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  1. Live web cam feed of Whitehouse Does anybody know the meaning of the small black flag below Old Glory
  2. Uncle Kunt Swab said: "The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world", puts that sentence into perspective with what Trufflepig said, and we can re-imagine those words thusly: 'The scamdemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity for the people to reflect, reimagine, and make you have GREAT REGRET THAT YOU EVER TRIED THIS SHIT ON WITH our world', you got that uncle kunt swab, now fuk off and find the gene pool exit door!
  3. Not freak, but definitely natural, things like this will start to emerge as we move further along the Milankovitch cycle as masonfreeparty2 has suggested, it will be interesting to watch for these reports of so called 'freak missiles' in association with natural events as a cover, and who is promoting them as such, mmmmmm.
  4. Is that trucks alone or people, if it's trucks, HAHAHAHAHAHA good luck with that Trudeau ya communist scum bag, another candidate for the gene pool exit door!
  5. Sorry to hear about your circumstances, it will get better so hang in there you're not alone. What's going on with the truck blockade, have you any info on that?
  6. Interesting: https://www.fromrome.info/2022/01/12/dr-malone-just-let-the-cat-outof-the-bag-on-the-plandemic/
  7. Correction that's Mr Andrew as I think he has been stripped of all titles, so he is now just a muckety muck like the rest of us pigs in shit, SQUEAL LIKE A PIGGY BOY, oh my god nothing like a hill billy to put the willies up yer.
  8. totally agree with you, I am not saying I am correct in what I posted but rather hoping for everyone to realise that there is alternative explanation of what has transpired, get digging people there's truth to uncover that's more than gold!
  9. Full on definition of PASSIVE AGRESSIVE comes to my mind!
  10. You know there is a video of IT where you can clearly see IT pushing those cock choppers back into IT'S head, which makes me think they are false, so I am left wondering who it was when they swung the mirror round to reveal the new 'Yukcinda Adverse Reaction' that said you look BEAUTIFUL, because that person could sell ice to an Eskimo and would have been my logical choice for the deception!!!
  11. So the UK-ULTRA is where, below Germany with an 80 point score, or below South Sudan with an 11 point score, as I don't see it in the list!
  12. Very nice lectures will listen to all when I have time, thanks for sharing and of course keeping us INFORMED.
  13. I take a different view here to say it like this: the Ka ba la were originally CONCEALED by none other Satan the devil
  14. That observation I think is very pertinent indeed, how much these things are entwined so to speak will be a book well worth reading.
  15. Correction, Democracy is for the rising Sovereignty of the Individual!
  16. Indeed the 'New Age Movement' was according to Jordan Maxwell a Masonic attempt at creating a new religion for the Aquarian age, and my understanding of this was to ensure that they still had control and sway over the masses, but if I interpret the meaning of Aquarius with a new ruler Uranus and not Saturn to me at least it means that systems of control will always break down, and it is this they are so desperately trying to avoid to keep themselves in the kind of god like existence that they enjoy so much, but unfortunately for them they are just going to have to get their hands dirty like the rest of us pigs in shit, but it also begs the question that if Aquarius has a new ruler then how many times have we been here before, I personally am hoping, earnestly praying that this time is different indeed!
  17. Democracy is the ONLY way, what you are forgetting is for Democracy to be more than a dictatorship the Citizens need to be informed on ALL aspects required to be voted on, and yet we live in a world where this important aspect has been STOLEN from us deliberately by MSM, and these past two years should be enough for all to realise that TRUST is now dead in the institutions we once relied upon to be INFORMED!
  18. Slow down as that's right at the doors we still have Aquarius to go yet
  19. Ah maybe a case of the Mandela effect.....
  20. And can you tell me about an episode in the history of Man where that sentence is NOT applicable
  21. And everyone else is saying the same thing which is good as the distraction I think just like convid is just a media jizz party, but if they want to play with nukes then it's been my pleasure and good bye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu.........blah blah blah
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