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  1. That's easy Power and Control over them because they are just lazy Bastards to get everyone else to do the work for them, think of the donkey that hangs from a tree, and all the little spoilt brats then bash it with sticks for the goodies, the donkey is us.
  2. And what if sections of your DNA matches about 7.999999 billion other people, would they not claim infringement on their copyright, mine field if you ask me with only one winner, who has the biggest wallet, and that aint me and I suspect nor do the other 7.999999 billion others trying to scratch a living.
  3. I am not sure on this approach, may have the desired effect but I see this as playing into their hands, and I think copyright has to be renewed after 28 years, in other words if you do not/can not renew the copyright then guess who will step in to claim it, Corporations working for the fascist system of Government because all fascism is about, is the delegation of responsibility away from the real player, yours truly the Government, in my opinion.
  4. He is looking a bit under the weather since he blew the whistle poor chap, must be saturated with inquiries.
  5. And yes Darwin would be FURIOUS at what has been going on in his name, FURIOUS!!!
  6. Mankind = Image and likeness of God human = Scientific bullshit
  7. Oh the observational wit, it doth bring a tear to thy eye.
  8. MMMM suspiciously similar in appearance and is still looking for his/her/it white fluffy cat.
  9. I thought this was Alan Twitmarsh
  10. I can believe that 63% of people going to Dagenham and Barking would want to be injected including Ebola jabs.
  11. AAAHHH!!!, scared the shit out of me when that huge smiley came up on auto-scroll.
  12. Anyway, you deserved a kick in the arse for blaming everything on God, it's just not true, there are other forces at work!!!
  13. Fuk me, that's a bit presumptuous, 'MY GOD' you say, I don't have sole rights you know, you are allowed to discover for yourself, it's not a case of my God's bigger than your God. God is Love God is Kind God is Forgiving God is Merciful Try looking for that one you know in the beginning.
  14. Face Palm, er, i was referring to myself if you can be bothered with reading. Horse meet water, NO, suit yourself then.
  15. With respect to the Injection Anthem above, OHHH JOY OF JOYS HA HA HA HA HA WOOOOOOO, YOU WILL NEVER TAKE OUR HUMOUR, we know the LIVING from the LIVING DEATH, and as Aaron Lewis sang 'Here's the frikkin door', now get lost, hey maybe poison pushers can start a new career and start a band called THE PFIZER CHIEFS, HA HA HA HA HA HA, heres a quick one I just knocked up by the mighty VERVE: THE VACCINES DON'T WORK And I hope you're thinking of us As you lay down your lies the vaccines don't work They just make you worse But, stupids in the queue again Now the vaccines don't work They just make you worse But, stupids in the queue again we know we're on the winning side 'Cause we saw through your lies And if you wanna show, then just let us know And we'll laugh in your face again 'Cause baby, oooooooh, if heaven calls, I'm coming, too Just like you said, you INJECT my life, we're better off dead PFIZER CHIEFS, get it , anyone, aawww, I give up.
  16. I had to watch this multiple times before I realized it had nothing to do with that shapely breast of hers.
  17. With respect to the Mass Psychosis article above, here is an interesting short video of some nice scenery with Dr Robert Malone narrating just such a topic, worth watching/listening too if you have 15 mins or so.
  18. With respect to the Comedians article above here is Andy Wright talking about Mock the Week, I don't completely agree with what he says as Free Speech still exists and hooray for that, and I also liked this Anarchic comedy of laughing at ourselves, but there is something distinctly different now, rather than quick witted off the cuff remarks has now so obviously been swapped for scripted propaganda, and the canned laughter makes the whole thing a soulless, dead and unpleasing experience, Mock the Week is now a panel of Dara O Briain dead sock puppets, Dara go back to driving buses.
  19. The capsule is mounted on a device that floods the interior with nitrogen and very quickly reduces the oxygen content from 21 to one percent. The person feels a little disoriented and may also feel slightly euphoric before losing consciousness. The whole process takes about 30 seconds. Death occurs from hypoxia and hypocapnia, a lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide, respectively. “There is no panic, no feeling of suffocation,” Nitschke added. This is a classic Rube Goldberg machine, any idiot knows that plastic bags cost 5p from the coop, ymmv, yeah mine had holes in, pesky health and safety nazi's at work again, who knew.
  20. Thanks for the heads up I will watch this.
  21. Here's what I do, put some warm water in a cup, tepid so it's not cold and not hot, add a pinch of salt, table salt i find okay it helps neutralise the chlorine in the water otherwise it stings like your at the local swimming baths, then take a syringe and fill with water from the cup, now this bit takes practice, what you are aiming to do is gargle with the water the same as you would do with your throat but with your nose, cover one nostril breath out and then breathe in slowly through the open nostril and then slowly inject the water from the syringe into the air stream and try to lift the water up your nose but not so much as you swallow it, it tastes yuk, as i say it does take a bit of practice to get it right and when you feel you are coming to the end of inhalation blow it out in the sink, once you have mastered this technique you will find all kinds of interesting things to examine in the sink, it is surprising how so much junk can be lurking away in the plumbing of your ears, nose and throat, I even managed to blow out what looked like a slug once and I am not joking when I say the colour of it was luminous green, I showed the wife and she screamed, I said but hang on that was in my head a moment ago and you were not screaming then, she just told me to get lost, pah girls eh!
  22. Because he is a PEDOPHILE
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