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  1. So what do you choose regarding my thought experiment A or B I am interested in your response as for me I see no way a switch either has Intelligence or a soul, it's the old saying 'garbage in garbage out', in other words all is Data until viewed by Intelligent beings where it then becomes Information, and as for your notions of '666' Intelligence, well it has competition here as Mankind has '666' Intelligence due to the fact we are carbon based LIFE forms of carbon 12, 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons and NO it does not mean we are EVIL life forms, there nothing evil about that number, who knew.
  2. Cor, the Ego in you stinks, you do know that you have just pissed off a lot of people that use this stuff, I tell you what robss prove to me you are a real Man or Woman and go into any Pharmacist that has a bunch of people in there with whom you have no acquaintance, strangers if you will, go to the counter and really loudly ask the assistant, CAN I HAVE SOME HAEMORRHOID CREAM FOR MY SORE QUANTUM RABBIT HOLE PLEASE, pay for the stuff and look everyone in the eye as you leave, it is quite the experience but more importantly you will destroy the fear in you.
  3. This is something everyone needs to take the time to read and acknowledge, it explains the mind set very concisely of what these arrogant Bastards are doing against YOU!!!
  4. Hey robss, one thing strikes me though that you would be shit in the gestapo/stasi, I mean back then as far as I know they did not have cut n paste tech, or maybe they did, some of those Masonic aprons look suspiciously like gmail, just sayin, ya kno.
  5. And if you learn the truth to all this, you shall be free indeed, sounds like the training wheels are coming off at some point.
  6. That's 9 million more ways to not have fun, normally I stick to two or three.
  7. I would have said "get in there son she's waiting for you, start using the other intellect and enjoy yourself, and have a smoke after".
  8. Ahhh, all makes sense now, sorry about the diatribe thing, was probably a bit harsh, no i was more aiming for block of monolithic nonsense, a bit like in Sir Arthur C Clarke's 2001, you know the bit where the monkeys are looking at the big black thing and can't make head nor tail of it, get bored and then start bashing themselves over their heads because it's more fun, yeah that's the sort of thing i was aiming for, and you have no idea of the amount Ruby Wax pics i ruined as i grew up, she would be honored to find how that happened, toodles.
  9. This I would die for what a BEAUTIFUL sight to behold.
  10. Erm, would you mind expanding a bit, the message being inferred here for T Spoon, seeing as you like write long boring diatribes and stuff, it left me feeling confused as to what you are getting at, cheers now, have a nice day and all.
  11. Thought experiment for you, if we knicked sophia from from it's home in Arabia somewhere and took it out into the middle of the desert which is just next door, nothing around for miles just hot sun and sand and no land marks, and we hid behind a sand dune giggling to ourselves and activated it, would it: A. try to work out, where it is,why it is ,who it is, what it is, when it is and then fall to it's knees and pound the sand Charlton Heston style saying: Oh my God... I'm back. I'm home. All the time it was... we finally really did it, YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! OH, DAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!, and then look to God for salvation, it does have a reference to God programmed in. or B. Fall over and spend it's time calculating PI into oblivion.
  12. I do something called mindfulness most of it is hyped up nonsense but breathing exercises works wonders for me, ymmv.
  13. It is not false, it is you, it becomes destructive when over inflated, they build it up to knock it down, try to stay as humble as you can, it will hurt less when it is attacked, even funny if you can laugh at yourself.
  14. I agree completely with this statement, A.I. has no free will and needs a master for direction.
  15. Please don't do that, none of us holds the whole truth but a part of it and by sharing we see more.
  16. I agree whole heartedly with your statement, fighting for the truth is to expose the lie, plenty of them around at the mo.
  17. Now that's what I call SOUL power, knowing the difference and speaking it.
  18. Ahhh I knew you would be back, I was hiding behind that rock over there, just to see if you would, last word jockey you are, BYE.
  19. AAHH, God Bless your Heart, and I want you to get up in that gear you posted when we go down the pub.
  20. I like this, that's two nutcase verdicts in two days
  21. How about something original from robss, from you, your SOUL.
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