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  1. Anyway I only jumped into this topic because of a foreskin issue, and yes there is an agenda to kill everyone that don't worship those that are in power!, so get over it and grow up, the only tricks they can pull is FEAR!
  2. No, Biden, i just saw it in macnamara's post, but you must be feeling left out, so fuck you too!
  3. Refresh your browser it will make sense I think which is unusual for me I must admit.
  4. 1. So am I 2. Biden is not anything I care about, and besides the united states corporation has been dissolved so it's all media smoke and mirrors. 3. I dont care, see above 4. No just ordinary nitwits that are going to be mad as hell when they find out the truth!
  5. Sorry my mistake I was replying to robss but replied to your's instead somehow, techno is a wonderful thing when it works
  6. Here you go everyone that is full of hate and bile and nothing better to do than be self righteous, have a look at these video's from another thread and realise the game being played out in your tiny minds, enjoy.
  7. Where the fuck are you coming from, you seem to be in a state of delusion.
  8. No, way easier than that, just tell everyone to fuck off and mind one's own business, because it aint none of your's!
  9. So you say, anyway i'm not here for a pissing contest or for popularity, I really could not give two stuffs about joining anyone's patronage, so you can fuck off!
  10. When did you open your eye's, have you heard of GMO, and did you hear the one about a cloned sheep called dolly!
  11. I do this all the time, I like reducing them to the age they behave at which is like five or six years old!
  12. I would say not demons but energies, remember there is positive and negative energies.
  13. There is no such thing as magic, it only exists in the mind of those that think it's real, other than that, that is the extent of it's existence.
  14. What about keeping your knob clean then and free from smeg, got an opinion on that.
  15. Check out this thread I think it is related.
  16. I like this, and I think it has to do with the direction of the electron that moves from the past to the future which our brains are actually interacting with.
  17. Einstein said something similar that everything has its own time that is very slightly different from everything else including us, which to me is a bit of a puzzle as i would have thought that things would slip out of existence every now and then, for example if one was to look at a rock or anything for that matter I would have thought it would fade out of sync and disapear, as yet I have not witnessed this effect, but it is there. No, I am genuinely interested in this for my own sanity, so many questions buzzing around this brain I got.
  18. The best thing you can do is take notes of the sequence of events that lead to your mother's death and then share that on these message boards, other than that you either grow up and do what's right and accept the consequences of individual responsibility or you do not, it is that simple, no one here can do that for you!
  19. You have already your own answer
  20. To take back control, only you can do this.
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