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  1. This makes a lot of sense to the 'eyes to see and ears to hear' statement in the Bible, however I disagree that 'a significant portion of Mankind' do not have Souls, I think all Mankind has a Soul, but some instead have aligned themselves with this other entity that does not have Soul because of such things as Ego Greed and the lust for power and control over others, basically those that do align with these things and have committed themselves to this pursuit in Life and have not progressed from the Primary School playground of playing the game 'King of the castle dirty rascal', so on your last point of there is 'nothing to save' I strongly disagree here, I mean, is there no room for Repentance, Is there no room for Redemption, Is there no room for Salvation, I happen to think that this is the primary message that God's only begotten Son Jesus Christ died for?. God Bless your heart in these troubled times.
  2. Forgive me if this information is already declared in the reference videos posted i have not watched them yet, but i remember watching a video about the Mayan calendar that stated the 2012 number was found on the backside of a brick in one of the temples, at the top of those pyramid structures, for the life of me i can not remember the title of the video, any way it reminded me when i watched this video of the great pyramid in Egypt when they blasted their way to the top of the inside structure that looks like box section with a sloping roof and declaring they found the inscription of the pyramid builder Kufu i think, could be wrong here with that name, and i immediately made a connection that these things are forgeries for one reason or another, can anyone shed any more light on what i have written.
  3. Good luck chucking that salad dodger, if he gave up just one meal a day Africa would rejoice.
  4. This is interesting and we have to ask our selves with whom is he speaking too specifically, the genetic descendants of the line back to Adam and Eve or some other entity way back in Eden? Does this allude to the 'among us' hypothesis that is prevalent in UFO folk lore?.
  5. I wrote a rather lengthy reply to this and it disappeared, so here is the short version, look through an infra red camera see everyone lit up like Diwali.
  6. This is excellent, so going back to the coin analogy the way i see what this Government and others before it have been doing is speaking as dragons I.e with fork tongue, or the royal 'we' meaning that when they say 'we' and 'our' they are really referencing themselves, their yea is not yea and their ney is not ney, we have been deceived.
  7. Well there is always two sides to the same coin, for me I aim to be as unreasonable as I can when it comes to the current Government, so for me I am challenging their notion of being reasonable, rational and logical thinking, remember that they are coming from the position that "I am from the Government, I am here to help you", and i will be slamming the door in their face!.
  8. Lucifer is a Title meaning light bringer just the same as morning star, Satan refused to bow to Mankind because he is a snob, and to be honest i would be a bit miffed at bowing to men of loam/mud, but as we grow towards Him we learn of things not yet discovered, what if I were to tell you that you are also a being of light what would you say and how would you prove it?
  9. Hooray for unreasonable people in a time when the Government inisits on injecting everyone to alter there God given DNA.
  10. just chiming in here, i have always thought the meaning of numbers to be like this: 1 2 3 4 = 3 dimensions + 1 of time 5 = man 6 = the devil 7 = God 8 = infinity 9 = death that's the basics of what i know eleven is important as it represents a gateway.
  11. Have you not watched any of those movies, because they all involve an enslaved population controlled by electricity in machines called computers, have you heard of computers, they are quite new in concept which why i am conversing with you using a babbage engine???. 0o
  12. And then there is the Daddy of them all Metropolis made 1927, that film when i watched it made me have nightmares and a loathing for the future cold, dark and dystopian, mmmm no thank you, you can keep it.
  13. Yeah the film was called Lawn Mower Man, not a bad film its got Pierce Brosnan in it pre-dates The Matrix by seven years, and lets not forget The Thirteenth Floor the sub title was Question Reality, which is fitting as a lot of people these days do not seem to do. With respect to Satan though he does not want us to become like him because he is a snob and a deceiver, what he wants is everyone under his control as an insult and offense to God, his stated aim is to kick God off the Throne in Heaven.
  14. Or they digested the information from the tree of knowledge of good and of evil and elevated themselves from a drooling conscious knuckle dragging being to one of self awareness, hence when God entered the garden they hid themselves away as they knew they were naked, and the rest is His story as they say, could this be the first recorded instance of a 'face palm moment' by God?. God Bless.
  15. I just watched this documentary, apologies if everyone has already seen this but i felt it to be a very moving and powerful statement about the soul, I hope you all enjoy it, except brian of course as he is pompous arse brain know nothing.
  16. OHHH!! pick me, pick me i know this one.... The Labour Party Which then trampled on and discarded their soul under Tony B Liar Ummm, I got a feeling we are onto something here, I wonder what it is.........
