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  1. But music is the art of noise, ooh just reminded myself, funny where inspiration comes from
  2. Sorry my friend it has to be 'wippin picadilly' or 'get my self arrested', kudos anyways
  3. Which is I do not partake in Satanic rituals plus can you read the what the side of the box of those covering's say that i am wearing above my head, got it, and then a rendition of 'where is YOUR mind' by the pixies.
  4. I keep watching the bit's coming out about all the old people's home's that the Brainless Broadcaster's of Coffollox's are showing, yeah it's my new game of Where's Wally!
  5. here's one that made go whoa what's this then as i listened to JFM all those years ago
  6. Don't think i've seen this lot here yet, wot you lot got against FEEDER, anyway possibly the bestish single, but hey so many to choose from, it changes daily for me with this lot, HAMMERSMITH APOLLO FOREVER.
  7. Just such a great band, was, is, will all ways be to me one of the best jazz funk artists there is love the Alan Partridge reference
  8. Another great tune, forgot about this lot, kudos zussies
  9. Please do not forget Project Blue Beam, nor Jacques Vallee!
  10. And Karry Mullis the inventor of the bogus PCR has implied that if you look for Small Pox, you will find that too!! In EVERYONE tested!!!
  11. God bless my fellow Son's and Daughter's, Brother and Sister's of Britannia, YOU WILL NEVER TAKE OUR HUMOUR!!!
  12. Never give up the fight for truth, never surrender to deceit, to fight for truth is to speak it, deception is to live on your knee's.
  13. just watched Brazil Boy's Club and MORE FEAR PORN MORE DRAGON LANGUAGE IN USE on a more serious note when did they dig up Dracula, and why is he heading up the sport section.
  14. Oh come on I am not going to spoon feed you, you have to at least try, as a clue it is a case of wood for the tree's, and you are already quite familiar with it, simply put try not to over think it, see the square, see the circle, keep both in proportion, and say how would those fit together.
  15. What if i were to show you a way of conceptualizing just such a thing.
  16. Much respect for Jacques Vallee, I do think he has tried to convey the truth as much as Bill Cooper did, I think Jacques knew a whole lot more about the UFO phenomena but from a more terrestrial source.
  17. I found her, she sneaked in the back, a spoketranspersonism for the Fire Brigade said it was like trying to get a limpet off a rock Back to sleep everyone nothing more to see
  18. Where's the fukin delete button, i broke the intatube's
  19. AAAWWW, i'm sorry my strangely hypnotic avatar inta webby forum friend thingy, i did not know you pursued Gematria as a hobby, i was inspired to post that song by KingKitty post of the flying lizzards, and i thought, ah ha, no not them, Lucky Number, purrfect,<---uuuhhh, not the most flattering of pictures of Lene Lovich, and if you did not know she was a singer you'd think it's a sword swallowing act gone horribly wrong, anyway i'm off to chew a brick, and i'll leave you with this, seems fitting :¬)
  20. This one I am dedicating to all the Gematria nerds out there, you know who you are ee ooo ee aaa 55 15 15 15 111 10 45 3 1 9 3 13 = 4 <--- see what i did there yeah it means, I don't care, who knew, hehehe.
  21. This is relevant sounds very similar in nature, Buried Deep Inside The Walls Of The Vatican A Machine Called The "Chronovisor" Could It Be Real?
  22. So everyone is aware of this monstrosity, The Georgia Guidestones, I think this is an admission of the limitation of this system that they are all jizzed up about, the 500 million statement, with Quantum computers they exploit the Physics of the Electron that can be in two places at once, this gives rise to a very unique type of computer but limited in scope of what it can perform, basically being able to predict outcomes based on probability but not possibility with an accuracy to be navigable by it's operators, steer the ship so to speak, and that aint you and me, except to be used as pawns if the system requires to be able to alter an outcome in their preference, couple that with A.I software as an interpreter of what it see's, and you now have a sort of governance system where those plugged into it become nodes of the system and that's where the limitation creeps in as it would have to KNOW all the probabilities as a start point, in complexity it would have to know all the states of atoms molecules etc at an instance such as transporter tech in star trek, this i find a very interesting proposition and like to run thought experiment's in my head from time to time as there is fukall on the tv, the One-electron universe theory.
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