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  1. I haven't bothered to watch your video - it only reflects your personal taste, which is not my taste in music, and for your information, I've never claimed to be out of the box. We are all in the box, including you! and I said No again you missed the elephant in the room it's the song title you should pay attention too, horse meet water, No, suit yourself then.
  2. No again you missed the elephant in the room it's the song title you should pay attention too, horse meet water, No, suit yourself then.
  3. Quantum rabbit hole anyone, and over on zero hedge they say, you never go full Quantum rabbit hole.
  4. hey robss go laugh you will feel a whole lot better https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5549-music/&do=findComment&comment=358438
  5. this one is dedicated to the smarmy arsed poncy pants robss, enjoy rob i too lived in one of these, but you already knew didn't you
  6. Face palm, no you missed the elephant in the room which is to make you think, I don't know maybe you are in a box, ohh that's a great song I'm going to go over and post it.
  7. Please, judgement I do not do, judge not lest ye be judged, no.
  8. And you missing the elephant in the room that this World that we are born into is absolutely drowning in choice.
  9. There is a difference between Mocking and employing humour, mocking is a ego centric thing of, ohh look at me i am perfect and know all.
  10. Whoa hang on neddy it was you that could not wait to get your smarmy arsed interpretations out before anyone else did.
  11. Umm that went right over my head you need to expand a bit more.
  12. Look Symbols convey lots of info in conservative constructs and is very easy to miss interpret and then have it be used against you by those with ulterior motives, me on the other hand I cut out the unnecessary to get to it's core
  13. It is not, it is a survival mechanism, but in a world of ooodles of stuff it has now been inflated out of all proportion and is being used negatively against you.
  14. Fear is not a false reality it has a purpose of fight or flight. Hooray so am I, now what do we do, have a pissing contest or something, oh i know lets compare trouser snakes. Pah 5 senses, your limiting your imagination again.
  15. Remember there are degrees of "need to know shit" if you know something it's more likely because they want you to know, unless you're an original thinker, when people say to you "you need to think outside the box" an enlightened mind would say "what box, you're talking complete coffolloxs" but no does because of FEAR.
  16. Sophia I think she goes by it's the etymology of Sophistry, making up shit and stuff.
  17. I am interested in them, for the TRUTH, not made up nonsense to beat you over the head with.
  18. It very much is and there's far too much of it going on in this World of ours it needs to be challenged as the destructive force that it is. Because you're in it and you are playing a starring role, who knew. So ok there is a Queen of Heaven, and your point is what, enslave yourself or something, makes no sense at all.
  19. Well I guess it's up to you if you want to fear it or not, I on the other hand do not, because I have no intentions of merging with it, as a control grid that can shut me out, hahahaha I laugh at the idea, more than one way to skin a cat. Well the thing is, it was based on imagination of what could be possible/probable, and for me I love SciFi it keeps the mind alive, but I also live in the real world that says all of this is a part of Nature and the Laws of Physics so the idea of something being possible is only limited by Natures bounty, all we are on is journey of Discovery, ohhh that's interesting now how do take it apart, mmm I need that for my souped up toaster. See above
  20. Well you may think it to be a comical piss take but in fact I am rather proving a point using humour interspersed with observational critical thinking and interpretations on subject matters that people take far too seriously for their own good, oh look it's a pyramid, does this mean we are not alone, bingo, now go build your own, and thus people have willingly been lead to believe in the fear porn because it gives them a chance to bash everyone else over the head like we are in Hitler's forth Reich or summat. A.I is nothing to fear but rather laugh at it, as it will never interpret humour to any degree, and thus prove their is no soul in this monstrosity being launched onto a fearful public, but again there is the word magic being deployed by the arrogant Bastards who think they have a God given right to do to you anything they wish, but you must consent first, and please recognise that the only tools they have to back up their word magic is fear because magic only exist in the heads of the believers, sorry children santa clause does not exist because i killed him, poof and the magics gone.
  21. AAWW, I wanted a go at that, never mind, here is what I would have put anyway: 1. That's a spear so it's straight to the point. 2. That's a picture of my Quantum rabbit hole on some days, and yes it does look as it feels, and as Johnny Cash once sung "it burns burns burns the ring of fire, the ring of fire", and did you know that Haemorrhoid cream gets rid of bags under your eyes, just make sure you don't use a second hand tube. 3. That's an advert for Strepsils for a sore throat.
