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  1. Absolutely NOT, but what we do have now will enlighten everyone with what I am guessing to be a mountain of evidence to come out, and that's a start in the right direction, and all it takes is the realisation that you are in control of your destiny always, spot the signs of coercion early and bring it into the light where it can wither and die.
  2. I like this bloke, so laid back with his presentation of DOOM!, with an edgy tailing off with his wor r d d ssss. quote 'I do hope you got something out of this video', yeah like watching something else, I see where you're comin from. Part1 Part2
  3. Been there, seen that, got the t-shirt, what else is NEW these days, yawn!
  4. Put first the digital world in people, fixed it for ya, now fuk off UNdead and go and play with your ZOMBIES yeah take that punk!
  5. The UK-ULTRA fell because the people took back their authority, ARREST THE GOVERNMENT!
  6. Metropolis, awake yet are we, DONE!
  7. Following on from this, the convid tank man(Tiananmen sq) with instructions on how to use these poison passport machines properly, there's a beer waiting for you my friend whoever you are.
  8. I think the most important thing now is for those that questioned absolutely everything that we saw wrong about all this and was viewed as nutjobs like me, is just to be there to help them with a soft landing, and ask them join in with, ARREST THE GOVERNMENT!
  9. Agreed, but never again take your eye off the ball for too long otherwise you'll end up playing with a different ball!, we got eyes on you Nigel, so just you remember whose side your on!, and the reason I wanted out of Europe was because it's a social communofascist state, with just enough DELUSION of it being a Democracy but instead ruled by its new class of aristocratic polit bureau!
  10. Check out this vid, very informative if you don't mind the hassle, me I would do it just for the experience as part of my holiday excursion
  11. Well spotted, you have the eyes of an eagle.
  12. I think the flow of things is on your side now, I can not see how anyone can enforce anything you do not want, and if they are that stupid to try it then call them out, make a big scene get everyone involved, drag it kicking and screaming into the light so to speak, as that's the one thing they hate most!
  13. And I think we just witnessed the 'fuck this shit' moment yesterday, it was not about waking up, it was always about confronting the awful truth of this deception.
  14. Just to throw my thruppenny bit in the hat, the first I became aware of him was when the video appeared about accessing Bohemian Grove, and then on to standing outside buildings with a megaphone claiming they were idols of Owls, had no reason to doubt the man but I increasingly thought about how one could get so much information on stuff that was at the time utterly kept secret, so being as cynical as I always am came to the conclusion that he was some kind of announcer and part of the shadow group that runs everything, I still listen to what he has to say but I really am sure of my conclusions I have about him, that he is a part of it, it being the thing that keeps deception in play and everyone confused.
  15. Related I think, better prepared than not.
  16. Well said, I have not read back posts so I don't know if posted yet but Dr Zelenko nails it perfectly, and if you want to know the legal basis for all this then it started with the affordable care act that O'Bama put in place across the pond scum.
  17. Please understand the mode of operation, you were going to be sacked anyway, but this way it makes you the bad guy so stand your ground let them sack you and then take them to court as they have a duty of care for you also and sticking experimental stuff in you to see what happens is not duty of care.
  18. Shedding is new-speak stop using their language, there is no such thing as shedding, if I think of what it is supposed to mean then that would be Transmission. Don't give up hope just yet as med beds are on the way, I need to delve deeper about them as I keep coming across this term and it seems to be based on MRI technology but way more funky.
  19. What UFO technology, are you dreaming?
  20. Shhhh, it's a surprise, heheheee weeez coff, smoking is bad for you I only took it up last year as no one was dying from it any more.
  21. No completely on topic as this thread is also about the NWO
  22. So I gave up reading all the back posts I got to about page 24 and no one can say how this thing came about who is behind it what role 4chan or 8kun has to do with it and who started to spread it. Where we go one we go all, sounds a bit fucking dangerous to me, you lot go that way and ill take my chances this way, you lot ok with this, logic tells me one of us is right. But why is there no mention of John Mcafee?
  23. My guess it was at area 51 Groom Lake Nevada but they can manufacture element 115 now with reactors so it's lost it's novelty appeal and become oh so passe
  24. There's a message on that box, pax lov i.d., who then is pax?, and notice the so called 'F' as it's actually a tap(faucet for the other side of the pond scum) which is drip feeding you your DOOM! and if that aint good enough to get you all warm n fuzzy inside there's a knife blade between the 'I' and 'Z', talk about subliminal messaging, pah!
  25. And I just re read my post and thought hmmm, maybe I should have put 'NOT' in between 'were' and 'told' I think that would have made more sense, funny thing words, you leave something out and all hell breaks loose, sorry about that
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