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  1. maybe announcing high level talks at lego land next
  2. Hey i was just conversing about this fat bastard at the BIS.
  3. If you take it you'll get tested all right.
  4. Bank account, well good luck with that, going the way of the Dodo me thinks, have you seen that fat bastard at the BIS, and you want this guy looking after your wealth, mmmm, no thanks, but i would not write off Digital cash, it does have an advantage over anything else on offer and I don't feel like carting around a bag full of chickens to do my Bartering with.
  5. Well your both right, a hundred thousand pieces of paper is just that, and digits on a screen is an illusion as well, out of the two I want neither, so we have to examine which of the two will hold value longest, so if Government stopped poncing around with inflation and stuff, i guess we could go on with the illusion of paper cash that is backed by something of value and live happily ever after, some how though i don't see that happening.
  6. Sorry to bust your bubble here but we have been on a digital currency since the sixties, and the only money you carry is metallic, the paper stuff with pretty pictures on and all is fiat, or more appropriate FAITH currency as it's backed by your imagination, but still if you insist.
  7. Excuse me, excuse me, puhleeze get the name right, that should be Jeremy VILE, pffft must I do everything.
  8. You already have, just be strong in your conviction based on fact not fiction, and i am sure opportunities will emerge right in front of you, i do my bit, not by reaffirming the truth by being amongst a large crowd/demo, but by just politely speaking to people along the way and being reasonable, rational and logical, i think this approach is just as effective as a huge demo outside Parliament, don't get me wrong though these large demo's are just as important, but then so are you as an individual. God Bless.
  9. Good call, AKA Satan, the failed Son/Sun, think electric universe.
  10. Wasn't Toya Wilcox in amongst this crowd I remember something about the film Metroplis, nobody laughs, nobody cries, Amen Amen, is the lyrics that bubble to the surface every now and then?
  11. This is pure genius, love it love it love it, I told you sooo, nah nah na na nah that's going to rattle around my brain for a while
  12. What happened to Lemon Jelly, they were here and then just disappeared, W H Y, W H E R E A R E T H E Y N O W C O M E B A C K T O U S W E M I S S Y O U
  13. ahhh but more Lemon Jelly and "this is basic FUCKING or the Staunton lick....." enjoy PUHLEEZE
  14. Face Palm, We The People, No........, ring any bells for you, do you get it yet, honestly this is the last time to converse with you, I leave all that has been discussed so far for all to see, read, interpret in the own way and in their own time, Christ submitted to the LAW, there is no higher court than the court of public opinion, we are the avatars of the LAWS of EXISTENCE, when i was a child i played with childish things, but when I became a MAN I PUT AWAY CHILDISH THINGS, you however are still playing with your little trouser snake. God Bless, NOW GO PLAY WITH THE TRAFFIC.
  15. To apologize to the other poster, but if you must know I am not lost, you are, BYE.
  16. Believe, opinion, in the same sentence, really, you would make a great politician.
  17. Earth Women are easy apparently, but i must say a bit expensive to get your rock's off.
  18. Read the book of Enoch, it flesh's out in greater detail event's of that time.
  19. My apologies it's just that there is a lively too and fro from poster's of their favourite song's and why, just simple statement's that not everyone agrees with but it is interesting to listen to other people's taste's and of course your own.
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