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  1. This one is for Doris 'blood-clot' Johnson instead of singing, broken window, tv set, sing plandemic great reset, you fucking bastard Doris
  2. Pixie's master piece, I'm still looking for it
  3. bout 92 93 some thing like that
  4. Anyone remember this lot, way ahead of their time i say.
  5. it's the roar of the voice in the middle that gets me, chest out head back look at the sky and let rip
  6. The kind big balls rock to blow the rocks out your skull....only one way to play this tune LOUD
  7. Oh to sooth the tension, can listen to this forever, another female voice that gets my rocks off
  8. Don't know if this has been posted yet, two raucous songs for the price of one, have a couple of drinks first, you'll enjoy it more.
  9. Perfect for those long lazy summer daize with nothing better to do than look for LURRRVE, ya feel me.
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