  17. This is all based on the assumption that they have an understanding of what soul is and where to look for it, and as they are scientists it reminds me of the 'curiosity that killed the cat' looking for it's 'purr', meticulously dismembering the animal and carefully categorizing all aspects of the cat and its innards to announce with great authority and self importance that the 'purr' is an effect of mass psychosis upon the observers and that we scientists must set about dismembering the populace to cure them of this delusion of the 'purr' and here is the proof of this experiment, a dead cat. Sigh, oh Brian have you ever considered that you do not know absolutely everything in this vast expanse of existence, it's one thing to be thought of as an idiot and then you open your gob and prove it, here's an easy one for you, whats Energy?.
  18. So it would seem Australia was a warm up exercise and Austria is the truth of how far a Government is willing to hide its guilt and shame in this CONVID nonsense, my thoughts go out to those affected by the restrictions imposed by the so called Government of that nation, but lets be clear, all we are talking about when we say Government is that it is just a bunch of clowns (yes the circus is in town) in a room under a very strong delusion of their own importance making decisions about a thing that does not exist except in the minds of those that listened and never questioned its validity, I am quite sure that even those who got injected will recognize that the country is heading in the wrong direction, and do not wish to be used in a way where their so called leaders and thugs are desperately trying to hide a monumental mistake made by said clowns of Government, come on bubbles bozo zippo your public awaits you the show must go on you know, parp parp honk honk smell my flower, hey clowns i got one for you, i have been itching my brown flower so come and smell my middle finger, twats!!!.
  19. @ free soul Same boat mate, but cheer up you have already won because you know the truth now its time to show them the reality of their actions. God Bless, Stay Strong.
  20. It is fitting that the CEO of Pfizer who's qualifications are in the Veterinary field like to call those with a thinking mind, criminals, I mean it reveals exactly how they think of everybody else that exists outside of their little exulted circle of SOCIO PSYCHOPATHIC EGO MANIACS, how many times do we hear the offensive term "herd immunity....." they are in fact calling us cattle, we are Men and Women of Mankind and as such we will push back with unstoppable strength. Ladies and Gentlemen, rejoice, for all they are doing is cohering the moral compass of the thinking minds (aka criminals) to act with one voice to say NO to their now crumbling corrupt narrative. God Bless, Stay Strong.
  21. With reference to the Dr Mike Yeadon article, it is heart warming and encouraging to read his words and knowing that he too had a "Son of God" moment as Mr Icke did on the Sir Terry Wogan show with this convid nonsense, I have watched many of Dr Mike's video's and could tell he was in crisis with himself and for having the courage to speak out, and thank God he did, someone of his stature gave us all the courage to stand up armed with the truth against this tyranny that we face, so 'Conspiracy Theorist', with lies and deception everywhere that you can almost touch, taste and smell it's so thick, badge of honour i say. so screw the popularity contest we have a journey ahead of us to complete which is oh so much more than the destination, and in finality everyone will eventually come around to a 'Sir Terry Wogan' moment, who deeply regretted encouraging the audience to laugh, funny how things work out. God bless.
  22. I would just like to draw attention to the Big Brother Corp aka BBC, and again they are espousing the notion that it is ok for pregnant women to get stabbed up with the experimental gene editing fluid that they like to disguise under the alias of a 'vaccine injection', of which it is not, the first time i became aware of this advice was on the 16th April 2021 by Hugh Pym, as i sat there with my wife i turned to her and expressed my horror (think Thalidomide) as we listened to what Hugh Pym had to say, well last nights edition 11th Oct 2021, Hugh Edwards is at it with Hugh Pym again with a heart wrenching account of a woman who by all accounts barely made it through the ordeal of covid, and yet i hear nothing about how you can avoid getting sick with preventative treatments, VITAMIN D comes to mind here amongst others, but no, the mantra they are committed to promote is to get stabbed up with something akin to, via researching it, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains this well, as liquid 'ASBESTOS' at best, and at worst well we have that to come so who knows, Dr Michael Yeadon PhD was one of the first to raise the alarm on this, even the inventor of mRNA technology Dr Robert Malone has called for a halt to this insane injection programme. So i think i have said enough on this rant about Blatant Bullshit Corp aka BBC and would just like to re-iterate what this enlightened Australian gentleman's view of the situation is, Quote... 'we are on a timeline to fuckville', God bless, stay strong.
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