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  1. This should cheer you up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Island_of_Doctor_Moreau
  2. It is this that will fall and it's debts, not America. https://foundationfortruthinlaw.org/Files/United-States-is-a-corporation.pdf
  3. I am not a big fan of the Multiverse theory, not saying it's wrong but rather I come from the idea that Nature is conservative with what it does, and makes no sense to me that it would endlessly repeat something where one will do that contains all it's expression, however I do think that in the 'Now' there is an endless probability set up until a course of action/direction has been taken, and the 'ghosts' thing could be echo's of something rather like throwing a stone into still water and watching the ripples expand outward until reflected by an object in the waters surface (zen garden comes to mind here), I have often thought that places that have a reputation for the unexplained to occur could be like the object in the water causing the reflection of an event like an echo which gets manifested in the observable 'Now', in a kind of diminished/faint way. It could also be the existence of other 'Timelines' as you say and at certain points these 'Timelines' can sometimes merge, I am thinking not in the sense they carry whole Universes with them but rather a place where other possibilities can emerge for this Reality/Universe to switch over, rather like roads or train tracks with junctions, and these would also act as the point for echos/ghosts to emerge.
  4. Just want to bring attention to my rambling nonsense to this thread also, as everyone here has an indication of what is going on up there effects us down here, and the death of birds falling to earth in numbers is something that UFO research brings up time and time again.
  5. Not seen this here yet, Nigel (who I did vote for Brexit), is first out the box making political capital out convid but does raise some interesting points, but as always ARREST THE GOVERNMENT.
  6. Is the total deception of Mankind, so that Mankind acts as one body without knowing as an offense to GOD.
  7. like i said it may be a compatibility issue so make your fucking minds up, I will not be doing anything in the dark.
  8. Oh, I have had similar thoughts.
  9. If it does that would point to a more digital version of Nature rather than a smooth flowing analog of things in Nature.
  10. I disagree, events have not happened yet and those things are still to be written so to speak, but the future I think is a very real substance just like the past.
  11. String theory seems to deal with this in an understandable way, even though it allegedly involves eleven dimensions, I think it could just be one single dimension/vibration and an infinite number of them and things harmonise together like velcro does.
  12. This is where relativity kicks in as the staticness is only apparent with respect to your proximity, as everything is in fact in motion, so is time passing us by or are we moving through time, conundrum, I think a bit of both is at play but will have to think of something analogous to help describe it.
  13. Wow as if by non existent magic my post disappeared!
  14. Short vid detailing that Austria is not the walking dead yet.
  15. Here you go this nice woman gets it, no idea who she is but pay attention to the closing comments.
  16. Here is everything in a nutshell, well worth looking at when you have the time.
  17. So if I tell this fukwit to fuck off and mind your own fucking business does that make me a Jew as I am a gentile who has faith in Christ and look to God for inspiration, can anyone that is Jewish please answer my question as I am going to tell you to fuck off as well, are we clear on these terms!
  18. Indeed it is that quote and never underestimate the power of the money supply, particularly when in debt up to the eyeballs, and thus it becomes obvious, but not this time, I think there is enough good will out there to help those in need get by, I know that all that post here have good will by the bucket load, so the new version will be, 'at first they came for those in need, but found a huge support network that said, not this time'.
  19. This is the horror shit show we still have to go through, the obscenity and insults of these injections given to pregnant women, stories like this will emerge as time goes on, brace yourselves.
  20. That's the funny thing I thought there would be a massive crime spree, but as yet it never came to pass unless my duckduckgo search is crap, but you are right about the youngster's a lot of them are going to need an awful lot of support.
  21. Good for you, did you get my complaint I sent on the PHP complaint form about getting banned, I bet that got thrown in the bin, anyway I was dead chuffed at that.
  22. Yeah, so the question is what have they been doing in the mean time, my mind runs rampant at questions like this so nothing shocks me anymore.
  23. I did have a notion of this when this all started two freaking years ago, and I am sure that there will be a few people running round with their heads on fire, which should be amusing, but I got a sense that we have avoided the worst of this just by doing what everyone here has been doing.
  24. No they are called pages, duh, but if you read a scroll, well, now we are talking, no?
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