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  1. That should be Ka Ba La, and everyone goes, aahh, anyway hang tight kids I am writing my Ford Opus, good Ka that, it's my musing's on Sumeria and still keeping in line with topic thread, I may be sometime.
  2. Erm, T Spoon <--- see what i did there I demoted you, you have said else where on this forum that God is the light, and yet all I am reading here is, the dark comprehended not, i.e you.
  3. Ummm still have her phone number by any chance, can I have it.
  4. And to keep this thread on topic the link I posted here, would suggest that those in the know are franticaly trying to keep the game going, and failing.
  5. An interesting aspect of the age of Aquarius is that it was ruled by Saturn but now by Uranus.
  6. Go out on Friday night then there's plenty of vision's to behold
  7. One Man's vomit is another Man's vision, mostly on a Friday night in town.
  8. Or mushroom's, ever wonder why the Fly Agaria is legal like Alcohol.
  9. I agree completely here also, so the bible is open to interpretation this I am sure of but this word Armageddon as you say has been contorted and twisted to the point everyone thinks of total annihilation, but what if it were to suggest something less destructive, a final conflict yes, maybe a person's perspective is changed from one of 'I can not see the wood for the tree's' to ' oh look ' the wood is the tree' I am over simplifying here.
  10. This I agree with, but I am not sure about Armageddon, the Apocalypse is a revealing of truth which I have to say seems to be happening, this scamdemic for a start, it would seem a war has started and the first casualty of every war is the truth, but in this offensive (not war yet) move every one knows something don't add up, and nobody believe's the government for one second, the veil it would seem is slipping.
  11. Thanks everyone for your help i will let the mod's delete the post
  12. To be honest I think that Gene Rodenberry may have been a modern day Prophet, I mean pretty much everything in Star Trek now exists, and he had a very Faith based background, and so it would seem, a lot of difficulties with the Bible.
  13. Can anyone help delete this post https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5503-coronavirus-mega-thread/&do=findComment&comment=357837
  14. back later need more reading to do
  15. I hate you intaweb nonsense crap
  16. umm got some stuff to post plus other ramblings of mine but I think important, now where's the idiots guide to the iterwebs.
  17. yup screwed that up royaly, hang on untill i get this right.
  18. more nonsense hopefully overwrite other nondense posted , here we go
  19. Or https://searx.bar/search it's open source there are other's.
  20. Found I am impressed with myself, i'm putting this smiley so it looks like I can think https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5503-coronavirus-mega-thread/&do=findComment&comment=356240
  21. I think that what you say there has legs, I have no proof but it is something that these psychopath's would do, I wrote something that relates to what you are saying and I am thinking, i will put a link to my ramblings once i find it again.
  22. here you go I found more illuminaties hanging around in the back of my garbage brain, pfft, talk about predictive programming, if I knew know what i did not know then, it's all masonic satanic plastic fantastic and other ic's
  23. I thought that was the best episode EVER SEND BRENDA MORE LIFE
  24. they don't make em like this anymore that's fer sure
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