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  1. 33 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    many of them are DANGEROUSLY ARROGANT


    In conservation there is a principle of 'minimum intervention' because it is understood certain historic items are valuable and you don't want to damage anything through some new, flashy treatment that is then later on found to have caused more harm then good


    In medicine however, because it is shackled to big pharma, there is a principle of MAXIMUM intervention, to maximise profits for big pharma and when you consider that they are dealing with the most valuable thing a person has which is their body because that is the only vehicle they will ever have to traverse this life with then really there should be much more caution then there is


    In davids headlines today there is a piece about how doctors were using end of life treatment midazolam for covid patients and suddenly we can see how so many peoples health spiraled downwards so that they were then placed on ventilators which are essentially a death sentence (80+% of people put on one die). See here:



    Then if you listen to john o'looneys account of his time in hospital he was basically berated for not having been vaccinated before they then tried treating him with remdesivir which is notorious for the harm it causes. Then when he refused that they offered him two experimental drugs which he looked up and decided from the side effects were wholly unsuitable for the treatment of someone struggling to breathe so he declined them too and tried to leave the hospital. The doctors then tried to detain him through threats but he got people to come to the hospital to help him and he discharged himself.


    I'm telling you that there are some very dangerous people in the NHS


    I absolutely agree with you, but I can also see the pressures that would of been used to lean on staff, and I am acutely aware of some of the staffs reservations in what was being carried out, but these things I learn of via secondary source but have no reason to doubt validity, please remember that just because you work somewhere it does not mean you have all the facts when compartmentalisation tactics are employed, the truth will out I am sure and people like John O'looney statements are invaluable, but so too will the front line staff that had to carry on caring for those that they could, please do not forget this otherwise there will be no truth, if you want the very real dangerous people it resides in management and Government, without exception.

  2. On 1/19/2022 at 2:43 PM, factJack said:


    Someone I know told me she thought the covid was/is an egregore.

    I hadn't heard this term before I had to look it up but it makes sense. (it's like an energy created by mass thinking)


    Then the next day I saw an article online which I interpreted as embedded confession to the theory. I'll be honest ive never heard the term egreious before either. so it sort of struck me as soon as i read the word. one of those omg moments.




    Highly recommend Philip Gardiner for Egregor/Shining ones

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  3. 30 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Rodents go underground as Hong Kong demands "hand over your hamster!




    In a bid to prevent the 'hamster-mutation' causing a worldwide disaster....


    {But really just to traumatise children.)




    I agree, throw the little bastards in the blender and give that to the authorities, the hamsters that is, thought I needed to qualify that statement.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Beaujangles said:


    Yes, the truckers in Canada are also effecting a convoy along the border. Begins Sunday I believe. From British Columbia along the border routes and then to Ottawa (Parliament) 




    Yup been watching this guy's channel for a while, more power.



  5. 16 minutes ago, BioticBot said:

    Stumbled across this video channel on YouTube: The vaccine confidence project.

    Can someone else please give it a watch and tell me that what I'm seeing/hearing is actually what is being said. This is THE most disgusting, fact averse piece of pharmaceutical propaganda I have ever witnessed.

    These devils need either exorcizing or locking-up. WTAF!? 


    Can confirm that this is intended for brain dead people, and if they are brain dead then I guess it don't matter any more, however for more inquiring minds I could rip this one a new quantum rabbit hole in minutes, BRING IT ON, with out the funky music playing in the background!

  6. 27 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:


    Is she still alive?


    I hope so, in my book needs to be preserved as a lasting historical figure for future generations to admire, and get to know her life and values, this woman was vilified by the media but for me at least she is a true hero.

  7. 3 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



    Hundreds of Austrian police ask gov’t to cancel vaccine mandate, vow to ‘be there for the people’

    From the article:

    “We are not far-right or far-left extremists, we are not anti-vaxxers … we are a group of several hundred police officers from the whole of Austria … united by our concern for the rule of law, freedom of thought, our fundamental rights, as well as our health,” they wrote.


    More power to you, the people stand with you, but clearly the Government has lost it's way along the moralistic path and clearly needs to be reminded of who they serve, ARREST THE GOVERNMENT!

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  8. 1 hour ago, bobb said:

    Anyone remember this sweet lady who is the only one that spoke anything like the TRUTH!