  22. Back in the day in Sumeria there were these really big people and some really small people, the big people were called the Anunnaki and the small people is Man, and at the time we were known as the stupids on Planet stupid by the Anunnaki, now the Anunnaki had loads of high tech gizmo's like wheels and string used to make the wheels go round and wrist watches, we know this because they were a bit egotistical and made great big pictures of themselves in Granite, which they called a photograph, and as Arthur C Clark once said 'any sufficiently advanced tech would be indistinguishable from magic on planet Stupid' or something to this effect, now the stupids at the time were hugely gullible and came to the conclusion the Anunnaki were magicians and that their magic must be a function of wearing a big pointy hat and were in fear and awe of these new master's that fell from the sky one day. Anyway, one day the Anunnaki got a bit pissed off on planet stupid and besides, they had robbed us blind of all our wealth anyway so there was no need to hang out with the stupids any more, and in the night while the stupids were asleep they gathered all their gear and fuked off back to where they came from. Now when the stupids woke up the next morning and wiped the shit out of their eyes they were startled to find that all the gold and stuff that the stupids had mined out the earth on behalf of the big wizards had gone and so had the big wizards, and this upset them greatly. So about a week later they started using language to engage in conversation about what had happened, but try as they might to make string and wheels and stuff they failed, then one day someone was walking out in the fields and noticed a foot print in the mud that had baked hard in the hot sun, this bloke dug it up and showed all the villager's what he had found, well as you can imagine they all fell about laughing until one of the women said "wait I could use one of those as a shopping list" and her name was Eve and the bloke they laughed at was Adam(u), and the rest is history. That is until someone called Zecharia Sitchin (mason) came along and decoded all these square tablets that were imprinted by sticks and sure enough they were found to be shopping lists. Now this is where I jump into the equation and ask "why were the stupids who had come to be known as Man and was still using clay bricks and a stick to do their shopping lists with", because clearly there were shopping centre's in that time, I mean I would have thought pencil and paper was a better option, but no, because they still revered their masters that pissed off one night and yearned for their return, and it was decreed that all forms of writing had to be done on the square tablets and stick in reverence for what they had observed the Anunnaki doing which was typing stuff out on a Samsung Galaxy note 10 which came with a handy stick to write with. Now I said that the Anunnaki took all their gear with them or so they thought, but I reckon one of the stupids back then was a bit sneaky and stole some of the big wizards stuff and over time they formed a club based on the blood line of the first sneaky bastard that stole all this gear, kept it to themselves, learned how to use it and a class system was born, those that had the sneaky stolen tech were the enforcers of the protocol that everyone else out side their Ka Ba La were to still be called stupid and treated as such. This class system was well established and enforced between those that had to write on clay bricks and a stick whilst the upper class were busy playing with their stolen toys and trying to master over time, and indeed they did and had even exceeded some of this stolen tech, by employing the same techniques the big wizards had used in the beginning to get everyone else to do all the work for them, so it was quickly realised that degrees of "need to know shit" had to come into existence to keep the game going without letting the stupids know what they were up to, and thus securing even more power for themselves and this lead to the compartmentalisation of the stupids who still to this day think that Government is the best thing ever, which brings us back to today where the secret societies and nasty bastards on planet stupid are enacting their plan for world domination of Mankind with whom they still regard as the stupids, and this Epoch was two years last Wednesday ago when they decided to go live with the antikythera device known as a Quantum Computer managed by A.I. software computing. Now this leads me to think that if we do not get to the bottom of this nonsense thats going on, we can declare ourselves to be well and truly fuked in our Quantum rabbit holes, but despair not, as I have pointed out before, we are early to this gig, so we have plenty of time to say to the those on Planet stupid, you need to really think this over a bit about why you are allowing yourselves to bow to the fear porn, and why the fuk are you allowing yourselves to be injected with an unknown substance, could it be you are really stupid. Not bad by someone labelled as a suitcase, by someone labelled as T Spoon.
  23. Screw the Chronosphere, i want to go down the pub with you looking like this, I am still writing my Ford Opus.
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