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  1. HA HA HA, send Brenda more life, we now know whose writing the script for the knob jockeys in Government, shit my pants NO, but pissed myself laughing.
  2. Simple, effective what's not to like, i'll have to give you a +1 as i finally worked out what those button's are down in the bottom right corner, and went on a button spree not realizing you only get so many. :¬)
  3. Intelligence, here,, no seriously, you will find a lot of people who speak directly from their heart, and I guess in these times it is the greater intelligence to fight a soulless beast with, my faith is in Christ and I look to God for inspiration in these dark times, and I ask that He may shine upon you to reveal His Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Mercy so as to be a sign for the rest of us fighting for the truth in this hideous garbage we are going through, so don't be shy, let rip and join the fight, God Bless your Heart.
  4. This is for Professor Chris Whitty You cross dressing knob jockey ponce with dead soulless eye's, yep that is how I think of you, I pray you find your SOUL, ENJOY.
  5. So anyway I have slept on the idea of what to do whilst out and about and being molested by the Government sponsored mask Nazi's, and i think i will laminate the side of the mask box, i may wear it on my head when I am about, and politely tell the mask Nazi inquisitor to look up and read, i may then break out into a really rather LOUD rendition of the PIXIES master piece of 'where is YOUR mind' with great emphasis on the OOOOOOooooo bit just for kicks.
  6. She is the one who when interviewed about how long people would have to be injected for said in her reply "FOREVER", the interviewer nearly fell off her chair as she realised the intensity behind that statement, hey Michie you communist scum bag, go do us all a favour and remove your own gene's from the gene pool, honestly we will be just fine without you and your satanic offspring!!!!
  7. You need to hook up with this guy, I would pay to hear this.
  8. Correction nazi bot, Queen E lizzard Death, who wears poncy hats!
  9. Now I do not know about the alleged, magnetizing, graphene oxide stuff that is floating around, but I can say with my investigation's into UFO folk lore, about the implantation of object's into unwitting victim's, now one thing strike's me as pertinent, that is that it make's no sense at all that so called E.T's would be implanting anyone with some sort of tracking device, given that they can traverse intergalactic space and the inherent danger's of doing so without vaporizing said UFO with a collision with a speck of dust, but it make's more sense that the Government would, and a cover story has been sewn within the minds of people that this technology must be the aliens at work when really it is reversed engineered technology, so i can not discount these account's, only to point out that the M.I.C. seems to have perfected it and now deploying aggressively.
  10. I am sorely tempted to not watch the news which I have just done, I just watched the Doris with his ground breaking strategy to tackle the new 'scaryient' <-- see what i did there, but the old saying 'you can't make this shit up' has just been launched into the stratosphere of making stuff up by ending with a piece of 'send in the clowns', WHAT FOR THE'RE RIGHT HERE, no need ask, and of course all with a smile, trouble is though if I stop watching it that will be the day they say something true, what to do, what to do, oh well, look forward to someone asking me 'where is your mask'.
  11. Hmmmm, Rothchild, let's break that down a bit, roth as in anger mmm child as in small person or infant, aha i got it, angry infant or what's all the rage right now, A.I
  12. Agreed, Fox meet Hen, "waaarrrk buc buc, are you insane"
  13. I think we should be looking everywhere for what's in that picture and I don't mean the QE2 in that ridiculous hat, did it ever return to our shores after Europe robbed us of it?
  14. And more money was made during the gold rush in the states selling bucket's and shovel's than the gold found.
  15. Well value is for the most part dependent on the environment that it finds itself in, the old saying where there's muck, there's brass, and i think this whole scamdemic/plandemic is a function of the economic crisis looming large which brings this subject nicely back into line with the topic thread.
  16. And this ultimately is the problem of putting the fox in charge of the hen house, when you see the fox with feathers in it's mouth and your chicken's gone all the fox is going to say is "don't look at me, I'm a fox".
  17. In fact all the gold ever dug out the ground still exists.
  18. This is a better description than my rambling effort
  19. No thank the bandit's that got the key's to fort knox, Nixon probably went for a visit and said some thing like "ohh crap does this mean we're broke"
  20. The pound got it's name as it used to be worth a pound of silver if memory serve's me right.
  21. Exactly as stated, it used to be backed by gold and silver in a time when people had morality and wanted the books to balance but greed set in, so the intrinsic value of metal was removed, therefore free floating against other currency's with perceived value.
  22. That's a great quote and i was genuinely frightened by the character brick top, now that's an actor, unlike the current out of work actors in Government.
  23. Correction, Social Programming measures.
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