    More power Maureen Eames, God Bless your sweet Heart.




    Following on from this, has David Icke thought about interviewing this lady, I am sure the Nation would love to hear more from her!

  9. 7 minutes ago, RobinJ said:

    If you read what I said, I did not say there is, I said there is a PLANNED one by stopping trucks delivering, or forcing jabs on delivery drivers etc. And not just food its general supplies. 


    And the one thing they never anticipated was that a lot of us PLEBS are not quite taken in by the shiny bauble of the NET and are quite happy as PIGS IN SHIT because that keeps us grounded in REALITY, even though everyone seems to be glued to their gizmo gadgets.

  10. 1 minute ago, skitzorat said:

    I was thinking along these lines recently - sure civilizations have collapsed ie Rome, Byzantine, but this modern collapse of the West isn't "natural" - its been forced by unseen hands which in recent years have come out of the shadows and are brazen with their anti-whitism/western civilization. No doubt in the past there were hidden hands behind historical declines of which we werent taught in history or classic classes, but this modern collapse is unique in my opinion because never before have whole generations of only one particular group (whites/euros) being taught to hate themselves and their history and traditions on top of the forcing of the rapid increase in speed of decline/collapse. if that makes sense....




    Rome never went away, it simply morphed into another control mechanism with even more power, hopefully this time it's different!

  11. 42 minutes ago, ink said:

    While this can be a difficult group to reach and convince, they’re not a lost cause. Recognising that many are theoretically open to vaccination, how do we convince them of efficacy and safety in a novel way?


    Rather like something a pedophile would say, so I say inject yourself and say ten years later we can meet to see how it's going.


    42 minutes ago, ink said:

    This could be an easy win. Reaching this group requires relatively straightforward strategies, such as pop-up or mobile vaccination sites or providing them with the time to get the vaccine and recover from the side effects, with 18 per cent saying that paid time off work would make it more likely for them to get their vaccine.


    More pedophile mentality!


    42 minutes ago, ink said:

    This means that vaccine-induced immunity is still essential, especially when new, highly transmissible variants emerge. With clearer messaging, this could prove to be another easy win in our efforts to vaccinate the unvaccinated. Health authorities must provide clear, accessible evidence that prior infection is not enough to protect against severe illness and death.


    More total bollox's!


    42 minutes ago, ink said:

    Vaccination strategies must focus on using trusted sources of information. This won’t necessarily be easy – our polling found that the unvaccinated only have net trust in friends and family. This might require shifting to a more individual, community-based approach in which individuals are equipped with techniques to persuade unvaccinated friends and family members to have the jab.


    Hmmm, so big brother is not only OBSESSED but is also with a pedophile mentality and more importantly behaves like a terminator with no off switch!


    42 minutes ago, ink said:

    Instead, a persuasive approach built around informing, reassuring and building confidence is our best bet in swaying those who remain hesitant, not hostile, before exploring any more compulsory measures.


    Ahhh so it's room 101 is it, well all I can say is there will be fuk all left of that room when I am done so go and do us all a favour and stop with the 'you are the problem' routine and go and test the theory of gravity somewhere with a high cliff and hard landing below, and take your gene's out of the gene pool and consequently all of your offspring as well, HONESTLY WE WILL BE FINE WITHOUT YOU, SO HAPPY IN FACT IT WILL BE AS THOUGH YOU NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  12. 2 minutes ago, Gremmels said:

    no i believe he was posting about his experience on Twitter and it was reposted here.


    he was fired from his job and him and his whole family became complete pariahs.


    i want to see if he’s doing ok and possibly get a fundraiser going 


    God Bless with that, and hope for a happy resolution in your quest.

  13. 13 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    he created a lot of hopeium in the american public and once they were drunk on hopeium they had it snatched away in what was clearly a rigged election


    Red pill Blue pill, please remember that if someone offers you a choice you have already been deceived, you must know this by now.🤔

  14. 32 minutes ago, Gremmels said:

    Does anyone remember the Latvian or Lithuanian man with a family who was banned from society because he refused the jab? This was posted back in September or October.


    does anyone remember what I’m talking about and what happened to him? 


    I have no recollection of this event what media was this on, tv, news paper, radio...etc?

