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  1. And with the announcement of Gladys removal from power, a quick poll of the people of Australia reveals they are in deep mourning for the loss of their dear leader! :)
  2. Oh dear Gladys Beercan (Aus NSW ExPremier), you let far too much information out, that your faceless nameless master's plan for Mankind/Humanity for their liking, and now you are to be replaced, i wonder if begging actually makes a difference for your out come, hmmmm but then again your successor will need to be learned/reminded never to slip up like that 'faux pas' in a press conference, Quote from press conference "Because ultimately we don't want to see 'seeding' anywhere", unusual statement that is but then again, is she talking about normal healthy reproduction by people that are not injected?, anyway good luck where ever you end up, you will not be missed!
  3. I think rather than subliminal what you are discussing should be pareidolia, i see these things all the time in random patterns particularly in nature, the subliminal version of this would be a deliberate insertion into a deliberately constructed image by someone or some group, the image you have shown is more happenstance, could be wrong though, would you mind outlining a bit more clearly what you see.
  4. could be a cyclop's i suppose but it's a bit vague, could also be twin towers that turned to dust in mid air but a bit vague too, the image i mean not the actual event where they did actually turn to dust mid air, but to be honest the whole picture is subliminal because it is now in my brain and i find it repugnant, dave looks like he just smelt something repugnant too, it's ok dave i have moments like that.
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