You cant buy a thrill. Although come to think of it in a libertarian world it is wise to offer some alternative entertainment.
  11. She Is Mine My little nugget working as a transformer While big jim bob likes to be an informer He stole a fairground from my daughter All the time thinking she was gagging for it No not for you head honcho I have the ticket Written by Alan Carr.
  12. We like to watch Megans music videos together in peace.
  13. Black Stallion A sophisticated go go dancer Getting ready for the booby show Who discovered a charming chancer Idolising a black stallions booty in videos Written by Alan Carr.
  14. I am very fond of the Bob Dylan album cover Freewheelin.
  15. Shooting Stars Where did you see a lonely dream On the cover of dylans iconic album And you thought I would appear To unload pop stars from a caliber cannon Written by Alan Carr.
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