  15. On 1/16/2022 at 10:14 PM, Macnamara said:

    if people within the NHS have not been blowing the whistle on what's going on within the NHS and if they have not been actively combatting the lies of the government then they have been complicit in upholding a false narrative


    if they want to call themselves 'health professionals' then they, above any others, have a DUTY OF CARE to skewer any deceptions that would mislead the public


    the NHS is the biggest employer in the UK. It has a huge workforce and yet we've seen what seems like a handful of dissenters openly challenging this agenda to jab the british population


    Whoa there neddy, the people that do the work within the NHS were told about the deception and had obviously had first hand accounts of the DISEASE known as covid19, so they were all primed to go along with the narrative, and seeing how the NHS staff are worked to death, not a lot of them could give enough time to alternative explanations such as on this forum, and due to the severity of what they were told were probably induced to sign the official secrets act, how any of them below that of MANAGEMENT level was able to research properly what the cause might have been I think is asking too much, they did their job diligently as asked thinking that in the end JUSTICE would prevail, now I have offered a hypothetical here and I hope that everyone can also use their imagination just as much as we all did to uncover the TRUTH about convid, so instead of looking for easy pickings to point a finger at we must start from the TOP DOWN and ARREST THE GOVERNMENT, it is in my opinion the only way to root out the EVIL that was so perfectly played out in the MEDIA, and lets not forget that when this broke EVERYONE fell for it, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, easy, because we had no way of knowing the deception from truth, but for me at least by diligently watching bbc news at ten every night since I became aware of what was transpiring I came to the conclusion that this is all bullshit and there were many voices saying HOAX, LIES and DECEPTION and lets not forget Mr David Ickes emergence onto the scene who said the same, but more than this I found myself shouting and screaming at the television at the blatant falsification of the numbers and the blatant news items where reporters were trying to show visual representations that had no substance within them but heavily laden with audio representations loaded with emotional drama, and the reason I watched the BBC so diligently is because it is the Governments PROPAGANDA channel so I wanted my LIES AND DECEPTION fresh from the script writers mouth, so to speak.

    So everyone is now saying what's next, well the clean up operation for a start, TOP TO BOTTOM, how about that!

  16. 30 minutes ago, Saved said:

    Perhaps - and there are a LOT of perhaps running through my mind this last 24 hours - the UK is being set up for something that would not work without collateral damage to much of Europe if it happened in any one of dozens of European countries. Perhaps something might be released that is genuine and so dangerous that (unlike with Covid) NOBODY will be allowed to enter or leave.


    Just as Italy was used as the stage for the early days of pandemic panic (albeit a faked set), the UK could be the epicentre this time around. Being an island would be most convenient for a contained disaster.


    Then I have this recurring thought that I am so tuned into deception and evil that I am no different to those who cannot let go of Covid and continue to wear masks and I'm therefore seeing a demon under every rock. It might be time for me to take a long step back so that I might see properly instead of through these dark lenses.


    This should cheer you up:classic_blink:


  17. On 1/15/2022 at 6:50 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    This is why I believe people see 'ghosts' at certain locations, somehow (I cannot explain exactly how) some people are able to briefly step out of, or allow another 'timeline' to bleed into their own.


    And this leads into the concept of 'parallel universes' too, every action or decision that one makes helps to create the 'now'. But amongst the infinite possibilities, there is another parallel reality - which I am not experiencing NOW - where I didn't get a beer from the fridge but had a glass of wine instead.


    I am not a big fan of the Multiverse theory, not saying it's wrong but rather I come from the idea that Nature is conservative with what it does, and makes no sense to me that it would endlessly repeat something where one will do that contains all it's expression, however I do think that in the 'Now' there is an endless probability set up until a course of action/direction has been taken, and the 'ghosts' thing could be echo's of something rather like throwing a stone into still water and watching the ripples expand outward until reflected by an object in the waters surface (zen garden comes to mind here), I have often thought that places that have a reputation for the unexplained to occur could be like the object in the water causing the reflection of an event like an echo which gets manifested in the observable 'Now', in a kind of diminished/faint way.

    It could also be the existence of other 'Timelines' as you say and at certain points these 'Timelines' can sometimes merge, I am thinking not in the sense they carry whole Universes with them but rather a place where other possibilities can emerge for this Reality/Universe to switch over, rather like roads or train tracks with junctions, and these would also act as the point for echos/ghosts to emerge.

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