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  1. Bingo, you're right over the target.
  2. There is a music thread for these things, just link to it otherwise it will get confusing. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5549-music/
  3. You can not stop BTC, you would need to take down electrical forms of communications, which will never happen, they are wedded to their own demise and they know it, the best they can do is act with the pedophile mentality which is all too prevalent in the Dragon language that is being used to entice you, like said pedophile shaking a bag of sweets from a car window, if they were to shake said bag of sweets at me i would say, sure, beat the fuck out of said pedophile, kick it to the gutter, take the car and the sweeties and when finished say "mmmmm nice ride, not my kind of enticement though", torch it and walk away, but then that's me.
  4. My money is on this dude, has all the right credentials but he will never out himself because if he did it would take the power away from the people, which was the point of BTC in the first place.
  5. Oh you left us too soon Mark E Smith, but what an act to follow perfect fusion of PuNk and good ol British Rock n Roll, i could go on with platitudes......
  6. One step at a time mind, I am in no rush, and besides Heaven can not be taken by storm, and the journey has always been more important to me than the destination, one step, one day, another truth being revealed. God Bless your Heart.
  7. I can help you with a time frame here, please have a look at one of my first post's, please follow link's to the archive of Big Bullshitters & Co, if women were hesitant at this point fearing the worst for their unborn then this is the likely time they have capitulated to the fear, you can work the rest out for the time frame of the obscenities we have too endure, but make no mistake of who is complicit in blame. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/22937-monday-11th-october-2021/&do=findComment&comment=339969
  8. Don't know if this has been posted yet, resonates with me as it's the only song the really captures what we have been through this side of the pond too, love the screaming at the tv reference... take it away Mr Aaron Lewis.
  9. No your over egging the pudding, just get a table and hammer, put one hand on table then with the other smash that hand with the hammer, if you find yourself saying, FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKIIIINNNN H E L L HHHUURRTTSS, you have just detected reality.
  10. In that case we still have time, we're early to this gig, makes a nice change for me as i'm late for everything. :)
  11. nitrogen cannon, more than one way to skin a cat. oO
  12. Excellent observation that, we need more attention on the Dragon language they speak, good call.
  13. Synchronicity attack, this song has been rattling around my brain and i don't even like it.
  14. With respect to the Fluoride in the water debate, why debate it, just accept that your water is already contaminated and polluted and don't drink it from the tap, in fact it is very easy to make your own inexhaustible water filter just by cooking Hardwood to charcoal, plenty of how-to's online, I mean considering what we are going through and i expect there is still worse to come, why would anyone trust anything from this Government ever again, there is only one way to restore faith in our Institutions and that is to arrest the whole lot of them and put them before Judge and Jury and i do mean all current sitting MP's, clemency can be given to those wishing to rat out those behind the scene's, and those found not guilty can do one anyway, yup fresh Elections is the only way to go here, until then don't drink the Government sponsored filth coming out your tap!
  15. Ahhh but as you say there is an art to mastering this simple technology, quite satisfying when you get it right, and i don't like to use quotes from movies but i think this one holds true from Star Wars "Blasters are so uncivilized", and i guess it's that civilizing effect we are all aiming for.
  16. Guns are not the only weapon of choice, they are only as good as the supply chain, if that breaks down you need to consider the stick and string, pure simplicity, deadly at distance and inexhaustible supply for repairs, and if it's beyond repair, make a new one and use the old as firewood to burn the Bastards on, job done.
  17. My God i think i have found someone with a lot of good sense. God Bless your Heart.
  18. I agree with the duress issue, no court will ever uphold a claim while the defendant was under duress it does not matter whether you had a gun at your head at the time of consent or you were terrified by the media telling you repeatedly that if you got the sniffles you will be dead in 28 days, the best that can be said for those that got injected is they did it voluntarily as part of an experiment to stop said imaginary virus, now i know that sounds harsh on those that did get injected but i will offer anyone help and support in their hour of need regardless of status, and please remember all the pcr test's were bogus from the start, Karry mullis the inventor of the test said you can find anything in anyone with it, and yes if you did go looking for small pox you would find it, because the way i understand what a virus is once you have it you have it for life, permanently no exceptions, the reason you are not dead from it is your body has the instruction set to deal with it, if it did not you would not be conversing in this topic. no? We all agreed on that?
  19. Topical, shit record, surprisingly good lyrics and if you give it more than a minutes worth of your time it grows on you, i know, very sad. https://www.bitchute.com/video/3YSSjV3iFVW7/
  20. All together now, all the ducks.......
  21. you can say this again, what changed
  22. Yep we're getting there
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