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  1. I'll keep an eye out for this but do not recall having seen it myself, I have a related question alongside yours, and that is do you or anyone else here remember an advert for hayfever pills where a lady sneezes whilst about to cross the road then a number of armed police drop out of the sky on ropes to ward off the offending pollen or some such nonsense, I know I have seen it but damned if I can find it and I don't know the manufacturer, I am sure it got memory holed from the net, when this convid thing hit that is what popped into my head as I make connections here there and everywhere about certain events?
  2. I don't have a problem I just get on with it, i'm just pointing out something I recognise with you, that's all.
  3. So life aint so in your face, it helps to soften the blow of reality, if you can see it that way and laugh
  4. Not really, I just like to get to the meat and potatoes of things and then forget all about it.
  5. And who is Cyrus Parsa in this incarnation, whats he got to do with it, claims to be an A.I. know all and can detect things with 'his machines', what the fuk is he on about other than weirdness.
  6. Humour, I said before you need to work on it a bit more, stop taking yourself so seriously, honestly
  7. Oh yeah I just remembered that in the cubs, yes I was a member by force, all the big people who I learned later were adults had all the names from the book, again I thought how fucking weird does this life have to get.
  8. I watched a documentary once on this lot that said it was founded in New York, I could be wrong here, but the gist of it all was that it was a gang outfit and nothing more.
  9. And when it comes to Charlie Ward have a look who was a part of this church/gathering known as the Plymouth Brethren, it does make the mind wonder!
  10. The next time they do that grab a copy of the watch tower and study the picture on the front of it as there is always subliminal images within it, and then slam the door. Robss I had you down as a Catholic.
  11. That name goes back to 2010/11 if I recall correctly.
  12. And another thing this so called Nesara/Gesara nonsense was apparently enacted by Bill Clinton with a gun to his head, I mean if that is so, then if it is real, then the whole deal is void by being under duress, so complete bolloxs I say.
  13. This guy and Charlie Ward I feel are just making stuff up and plagiarising the work of others, and not to mention the pump n dump routine from 2010/11 playbook that I see them doing.
  14. That was my impression also, car lights reflecting off the less than flat windows, so does anyone know exactly what 'Q' is, my own interpretation is that it is a Quantum computer in the hands of someone trying to influence future alternate realities, and there is some loosely glued together evidence of this from my scattered search trawling the netwebs, or more likely a 'LARP' employing known actors in life as mission points or something along those lines. So am I right in thinking that what ever this was has now stopped posting? And what exactly did it achieve other than the obligatory big letter Q's, popping up in the media? And why did it catch on to such an extent that it bugs me to the point where I actually am not bothered what it is but just enough to ask questions and then forget about it type of mode of thinking, if that makes sense?
  15. FEAR without questioning, is why they did it, they put their trust in something that has continuously lied and deceived! This is true, but they need to have a slave race first, in my opinion this was the best way forward for them, a race of people utterly dependent on their manufacture process, drip fed, eternally.
  16. And just to add, I do hope this thread gets to be preserved for historical purposes.
  17. Yes but don't forget just how distracted we are in our everyday lives just trying to be ourselves in a system that is designed to keep you in the trenches so to speak, and I can assure you that even though I had knowledge of this cycle from many years ago fate intervened by my hard drive going POOF and all the data with it, and consequently my memory of it, and then the last two years happened which brought me out of my miserable existence to emerge on this forum and then masonfreeparty2 pops up with this thread and I was smacked about the face, AGAIN, and all kinds of connections started happen, you know I might get the hang of Synchronicity one day instead of just blindly walking into lamp posts., grrr!
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