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  1. Welcome to UK-ULTRA <---see what i did there Please fasten your seat belts as the driver knows fuck all about what he is doing or going for that matter.
  2. I said the self same thing about the Yanks from across the pond, Trump, Biden, really?, is that it.
  3. And neither is Yoda ( or is it Sajid ), but the amount of people that like to quote the musing's of a rubber puppet i find extraordinary.
  4. Whats with this fear porn you are promoting, i tell you what will happen if they try this crap on us again, they are going to get a punch in the face, got it, now you might be a shill for the anti christ lobby to put fear and dread in us all but I outright reject and rebuke your defeatism, got it!!!!
  5. Quote from the linked website, 'JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING??? KILL IT. KILL IT DEAD. BURN IT ALIVE NOW. BURN IT AND ROAST IT AND EAT IT SO IT CAN'T EVER EVER COME BACK.' Ohh dear i wet my pants reading that, thanks for the humour to start my day.
  6. I know how to confuse the hell out of it and melt some circuits too, just ask it to calculate PI!
  7. I think you have hit the nail on the head here all A.I can do is switch a bunch of circuits really fast thus obtaining the illusion of thinking, i mean you would not watch a movie and say hey that's reality there, no it's just a bunch of picture frames moving faster than the eye can detect (i forget the term to describe this, persistence of vision perhaps, could be wrong) and no different than drawing stick men in the corner of a book and flicking it, but it is useful to delegate away responsibility from the PTB onto the dimwitted.
  8. Ohh the poetry right there Wordsworth would be proud, luvin it.
  9. Yup back in the day i lost my self in a field in Hampshire too(pulp reference), luckily they found me 5 years later and everyone had gone home
  10. Don't think i have seen this here yet
  11. Ahh there's some great tunes posted here it brings a tear to my eye looking back on it all, i feel all sentimental about what we did have and the bastards in Government raining on our parade trying to destroy it.
  12. And now an apology for the hideous crime above posted above
  13. Is that all you got, is that you Brian cox, no no it must be, is that you Q, no seriously go play with the traffic.
  14. Let me be clear on something here, I as a rule do not do Belief for this reason, Belief is a very dangerous thing to be playing with, anyone can be made to Believe in anything, and we all come with a Belief system, now having said that for every rule there is an exception and my exception to this rule is the Belief in God, everything else I DEMAND PROOF OF TRUTH AND VALIDITY OF WHAT IS OFFERED AS STATEMENT OF FACT, what i do is UNDERSTANDING because i accept that i do not know absolutely everything in this vast expanse of EXISTANCE!, got it, i did not come here for a pissing contest which you obviously have seeing as you claim to be an angel of God i will now demand evidence of this statement or you can GET BEHIND THEE SATAN, you got that, smart arse!!!! your reply please.
  15. Check out this video, I want to see more of this guy it's in relation to the Zuckerberg Meta Verse video that Mr Icke put out, comical genius this bloke.
  16. This makes a lot of sense to the 'eyes to see and ears to hear' statement in the Bible, however I disagree that 'a significant portion of Mankind' do not have Souls, I think all Mankind has a Soul, but some instead have aligned themselves with this other entity that does not have Soul because of such things as Ego Greed and the lust for power and control over others, basically those that do align with these things and have committed themselves to this pursuit in Life and have not progressed from the Primary School playground of playing the game 'King of the castle dirty rascal', so on your last point of there is 'nothing to save' I strongly disagree here, I mean, is there no room for Repentance, Is there no room for Redemption, Is there no room for Salvation, I happen to think that this is the primary message that God's only begotten Son Jesus Christ died for?. God Bless your heart in these troubled times.
  17. Forgive me if this information is already declared in the reference videos posted i have not watched them yet, but i remember watching a video about the Mayan calendar that stated the 2012 number was found on the backside of a brick in one of the temples, at the top of those pyramid structures, for the life of me i can not remember the title of the video, any way it reminded me when i watched this video of the great pyramid in Egypt when they blasted their way to the top of the inside structure that looks like box section with a sloping roof and declaring they found the inscription of the pyramid builder Kufu i think, could be wrong here with that name, and i immediately made a connection that these things are forgeries for one reason or another, can anyone shed any more light on what i have written.
  18. Good luck chucking that salad dodger, if he gave up just one meal a day Africa would rejoice.
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