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  1. The article is dated 2019 and is factually incorrect. See attached DVLA FOI request. Also the dramatic change was the large drop in car sales between year 2017 and 2020 but the continued large growth in registration plate changes. 2017 compared to 2020 18% less new and used car sales, over 20 % rise between the two compared years. All while everyone was petrified of the financial situation the scamdemic was about to bring. DECA just because your targeting doesn't involve silly plates following you it doesn't mean it isn't happening.
  2. It's hilarious when they do not hide it and it's outrageously thrown in your face with 250k plates on 100k vehicles or 50k plates on 5k corsas. The problem is they have a very good system of covering tracks.
  3. All the developed nations people are already on an AI grid. This will be commercialised and public knowledge in 20 years time. For now TIs are lab rats. Please quote me on this in 20 years
  4. I know how the system works and how it is manipulated on an individual basis. I see through the mess, money, lies. If I revealed my whole hand I'd be playing my final card. I'll hold onto that until required and see how the show pans out.
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